Harry had slowly recovered, and got to spend more time from bed. He had liked meeting Draco, who he was told was his cousin. He hadn't seen the old man again, Uncle Arcturus. He hoped he would come back, he liked the man a lot. Arcturus had been telling him about the tree, and his place. He had been upset he fell asleep, and the man was gone when he woke. Aunt Dru had told him he was very busy, but would come. Harry liked Aunt Lucia and Aunt Dru very much. Aunt Wallis was a very grouchy woman, he never saw her smile, and she didn't like noise. Harry knew she had two sons, he slept in one of their rooms, but she would not talk about them. Aunt Lucia had no kids, but Aunt Dru spoke of hers.

It was decided a trip to Malfoy manor was in store. Draco was excited for a playdate, and now he was healthy, it was thought to be good for Harry. He had seemed to like the little boy, and he would need friends. Andromeda and her daughter were coming, though Tonks was grown.

Harry was worried. "Where are we going?"

Dru knelt. "We are going to Malfoy manor."

Harry was confused. "I…"

Lucia smiled. "You remember Draco and his dad?"

Harry nodded. "Aunt Dru's grandson."

Dru smiled. "They are Malfoys."

Harry understood. "Oh."

Lucia added. "We are going for a visit."

Dru smiled. "Both my daughters and grandchildren will be there."

Harry asked. "I thought you had three."

Dru had a pained look. "Belle is…..gone."

Lucia stepped in. "We should be going."

Wallburga looked at Dru. "Gone?"

Dru turned to her. "I can't tell him about prison can I?"

Wallburga shrugged. "There is no shame."

Dru smirked. "And you haven't mentioned your sons why?"

Wallburga was pale. "Regulus is gone for real. And Sirius…he is no family."

Her sons were sore points, just like Bellatrix was for Druella. Wallburga hated that her son had thought her and Orion dark, and had left home. She had disinherited him, and had not spoken to him since. She knew Alphard had given the boy money, and she had a feeling why. Her brother was a softy, but she knew he had not acted on his own. She had thought it had been her husband, but she was starting to think it was the old man who convinced him to. Arcturus had made it clear, that he considered Sirius family, no matter what she said. If she had her way, half the names on the tree would be gone. She was no more fond of Andromeda and her child, married to a muggle born after all. But Pollux seemed like Arcturus, though Andromeda was cut off from the line of inheritance, she was welcome. They were from a junior branch anyways.

Harry was a bit nervous, but they convinced the boy to allow them to take him through the floo. He was terrified when they came through, but he did his best to hide it, he didn't want them to think him a baby. He was reminded Draco would be there.

Draco was so happy when he came through. "You are here, you are here."

Harry smiled a little. "Hi."

Lucius smiled. "How about we let your Grandmother and the others into the room?"

Draco turned. "Hi Grandmum. Sorry."

Wallburga growled. "Children."

Narcissa came and kissed her mother. "I am sorry I missed you the other day."

Druella knelt. "Harry, these are my daughters your Aunts Cissy and Annie, and my granddaughter Dora."

Andromeda came over. "Hello."

"Hi." Harry whispered. But he looked at Tonks. "You have blue hair."

Tonks laughed a little and turned it pink. "I am called an animorphmagus."

Draco bounced. "You should see her pig nose, it is so funny."

Lucius looked at the boys. "How about we head out to the stables?"

Harry looked at the woman. "I…"

Druella. "Go with Uncle Luc and see the ponies, while we adults talk."

Draco nodded. "Daddy has the ponies saddled."

Harry was nervous. "I have never seen a horse."

Tonks decided to come. "Uncle Luc taught me to ride, I am sure he will teach you."

Lucius nodded. "We all learn to ride around here."

Tonks may never be an heir, but she had been welcome in the home. Of course it was not public during the war, but in the past few years she spent more time. She was fourteen, and was a student at Hogwarts now, but it was summer time. She was ten when she learned to ride, she had not grown up on an estate, like Draco had. She had met her Aunt since she was very little, just in private, for the Malfoys were spies.

Harry was amazed. "Wow."

Draco smiled. "These are the horses, they are too big, but the ponies are cool too."

Lucius led the way. "We have two."

Harry smiled. "I like them."

Draco pointed. "This is Sickle, he is mine. You can ride Knutt though."

Lucius reminded his son. "We should allow our guest to choose."

Harry shook his head. "I like Knutt."

Tonks handed him a carrot. "He will really like this."

Draco saw he was uncertain. "Like this."

Harry laughed a little as the pony ate from his hand. "It tickles."

Lucius looked at Harry. "Are you ready to try?"

Harry wasn't sure. "Maybe I will watch."

Draco shook his head. "You have to ride."

Tonks reminded Draco. "It's okay if he…."

Lucius assured Harry. "I will be by your side."

Harry eyed the man a bit warily. "Okay."

Though he wasn't sure, about being touched or the pony, Harry let Lucius put him on the pony. Harry smiled a little, and Lucius made sure he was secure. Tonks got on a full size horse, but tamer than some, and Draco happily clambered onto his pony with some help. Harry was a little worried, but Lucius remained on his feet, and right by Harry's side. It took a little bit, but the boy was soon smiling, and they road for an hour. The boys later played with some puppies in the barn, though Harry also seemed to like a cat, and had to be drawn away for lunch.

