~~~Exactly One Year Later~~~

Kendall turned in a slow circle, admiring the living room in its newly repaired state. He smiled looking at the refurbished rocking chair in the corner. The chair had been his Gran's and her memory would be preserved now, for all to enjoy. She would love this, the cheery yellow walls, the new brick fireplace, and the new sky light. It felt like a home again, somewhere to come at the end of the day and put your feet up. Kendall straightened the gift basket on the coffee table, admiring his handiwork. Red roses with silver curling branches were placed in a vase next to the basket.

He sighed, grabbing his coat and slipped it on, making sure his keys and cell phone were on him before he left. He took one last look at the cottage, before opening the door and heading out into the light breeze. A sleek black SUV was parked next to Kendall's car. A pretty brunette in the car. A stunning back wool coat covered her body and matching pristine shoes. She always had a good sense of style. She smiled at Kendall, who lifted a hand in greetings, and walked to meet her.

"Mrs Mitchell?" Kendall asked, looking into her mud brown eyes. The woman grinned.

"Hi Sweetie, how are you?" She asked

"Kind of scared, but okay" He laughed.

"I know the feeling. Now I need to sign a few more things and then its over." She said, giving Kendall the papers.

He bent over the hood, smoothing out the documents, signing away his Gran's cottage to the new owners. The snow made his boots squeak as he twisted his toes into the ground out of nervousness. Once it was done, a strange serenity washed over him, freedom from his past on the horizon.

After Kendall signed, Mrs Mitchell gave Kendall a warm hug. "Don't be sad sweetie. I am positive the new owners will cherish this place as much as you have. Besides, great things are ahead, you have many blessings to look forward to."

Kendall smiled, "You're right. Let's get this over with shall we?" Kendall fished the keys out of his pocket, handing them over to Mrs Mitchell.

"I wish you the very best Kendall," She shook his hand one more time, before stepping back and giving him a wink. "Oh and Logan's coming back. I think he said he's going to the dinner."

"Thank you Mrs Mitchell. And I'm heading over there, right now." He nodded and gave her one more hug. Kendall got in his car and put in into reverse and backed around, to face the long wooded drive. A tear fell from his eye as he drove away from the last thing that connected him to his old life.


Mama Knight 's was packed to the walls with patrons. This year the ceiling had been strung up with silver, red, and white streamers. Balloons and Happy New Year signs were everywhere, confetti-stuffing littering the walls and the floor, even the ceiling, which was very impressive. A line wound around the front, all waiting to have a go at the long glass case full of fresh baked treats. It took four high school girls to man the counter, bustling out pink boxes like they were going out of style.

Carlos sat back in his regular booth with James and Logan. They had decided to come home for the holidays, because, according to Carlos, James popped the question and they were here to announce it. They were all sitting there, sipping some fancy new fluff coffee that Mama Knight insisted they test out. Apparently it was all the rage in the city, but Carlos was just a black with sugar kind of guy, or hot chocolate of course. He had to admit; he did sort of like the foam stuff on top, other than that though, the stuff was just too fancy. Carlos crossed his leg over his knee, one ear listening to James and Logan, and one eye watching the door and all the people milling in and out. The bell kept chiming, the small noise keeping Carlos on the lookout, tense and about out of his mind in anticipation.

He glanced over at his cousin and his fiancé. He smiled and nodded to whatever they were saying. Two women were listening in to their conversation and squealed and wiggled their brows at the couple and also at Carlos. Carlos rolled his eyes, chuckling, and set down his city coffee. He knew he looked very out of place in his tux, but everyone knew what today was and what was going to happen.

"Dude, relax." Said James.

"Psh, like you weren't nervous, when you asked me." Logan retorted.

"Yeah, but I knew you were going to say yes." James said again, brining Logan closer.

Logan rolled his eyes. "Sure you did."

James pouted making Logan laugh and then he kissed the pout away.

Carlos smiled at the two, remembering that was what he and Kendall were like at home. "But, it's only been a year." He said.

"So? James proposed on our 6 month anniversary. At least you have the sense to wait till the first year." Logan said with a smile, completely happy that James did.

"Yeah, but you grew up with him, you already know what a slob he is. Kendall and I are still getting used to each other." Carlos said.

James gasped his signature girly gasp. His hands going over his heart "I'm not a slob!"

"Baby, you are." Logan agreed. "You're my slob" He grinned.

"I can live with that." James said.

Mama Knight burst out of the kitchen, looking over at the trio, and throwing her hands up in the air. She was wearing a red dress with a sparkly black cardigan, her hair twisted up into an unusually neat bun.

