Sirius had been on edge as he headed back to school. He was as worried about Draco as he was about Harry. For any other death eaters, Harry may have been the more likely target. Though Lucius had been a spy, Harry was the one who had destroyed their leader. But Bellatrix had taken her family turning on her personal. She would go after them, not for Voldemort, but for herself. Narcissa had been the one to testify against her in court, and help put her away. The easiest way to get at Narcissa and Lucius, was their son, and not just because he was an easier target. Narcissa would rather die than her son be hurt, and Bella would know that. But Harry was Regulus' son, a son of a spy, and also a member of the family. Either way, both boys were targets, and Sirius needed to get back to Scotland. He knew the boys would have gone into town after practice.

He had parted ways with Severus, as he learned the boys were not together. Severus went to find Draco, who they were told was with Pansy. And Sirius headed to the twin's new shop. The shop was not open yet, would in a few days, but he knew Harry would be there.

Sirius didn't want to worry him. "Are you done kiddo?"

Harry shook his head. "I just wanted to check the book shop."

Sirius nodded. "We will need to make it quick."

Harry stopped. "Is something wrong?"

"Why do you ask cub?"

"You are chaperoning me." Harry pointed out.

"An Uncle hanging out with his nephew is chaperoning?" Sirius asked.

"I guess not. But curfew is not till after dinner."

Sirius agreed. "Your Grandsire is coming to visit."

Harry was a bit surprised but smiled. "Maybe he can come to the centaurs with me later."

Sirius motioned. "I am sure he would like."

Harry waved to the twins. "I will be here opening day."

Fred laughed. "Why we made sure it was next weekend."

George agreed. "Our partner could not miss out."

Harry reminded them. "No one is…."

Sirius cut him off. "Not so secret cub."

Sirius assured him his grandmother didn't know, they both knew how the woman would feel about it. But Sirius and his brother both knew. Harry rarely touched his trust fund, he had ones from them and from the Potters. His dads paid for all and even spending money, but extras like gifts Harry did from time to time. They actually thought Harry had made a good investment so far with his money. Even Arcturus would agree they thought. The man had actually said he was impressed with how the twins had done this so quickly and with little help at all.

Harry went to the book store but he made it a quick trip. He knew his Uncle said it was nothing but he knew when his Uncle was lying. He could tell his Uncle was anxious about something. He also had a feeling there was some reason grandsire was coming.

He saw Draco and Pansy. "Hey."

Draco turned. "You too?"

Harry nodded. "No idea what is up?"

Pansy laughed. "Draco thinks Professor Snape is on daddy's pay roll?"

Draco blushed. "His timing."

Severus grunted. "Be grateful I found you and not Philip."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "What were you doing?"

Sirius reminded him. "May not want detail."

Draco glared. "Just a kiss."

Harry smirked. "Maybe he is just jealous, since he can't get Uncle Siri…"

Severus didn't find Draco's laughter funny. "Keep that up, and I will floo Philip."

Harry smiled. "I guess I don't need to worry about Halloween."

Pansy turned to him. "Changed your mind? He can come sooner."

"No. But you invite him, and I send an owl to your dad….."

Draco flushed. "You wouldn't."

Harry shrugged. "All is fair."

Severus and Sirius shared a look over the kids as they walked. It had in truth been innocent kissing, though in total private. But Philip was extremely protective of his only daughter. There was nothing innocent about kissing his daughter in his mind. Severus and Sirius were just happy the boys were distracted as they got them back to school. Even if talk of them kept coming up, which was not a favorite subject, they could ignore it. Minerva was being told right now, Arcturus would come through after, and the boys would have to remain in school for now.

Arcturus was waiting already when they got to the dungeons. "There you are boys."

Harry heard the concern. "What is wrong?"

Severus looked at Pansy. "The boys will see you at dinner."

Pansy went to leave. "Okay."

In Severus' rooms Harry asked. "What is it?"

Arcturus sighed. "Your Uncle went to Azkaban. Rodolphus died."

Draco knew the man was his Uncle. "Okay."

"I don't get what this has to do with us." Harry said.

"Unfortunately it seems Bellatrix escaped." Sirius said finally.

Draco was confused. "Escaped? I thought no one could."

Harry agreed. "How did she get out?"

Sirius admitted what they knew. "But we don't know who."

Draco looked at Harry. "He could be in danger."

Arcturus clarified. "Both of you."

Harry thought. "Uncle Luc."

Severus shook his head. "More likely his mother and Pollux."

They didn't need to worry the boys any more than needed but they had to understand. They were not allowed to leave on weekends, without adults. Sirius promised he would come, so Harry didn't have to miss next weekend, knowing how important it was. But it would be short, and he would need to have more than one auror. Draco was worried about Pansy, but they assured him, their friends would be watched as well.

Draco was pale. "And to think I thought Pansy's dad was my worry."

