The woman stood in the house looking at the small boy. The police had been called in, a neighbor had heard a loud scream, and were worried. It was a normal suburban area, one of those places bad things never seemed to happen. These people lived in cookie cutter houses, with perfect lawns, and one would think many doors remained unlocked. But when the police had arrived, they had found the small boy, badly beaten and nearly emasculated from hunger. The parents had been taken into custody, and the other boy had been taken already. The other boy was healthy, a bit large for the age of four, and no bruises. The father had mentioned a sister, as had a neighbor, and the boy would be taken. It seems this child was a nephew, and none of the neighbors had even known about him. He should have been in kindergarten, but no one had ever seen him.

The little boy cowered on the couch, watching the woman as she was writing. One of the men had seen to his cuts, and put his arm in a bandage. He didn't know what was happening, and was terrified. He had seen his Aunt, Uncle and cousin taken, as he sat there.

A man came in the door. "I am here for the boy."

The social worker turned. "And you are?"

The man flashed something. "I have been sent to take him to his new home."

The woman smirked. "A foster home would not be found so soon."

The man eyed the boy. "It seems you are wrong."

The woman stopped him. "I have no idea who you thinkā€¦.."

The man held something in his hand and Harry saw a little flash before he said. "I am taking the boy."

The woman grunted. "Save me a trip, I was off an hour ago."

The man walked into the room and looked at Harry. "Harry?"

Harry nodded meekly.

The man motioned. "Come along."

Harry struggled to try and get up but whimpered as he couldn't.

The man bent and scooped him up. "You will be home soon."

Harry let the odd man carry him, as they headed from the house. He had no idea who the man was, or where they were going. He didn't understand, the odd stick he saw in the man's pocket, or what he had done. He was having trouble seeing straight, his head hurt from the pain, and he wished he was sitting again. He found himself in the back of a cab, and had no idea where they were going. He tried to stay awake, so he could see, but he drifted off to sleep from the motion. He had never been in a car, not that he could remember.

The man looked at the boy, and was relieved he was asleep. He was in bad shape, and he was in need of proper medical care. He didn't need those muggle doctors, he needed a proper healer. When he got the boy to his new home, he would have one.

He climbed out of the car at the old townhouse, the owners were here and not the manor. "Almost there."

A woman opened the door. "You brought him?

He motioned inside. "He will need a healer."

The lady looked to her sister. "Dru, you will need to summon Severus."

Dru was uncertain. "Do you believe that wise, Wallis?"

The third sister Lucia came in. "He has long served our family well."

Wallis motioned him in. "The bedroom on the third floor is ready."

He walked Harry up. "Are you certain of this?"

Wallis simply said. "My elder son's room has been made ready."

Lucia came with them. "It has been some years since used."

He placed Harry in the bed, and he watched as Severus appeared in the door. If the man was surprised, either that Harry was there or that he was, he said nothing. He headed over to the bed, and went to work on Harry, doing his best to heal the wounds. He was not a healer, but as well as being a potion's master, he was a medic. It had come in handy in his spy days, and was still useful now.

Severus looked up. "He should be well in a day or two."

Wallis looked at her sisters. "We will stay at the home for now."

Dru agreed. "No one uses the house since your son."

A grouchy elf appeared. "Who be this stinky half-blood?"

Wallis looked at the old elf. "This is your new charge, you will care for him."

Severus grunted as he went to leave. "I thought you wished him alive?"

Lucia assured him. "He is loyal."

Dru looked at the elf. "If he wishes to live, and not join the other heads on the wall."

The elf bowed. "I will follow orders."

Harry would remain here with them, and they would see to his upbringing, as befit a true heir. It had been perhaps many years since any of the sisters had raised a child, two were mothers and one a grandmother, but they would. The boy would not be raised by these muggles. It was unfortunate that the boy had been hurt, but gave them a way to remove the boy with ease. It would be years they assumed, before any looked.

Dru looked at the man who brought Harry as he was about to leave. "I am certain we will see you again."

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