"Well? You heard anything yet?" She put her hands on her hips, her face a mixture of stress and high energy.

"No. He should be any minute now though," Carlos started to shake his foot. He was slowly starting to become a mess, jitters getting the best of him.

"It's going to be okay, he's crazy about you." Logan said. Since Kendall found out that Logan was James' boyfriend and Logan also used to be Kendall's friend, during the short time he lived here, Kendall and Logan started talking again and their friendship was good and strong. Kendall was happy to finally have someone he could call a friend and Logan was more than happy to oblige.

"Okay alright, you look about ready to combust. I'll stop hassling you, but I wanna know the minute he gets here, you all hear me," Mama Knight pointed her finger around at the two tables nearest Carlos, and received a bunch of laughs and 'yes ma'ams'.

"Good. I'll go update the staff, they're dyin back there," Mama Knight smiled, a youthful glow to her skin. She jumped, then giggled as Buddha Bob snaked his big arms around her waist.

"She botherin' you again? Sweetheart I told you a hundred times to leave this boy alone," He kissed the top of her head.

"I'm just excited is all," She turned in his arms and gave him a kiss on the lips. "Come on, let's feed the masses." She laughed, and dragged a grinning Buddha Bob behind her.

The bell chimed and time stood still. Kendall appeared in the doorway, a vase of vivid white roses in his hands. He smiled and handed it to the hostess, who beamed and set them on top of the display. Kendall shrugged out of his coat and Carlos felt like he would have a panic attack. James and Logan were silently encouraging him. Carlos rose from his seat, smoothing out his tuxedo jacket, waiting for the love of his life to notice. Kendall turned his green eyes in Carlos 's direction, completely surprised. He wandered over, taking his time, a blazing smile on his lips.

"What in the world?" Kendall laughed, his eyes dazzling. He looked to the other tables, "And what are you guys doing here? Oh my god, hey guys!" Kendall hugged Carlos's cousin and Logan tightly.

"Hey Ken," They kissed him on the cheek, but turned him back to Carlos, who shook his hands out.

"Okay, what is going on? Why are you wearing a tux? I mean not that you don't look amazing, but...I don't get it," Kendall looked around, finally noticing all the people in the diner going quiet and staring. Mama Knight, Buddha Bob and the boys were off to the side, smiling like idiots. Everyone knew, everyone but Kendall that is. Carlos took a deep breath and got down on one knee. Kendall gasped and covered his mouth in shock, Carlos capturing his other hand.

"One year ago, I was all ready to give up on finding that special someone to spend my life with. As luck would have it though, I wasn't meant to be alone, and fate sent you to me. From the minute I saw you sitting in that booth," Carlos glanced over at the booth to his side, "I knew you were it for me. You were the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on and the more time I spent with you, the more I discovered how beautiful your heart was too. Every day since then has been nothing but pleasure being at your side, and I wouldn't know the first thing about being without you now. I trust you, I respect you, and I love you with all my heart. Will you marry me Kendall Francis Knight?" Carlos pulled the red velvet box out of his jacket pocket, snapping it open for Kendall to see.

Kendall was in tears, looking from Carlos to the thin platinum band nestled inside the velvet box, "Yes." He cried and the entire diner erupted in cheers. Carlos slipped the ring onto his boy's finger and swept him off the ground in a bone crushing hug. "I love you so much," He choked up against Kendall 's neck.

Kendall slipped back to the floor, pulling Carlos 's lips to his, earning another round of cheers and cat calls from the diners, "I love you too. Happy New Year," He stepped back and grinned.

Carlos pulled him close, settling his forehead against Kendall 's, "Coming around to the new changes, huh?"

"I think I could get used to this," Kendall softly kissed Carlos.

"Well I just put a ring on it, so you're gonna have to," Carlos laughed and kissed Kendall harder, much to the delight of the crowd.


Lucy parked the car in front of the cottage. She pulled the keys from the ignition and turned to Camille in the passenger seat. They stared at each other for a minute, before racing to unbuckle their seatbelts and get to the front door first. Camille won, slamming the front door open, and almost getting tackled by Lucy. The bigger teen laughed, pulling his partner close, snuggling him against his chest.

"Welcome home," Lucy kicked the door shut, rubbing her hands up and down Camille's back.

"You can't wait five seconds to see the bedroom?" Camille playfully whined, squirming out of the clutches of her one year girlfriend, and running with a giggle to bedroom.

