It seemed Lord Parkinson had to get used to the idea of a son in law with no title or lands. He was reminded Patrick was his heir and had enough of his own. When Patrick proposed to Charlie a year later, he had his father's blessing as well as Arthur's. The spring after Sirius and Severus had celebrated their first anniversary, Harry was a groomsman at his cousin's wedding. Pansy was quite happy for her brother. Besides Harry would be family, as Draco had propose to her, and they married that summer. Blaise and Hermione soon followed suit. Harry had watched his closest friends marry and he knew he was getting close. He and Oliver had been dating for over two years. Oliver had faced no only Harry's dads, but his Uncle, Grandsire and Grandmother, not to mention his Aunts, when he asked to propose. They had all given him their blessing. And in a beautiful fall setting, when he took Harry riding on his own family estate, he had proposed on Halloween. To no shock, and much delight, Harry accepted.

The couple had not wished to wait until summer to marry but Christmas was too soon. They instead were married the Friday before the Easter break. It would only allow for an eight day honeymoon, but they'd take longer in summer. Poppy was returning to cover for Harry when gone.

Harry was nervous. "I need a potion."

Sirius laughed. "Not hung over cub."

Regulus agreed. "Your bachelor was a week ago."

Harry felt sick. "I feel sea sick then."

Remus shook his head. "We all got nerves."

Wallburga had come in. "Even your grandfather."

Arcturus agreed. "But it will soon pass."

Harry smiled. "I want to marry him."

Regulus handed him his cufflinks. "Then we better finish."

Harry put them on. "I am just glad you are all here."

Wallburga motioned. "Your Aunts and cousins are as well."

Regulus kissed his son. "And your mum is watching."

Harry looked at Sirius. "And James."

Sirius agreed. "His little prongslet, you have made him proud."

Arcturus motioned. "All of us."

James was not his father but he had loved and protected Harry. Not even Wallburga would deny the man a mention that day in this room. Harry though was walked down the aisle by his dad and his father. Regulus was so relieved to be here for his son. Harry had chosen two cousins, Draco of course and Fred, as well as Hermione and Blaise to stand by his side. Draco would be doing the honors as his best man to no surprise. Oliver had asked George, and the three girls from his old team, with George as best man. George was gloating to Fred a bit too much he got the honors. Since the twins had helped set them up, it seemed fitting in Oliver's mind. The rest of the Weasleys, minus Ron, were there. Charlie was sitting with his husband and their daughter. Lord Parkinson had been disappointed, Patrick's brothers both had boys, and he had expected his heir to have a son. But the man had melted for his first granddaughter, who with the change in laws, would follow Patrick as Lady Parkinson one day. Little Penelope was doted on endlessly by Aunty Pansy who was pregnant with her and Draco's first, Hermione had learned recently she was too. Hermione would give birth to her and Blaise's first child by Halloween, Pansy was due with a son in the summer time.

Harry walked with his dads, and he hoped he would be soon as well. He and Oliver had chosen to marry at Black Manor, the main family home. The ceremony was held out in the Asian gardens, which were lined with cherry trees, all blossoming naturally in the spring. His aunts had helped Lady Wood plan the wedding for the boys. Harry could not take his eyes from his fiancé, not sure he had ever been so happy.

The minister started. "We are gathered together to join these two wizards in marriage. Who gives the younger groom away?"

Regulus did the honors. "His father and I do."

"Do you Oliver Richard Wood take Harry as your husband and bond, sealed in union until death?"

"I do."

"And do you Harry James Black take Oliver as your husband and bond, sealed in union until death?"

Harry smiled. "I do."

Oliver took a ring from George. "With this ring I take you as my husband and pledge my love."

Harry took a ring from Draco. "With this ring I take you as my husband and pledge my love."

The minister announced. "I pronounce you husbands. You may seal it with a kiss."

Harry pulled Oliver down into a kiss. "At last."

Oliver smiled as he pulled back. "Forever."

Draco laughed. "May want to finish the paper work."

Harry said. "Formality after the vows."

Oliver led him over. "One we should still finish."