Lucius assured Harry. "I am sure Draco will be happy to have you come back and ride again soon."

Narcissa and Andromeda were happy to sit down with their mother, and Aunts. Though Lucretia was not related by blood to either, they considered her family for many years now. They had been surprised to learn the three ladies had taken Harry in, and who suggested it. Like Abraxas, Pollux had never been the doting grandfather type, to either of their children.

Harry and Draco had gone down for a nap after lunch. Draco was usually not one for a nap, but even he was tuckered out from all of the play. But it seemed Harry was not as tired as he looked, or a bit more curious than thought. He had heard Aunt Cissy say the old man was here.

Harry peeked into the hall. 'He must be here somewhere.'

An elf appeared. "Where little master go?"

Harry looked at the elf. "You aren't Kreacher."

The elf shook his head. "I be Dobby."

Harry shook his head. "No, I only like Kreacher."

Dobby tried. "I serve Lord Malfoy. I Master Draco's nanny elf."

Harry eyed him. "Oh."

Dobby looked. "Master meant to be napping."

Harry shook his head. "I need to find him."

Dobby was confused. "Master Draco be napping."

Harry shook his head. "Uncle."

Dobby shook his head. "Lord Malfoy say you nap."

Harry was upset. "Not Uncle Luc. Old man, Uncle Arcturus."

Dobby shook his head. "He not be here."

Harry was upset. "Aunt Cissy said he was. She said the old man was here."

Dobby nodded. "Yes, yes, Old Master Lord is here."

Harry smiled. "Where is he?"

Dobby was confused. "Dobby no disturb."

Harry was upset. "He likes me."

Dobby pointed. "He be in last room."

Harry looked down the big long hall, he had never been down that way before. He had never been in such a big house, it was much bigger than the one they lived in. He thought that house was big, much bigger then where he lived before, but this one was very big. He was confused, why the elf said Uncle wasn't here, and now he said he was. He headed down the hall, he wanted to see the man, and say hi. The elf said the man didn't like to be disturbed, but Aunt Wallis said the same thing. She was not happy Harry went in the room, but Uncle hadn't minded.

Harry came to the big door, and he was not sure he could open such a big door. The doors were huge, and he could barely reach the big handle. He was a bit worried, and he knocked on the door, thinking maybe the old man was napping too.

A voice called. "Enter."

Harry managed to push it open. "Hello."

He didn't see anyone but heard. "You are not my grandson."

Harry was confused. "I am Harry."

An old man appeared from a chair. "What are you doing in here?"

Harry was worried. "I was looking for Uncle Arcturus."

The man growled. "He is not here."

Harry backed up. "Aunt Cissy said he was here, the old…"

The man smirked. "She was referring to myself."

Harry eyed him. "Who are you?"

A voice came from behind. "Pollux."

Harry turned and saw Arcturus. "I thought you were in here."

Pollux looked at him. "I was not expecting you."

Arcturus eyed the boy and back. "I need your aid with a certain…..dog."

Pollux understood. "Of course."

Harry was confused. "Are one of the puppies sick?"

Arcturus looked at him. "No, another dog."

Harry looked at the other man. "Pollux? Does that mean bear too?"

The man smirked. "Sweet."

Harry smiled a little. "I like bear better."

Arcturus came to his side. "How about we go child and see the others?"

Harry turned. "I am sorry I fell asleep before. I wanted to hear more."

The man looked at him, and motioned Harry to follow him, but not out of the room. He made Harry sit on the couch, and used a spell, to summon a big book. Harry was confused, he didn't know what the book was for, as he opened the big book. Harry was surprised to find a tree in it, like the one on the wall, but there were more names. He smiled when he found his picture was on this one, and his name too.

Harry pointed. "You added me."

Arcturus shook his head. "You were always on this one."

Harry looked. "My mummy."

Arcturus nodded. "My niece."

Harry looked at him. "You Mummy's Uncle too?"

The man nodded. "See, this is my brother Regulus."

Harry nodded. "Okay."

Arcturus smiled. "He had a daughter named Rosamund. She had no magic."

Harry thought. "Like Aunty Tunia and me."

Arcturus corrected him. "Like Petunia, you do child."

Harry wasn't sure. "I make things happen, but not like you."

Pollux added. "You will with training."

Arcturus agreed. "Rosamund was your grandmother."

Harry saw the picture. "She was pretty."

The man nodded. "Aye, she was."

Harry saw Druella in the door. "Uncle Arcturus was telling me about old Grandpa Regulus."

Druella smiled. "I am sure we would all like to hear the story."

Arcturus closed the book. "The lesson will wait for home."

Harry was sad but was assured the man would come soon. "Okay."

Arcturus watched the boy led off, as he was told Moody was coming for a visit the next day, which made Harry happy. Arcturus thought of his brother for a moment. Regulus had put the child up for adoption, pressure from the family, as the baby was a squib and he was unmarried. But he had always wondered about her, and made his brother promise before he died, to find her. He was amazed when his brother's granddaughter was a witch, and a powerful one, and offered what aid he could. He owed it to his brother now, to watch over his great grandson.

Arcturus turned to Pollux. "I have heard rumors of a certain rat on the prowl. It could aid in freeing my grandson finally."