"Oh! You're on gurl. I'm will find you and make your wings curl," Lucy taunted with a grin, hopping on one foot as she undid her boot and then kicked off the other. She spotted the basket and roses on the living room table. Lucy stepped closer, inspecting the goodies arranged neatly on display. Kendall had definitely been here today, she laughed as she grabbed the cinnamon flavored lube and a bottle of champagne. Hell yea.

She walked into the master bedroom, nudging the partially opened door wide, and she almost dropped the glass bottle in her hand. Camille was in a see through camisole, shimmering in the dimming light, her body glowing with power, and her wings flapping madly. Her Camille kneeled on the large bed, waiting for Lucy to approach. A moan escaped the curly brunette's lips as she roamed her body, her chocolate eyes transfixed on Lucy.

"Baby, please..." Camille bit his lip and tossed her curls back, his neck exposed to Lucy.

"You're so sexy. My pretty little matchmaker" Lucy flung off her shirt and her skinny jeans were whisked away, and underwear went somewhere, but she didn't really care. Her own body responded to her partner's, the glowing starting already. Lucy grabbed the lube from the floor where she dropped it and crawled onto the bed.

"Tell me how want it," Lucy bit the back of Camille's neck teasingly. She was up against Camille's soft white wings, rubbing then slightly
"Like this, oh..." Camille was so turned on and glowing like a bonfire, she fell to her hands and knees, urging Lucy to hold her.

Lucy understood Camille's need; they fed off their love for each other, always hot and raring to go. She didn't hesitate, Lucy smiled with Camille's eyes and stopped kissing her... tasting her long enough to ask her. "You okay, Camille? We can stop if you would like."

But Camille didn't like. She was so aroused that she didn't want to ever stop. Camille pulled Lucy's mouth back onto her, entwining her fingers through Lucy's hair. Their tongues met touching, tasting, twisting around each others. Lucy's hands had found their way to Camille's left breast and were gently caressing it, teasing the nipple softly with a fingertip.

"I love your breasts," she mumbled into Camille mouth as they kissed.

Camille's POV
I certainly loved what she was doing to them even through my camisole. Suddenly she stopped everything and pulled back from me. I let out a load moan.

"Oh, Cam, baby, I love you so much."

I smiled, almost lighting the room with my natural glow. "I love you too." My hands roamed her body.

Lucy was now lifting my camisole over my head. I reluctantly let go of her mounds so she could rid me of the top. As my hands went back to her nipples, she reached around me to my moderate sized globes now free of their confinement, swung free. Lucy groaned and bent to suckle on my pendulous breasts.

"I love touching you." Lucy mumbled between licking and sucking at my nipples. Her tongue was driving me wild with lust. My fingers entwined in her black and red hair at the back of her head, pulling her mouth on to my boobs. She licked and sucked at each in turn, till they were hard as steel and poking out a good half inch.

After some time, Lucy gently pushed me back onto the bed, and then returned to my breasts before slowly moving lower with her mouth. Kissing her way down my stomach, she knelt at the side of the bed. Parting my legs, which were dangling over the side of the bed, Lucy, my one and only love, kissed and caressed my thighs. Meanwhile her fingers were parting my brunette curls to expose my core. Gently parting the outer lips, she found my little nub and was teasing it with her fingertip.

My hands were bunching the sheets at my side as my climax built. Just when I thought I could stand no more of her attentions, I felt the tip of her tongue glide across my pearl. My body arched with the contact. I could feel my orgasm nearing its peak. Her tongue delved into my depths when my body erupted in an earth-shattering climax the like of which I have never felt before. My breath caught in my throat and my heart beat so fast I thought it would burst.

Lucy lapped and licked my juices as my body continued to shake. Finally my pulse slowed and my body started to return to normal. I opened my eyes to see Lucy smiling across my body at me. Her lips still had some of my cream sticking to them. I held out my hands to her and she glided up on the bed beside me.

Rolling on my side, I took her face in my hands and licked my cum from her lips before kissing her first softly then deeply.

"That was... my God, Lucy, that was mind blowing." I told her.

She looked lovingly at me and said, "I'm glad, babe. I really wanted your first time at our house to be special. But we aren't finished yet, my little goddess."

"Definitely not," I replied. "It's your turn now love. Lay back and let me see if I can do as well."

I put my arm around Lucy and kissed her gently, barely touching her lips with mine. The effect was thrilling and Lucy 's body tingled all over. With the same light touch, I kissed her face, cheeks, closed eyes and then her soft lips again. I tilted her head back and kissed her throat the same way. Lucy made herself lay still but goose bumps rose all over her tawny skin.