Harry was happy to sign with Oliver. They went with their families for some photos, as the guests had a small cocktail hour in the next garden. The main reception was being held in the grand dining room of the house. The tables had been done in a soft green, but the center pieces were filled with beautiful red lilies but also white daisies. The daisies were a favorite of Oliver's mum and were meant to include both their mothers. The flowers were in quidditch quaffles, something that made them both smile. The dance was to be held outdoors, as there were doors out onto a veranda, which had a heating spell on them. Fairy lights were suspended in the air out doors, and a band would be playing as well. The wedding was simple and more suited for the men. But Wallburga was happy, as like with her son's wedding, it was in a home of their family.

Oliver led Harry out for the first dance. "I am glad tonight finally came."

"It seems the plans went forever."

"Our honeymoon awaits."

Harry blushed. "Yes."

Oliver whispered in his ear. "I can't wait."

Harry was blushing worse but he agreed. "Either can I."

A throat cleared as they didn't notice the song end. "Am I interrupting?"

Harry grunted. "You are."

Lady Wood who stood next to Lucretia laughed. "Tradition."

Lucretia looked at Oliver. "I won the draw."

Harry smiled. "You have helped raise me as much as my dad's."

Oliver accepted a dance with her. "I'd be happy."

Lady Wood dance with Harry. "I have never seen my son so happy."

Harry assured her. "I haven't been either."

The wedding was amazing and all they had wanted. They had even had Molly supply the wedding cake instead of a formal caterer. There were fireworks from the twins to send them off on their honeymoon. It was Friday evening, but they had to return next Sunday, so they didn't go far. They were headed for the island of Corfu in Greece, to a home that was owned by the family for many years, and was dear to them. Harry and Oliver made love for the first time, as they christened the bed. It had been a long wait, but it was worth it, and they went on into the night.

Oliver toasted Harry at sunrise on the balcony. "To a long happy future."

That summer Harry had been so happy to welcome his cousin's little boy, Magnus Draco Malfoy. He and Oliver were yet to get pregnant, but patient. They were reminded like Charlie, it could take some time for men. Unlike his dad and Uncle, he didn't have any stress, and his body could handle a pregnancy. Their patience held out, and shortly before Harry returned as healer for his second year, they announced to their families they were pregnant. The baby was due only about a week or so after their first anniversary, almost perfect timing they thought. Both families were so happy for them both. Seeing Magnus, and later Blaise and Hermione's son Caelum, they were anxious for their own baby. They were shocked to learn they were carrying twins, one of each. They had decided they would be the Wood and Black heirs, Potter to go to a third.

The twins seemed to decide to be an anniversary gift, and Harry went into labor the morning of his first anniversary. By the time the twins made their entrance after dinner, they had a full waiting room. Everyone was happy to pile in.

Regulus smiled as he saw his son's hands full. "Have never seen you so happy."

Harry motioned his dad to take his daughter. "Our little heir."

Oliver took his son and handed him to his dad. "And ours."

Arcturus smiled down on the two. "I am so happy to be here to see another generation."

Harry looked at his great grandfather. "So am I."

Wallburga looked at the little girl. "She is our heir."

Harry nodded. "Oliver is eldest so he got the first born."

Sirius reminded his mother. "The rules…."

She cut her son off. "I have no doubt she will be strong."

Arcturus agreed. "Like the other women in the family."

Draco looked at the twins. "I better be godfather to one of these."

Harry smirked. "We decided on another root."

Oliver added. "Haven't forgiven your wife for trying to set him up with Patrick."

Pansy laughed. "It worked. Charlie and Patrick are happy with Penelope."

Charlie agreed for himself. "Though still not happy with the meddling."

Penelope was there with her daddy, though Patrick was not. The Weasleys had all come, and many of their spouses, but Patrick was working. Draco was chosen by Harry for his daughter and heir, as well as Hermione, Pansy assuring him she was not hurt. The twins both got to serve for their little boy. Oliver had considered a godmother for their son, but he couldn't choose between the twins, and they'd not let him live it down.

As the babies made their rounds the obvious question arose. Remus voiced it. "Names?"

Harry explained. "We honored both families."

Oliver took his son. "Our son is Connell Orion Black-Wood."

Harry added. "For both our grandfathers."

Wallburga had a rare smile. "He would have been pleased."

Lady Wood whose father's name was Connell, her family Irish, agreed. "And your daughter?"

Harry did the honors. "This is Violetta Moira Black-Wood."

Remus smiled. "A flower for your mother."

Harry looked at his grandmother. "That as well."

Lord Wood smiled. "My mother as well."

Oliver laughed. "Couldn't leave out a grandmother."