Arcturus did not come with Harry that night but he promised to come back on Monday. He told his grandson though to trust the centaurs. He reminded Harry about how the centaurs helped him with Albus. Harry had spent the last few years training with them. Magorian had even been part of a hand full of his lessons as well. The centaurs thought all kids sacred but they had a special place for Harry. They were of course aware he was an heir to two lines of the founders of the school. It may have led to their aid at first, but he had earned their respect all on his own.

Harry and Draco were both worried though they tried not to show it. Draco was worried about Pansy and was considering breaking up with her. Harry reminded him that Pansy was safe in the school. Besides, Philip may be a bigger threat, if Draco broke his daughter's heart.

Harry was with Draco and Pansy waiting for Arcturus. "You may want to stop."

Draco turned to his cousin. "Stop what?"

"Snogging your girlfriend."

Pansy smirked. "Since when are you a chaperone?"

Harry shrugged. "To protect my cousin from your dad."

Draco groaned. "Still threatening to tell him."

Pansy agreed. "Patrick is a great guy."

Harry smirked. "I won't need to tell him."

Draco was confused. "Why?"

Harry pointed. "I believe he is coming up the drive."

Draco thought his cousin mad. "You are…."

Pansy squealed. "Daddy."

Harry laughed when Draco gulped. "I thought you'd be excited."

Draco managed a smirk. "Seems Pansy has her wish."


Draco pointed to the young man next to Philip. "That would be Patrick."

They had no idea why the man had decided to come to school. Philip was not usually one to come visit but he did from time to time to see Pansy. His sons were all done, her youngest older brother had finished last year. Arcturus appeared as Pansy was greeting her father, and Harry wondered if they had come together. Harry thought that Philip was likely concerned about his daughter with Bellatrix out there.

Arcturus himself was a bit surprised to see Philip and his son there. He met the man from time to time but had not expected to see him there. He was aware that the man's daughter was dating Draco of course though. It was no secret, even for an old blood, he favored his daughter.

Arcturus spoke. "Philip."

Philip shook his hand. "I appreciate the warning."

Draco turned to both. "Warning?"

Philip looked at Pansy. "You will not be alone with him."

Pansy flushed. "Daddy…."

Philip cut her off. "I am not about to lose you. Your brother will be staying."

Arcturus agreed. "For now he will be working with your Uncle."

Harry was confused. "An apprentice?"

Patrick shrugged. "I did some training with the auror academy."

Pansy nodded. "Daddy thought he needed to learn a bit of the business before quidditch."

Patrick shrugged. "Sounded better than a desk job."

Draco whispered to Harry. "Looks like you can get to know him."

Harry groaned. "Just like you to turn it around."

Draco shrugged. "Has to be some good to come out of it."

Harry smirked. "Trying to distract him so he doesn't have time to chaperone."

Patrick heard even if Philip did not. "May be an upside of being stationed here."

Arcturus turned to Harry. "I believe we are almost late."

Harry and his grandsire headed for the centaurs. He was happy that even with what was happing, his grandsire was still there. He was happy to show his Grandsire some of what he was learning. They were working on his gray magic but they were also teaching him some healing. Arcturus smiled as he was very impressed. Harry showed potential to be even greater than him one day. Harry blushed with the comment, always humble. His grandsire promised that summer he would give Harry the animagus potion and he and Uncle Sirius would teach him.

As they headed to school Arcturus broached. "What do you think of the future Lord Parkinson?"

Harry was surprised. "Grandsire?"

"Lord Parkinson spoke to me."

Harry flushed. "Oh."

His grandsire nodded. "Pansy led him to believe you may be a good match."

Harry flushed. "Oh."

Arcturus laughed. "I reminded the man the time of arranged marriages is over."

Harry felt relief. "Thank you."

Arcturus assured him. "I want you happy, as does your grandmother. You follow your heart."

Harry was about to say something when the new professor appeared. "Grandsire, this is our new teacher."

The woman eyed Arcturus. "Lord Black I am told."

The man looked at Harry. "I will see you soon."

"He is a bright child."

Arcturus turned to her. "I'd keep away from my grandson outside of your class."

The woman was surprised. "I mean no harm."

"I hear you have been asking questions."

"He is a student and I have yet to teach him." She reminded him.

Arcturus went to leave. "Head my advice."

There was something about the woman that Arcturus didn't trust. With Bella on the loose, he didn't need any strangers around his grandson. They still had no idea who had helped free Bella. They had not ruled out a foreign ally they may not have known about. He was happy that Patrick was there. Though he was not fond of Philip's intentions, having an extra eye around was not a bad thing. Philip had a company, Lucius was not the only old blood, but smaller than Black or Malfoy. His son had learned the security side before he had done some business. He was set to return to quidditch next season, now he had fulfilled a promise to his father. The boy had some skill and he could be trusted.

Arcturus went to leave. 'Sirius better keep an eye on her. I do not like her interest in my grandson.'