The names were met with true approval. Connell, which meant wolf which made Harry think of his father, was Oliver's maternal grandfather's name. Harry considered Arcturus, but since his great-grandfather was alive, thought Orion was the best. He honored not only his grandfather, but Orion's father and his sons. He also knew what it meant to his grandmother. Violetta though a flower, was Pollux's mother, Wallburga's grandmother. Pollux had held his mother in high esteem, and Wallburga had Violetta as a middle name. Harry thought it a way to honor both his mother and all three women who raised him. Violetta, like Lucretia, Wallburga and Druella, was the name of an asteroid. Moira, though a variation of Molly, was Lord Wood's mother's name. They were happy to honor both of their families.

Regulus kissed his son as he knew he was thinking of his mum. "She is watching over you four."

Ten years later, Harry and his family were at Grimmauld. It was a weekend in the fall and Harry was usually busy at school. They had come to Grimmauld though as Arcturus had told them it was ready. Harry knew the kids were not too excited but they had other plans for the weekend. Viola and Conn had been joined three years later by a little brother, William Richard Black-Wood, the little Potter heir. Will as he was called, named for James' father as well as his godfather and Uncle Bill, and Lord Wood, was the last for them.

Harry still could not believe his grandmother was dead. Arcturus was still alive, though the last few years he had slowed down, and he was no longer able to train Harry. Wallburga had been ill for some months, and had passed on that summer. He still had his Aunts in his life though.

Harry saw his dad and Uncle. "You came."

Sirius grunted. "Not sure why."

Severus reminded his husband. "The old man summoned us."

Regulus agreed. "Besides, we should be here."

Sirius did agree. "The old woman is missed."

Viola nodded. "We never finished our book."

Arcturus entered. "Perhaps I can help."

The kids went to hug him and Harry looked at his dad. "Viola was so fond of her."

Sirius laughed. "Only one I ever saw."

Severus grunted. "Can't count on taste."

Harry laughed a little. "Some people said that about Draco and you."

Severus shot his nephew a look. "I do recall you playing match maker."

Harry shrugged. "Perfect for my Uncle."

Sirius put his godson in a head lock. "Hey watch it."

Harry just laughed. He was happy his match making skills had worked so well. Severus and Sirius were happy after all these years. Severus had named Draco and Pansy's second child, a daughter Dahlia, as his heir. Harry would get a chunk of his estate, but his three children all had their own estates, and Magnus would be the Malfoy heir. Lord Parkinson had seven grandsons and three granddaughters, but to his initial disappointment, no grandsons from Patrick. Penelope and her little sister Philippa had won over their grandfather long ago though.

Arcturus motioned. "The painting arrived.'

Sirius motioned. "Let us go see then."

Conn was confused. "All this for a painting."

Harry reminded his son. "Her essence is in it."

Oliver added. "We are going to see the twins later."

Viola looked at the painting. "She is quiet."

Sirius groaned. "Should be grateful."

Arcturus smiled. "We have to wake her."

Harry did the honors. "Grandmother."

Wallburga's painting came to life with an odd smile. "I seem popular."

Sirius grunted. "More than when alive."

Viola shot her Uncle a glare. "You should be more respectful to your mother."

Wallburga looked at the little girl. "I always knew I liked you."

The painting of Orion was awake as well. It had been asleep most of Harry's life but for once it was. The couple had never been warm but they were both all about family. Harry had smiled when he had seen Viola and her grandmother together. Viola was a true Black. She was proving Harry had been right to name her a Black heir. Like Harry, she was showing signs of the family magic, from a very young age. Arcturus could no longer train, but he passed the torch to Harry, who trained her. The boys were much like him and Draco, both little daredevils on broom and life.

Lucretia came to Harry's side. "They are both proud."

Harry hugged her. "I am glad you and Aunty Dru are still here."

Dru laughed. "Someone has to keep you in line."

The family sure had grown over the years. Even Pollux would have been proud of how most of them had turned out. The twins would start school next year, Magnus and Caelum had a few weeks ago. Harry was as close to Blaise and Hermione as ever, and most of his school friends as well. Harry looked at Arcturus and knew in a few years, he would be head of the family. His dad and Uncle had lost that place long ago.

He thought as he looked at Arcturus and the paintings. 'I will do you proud. I will protect this family as you have all done.'

An: I thought seeing the famous Wallburga painting was a good end. Not the screaming terror from the books.

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