My fingertips lightly traced the curve of her shoulder, and then gently brushed the length of her arm. Then, with just a whisper of a touch, I drew my hand back up the inside of her arm. Lucy shook with a tingling spasm. My fingertips followed the outline of her body down her side then glancing across her pert breast and hardening nipple. It rose even more as an intense shock of pleasure shot through her.

I couldn't wait any longer and bent to take her firm nipple into my mouth. Lucy pressed up as I suckled on her tip. I felt a warm wetness between my thighs as she squirmed beneath my touch. Breathing deeply, I smelt the musky scent of her skin and felt a quickening in my crotch as I sensed her readiness, her eagerness.

My hand reached to caress her thigh and the dark girl opened her legs to me. My hand encountered her moistness, then her small hard clit. I heard the breath explode from her in gasps as I rubbed and fondled her pearl. Reaching lower, I entered her with two fingers and explored her depths and textures. Lucy arched her back and moaned.

Letting go of her nipple, I found her mouth, kissing her firmly, I loved the slow sensuous touch of our tongues as they danced together. Moving my tongue down her throat to the valley between her breasts, with both hands, I cupped the roundness of them as I moved my tongue lower. Lucy was massaging my shoulders and arms and moaning softly as waves coursed through her body.

I worked my way down with my tongue and mouth, running my tongue around her navel then onto her soft black curly hair. Lucy arched her back in request. I found the top of her slit and then her hard little pearl. She cried out as I reached it. I licked and sucked at it with my tongue as my hands continued fondling her breasts and nipples. My tongue then delved into her depths. She tasted so sweet, like an earth tasting honey chicken. My tongue lapped greedily at her moistness.

This was more than Lucy could take, and she called my name as she abandoned herself to the sheer pleasure of her orgasm. Her juices smothered my face, and I licked, sucked, and swallowed her nectar as her body shook with her climax.

Finally her body stopped trembling and I looked up at her smiling. She reached down to me to pull me up into her arms.

"Woman, you are going to be the death of me. And I can't believe you are all mine," Lucy gasped to me.

I blushed a little and replied, "When you've been wanting the love of your life as long as me, death isn't going to separate us. And if you even mention that word again, I will hurt you. I just got you." I know Lucy could hear the panic in my voice and could see the tears in my eyes, so she did what she was did when I was getting overly emotional. She hugged me and brushed to my hair with her gentle hands. We snuggled in each other's arms. Lucy kissed me gently.

"That's not gonna happen. We still have a lot of human things to do…things outside of the bedroom." She said, grinning. "We are still going to get married, have kids, become mothers, become grandmothers and they great grandmothers and all the fun that comes with that." She kissed my lips. "And we have eternity together, right?"

"Right." And we did, since I was a Goddess, her, being my lover and all, the Gods granted her eternity. Eternity with me. I smiled. "So, you were saying about marriage." I said and she tackled me with a multitude of kisses and caresses.

I'm so happy and so in love.


Their hands were clasped together as Carlos rocked into Kendall from above, a slow gentle thrusting as they looked into each other's eyes. Over the past year they had made love so many times, they had lost count, but this time was different. This was a sealing of their commitment to each other, an unspoken promise between them.

Carlos tried to control his breathing and his slow movements, the need to pick up the pace and lose control raging inside of him, but he didn't want this to end so quickly. Kendall was lost in Carlos 's body, his fiancé sliding in and out him, stroking deliberately over his prostate, bringing him to closer to the edge.

He moaned; the sound bouncing around his head. His body temperature rose, sweat beaded on his brow, and he pulled Carlos closer. The angle of the thick cock inside of him changed, jabbing against his hotspot, making him scream.

" Carlos!" He let go of the bigger man's hands, grasping on his fiancés shoulders, as Carlos started to lose control.

Carlos was consumed by Kendall, he couldn't get enough of him, and his mind was trying to find a way to get closer, deeper, crawl under his boy's skin to feel more of him. His lips scorched over every possible inch of skin he could reach, licking and kissing, tasting his lover completely. Carlos was close and he knew Kendall was too.

"I love you Kenny," He murmured, before he came, releasing himself deep within his lover. He pulled back to watch Kendall fall off the edge, the man's face bunched in extreme pleasure, then released into pure bliss and awe as his cock drained between them. He was angelic, his dark eyes glazed with satisfaction and love.

Kendall 's hands were relaxed above his head, the platinum ring glinting on his finger. A need to cry out of joy, made Carlos bury his face in Kendall 's chest, tears slicking his cheeks. Fingers combed through his hair, comforting the big man.

"I love you too," Kendall murmured. "But you can't break down every time we have sex. You might just lose your he-man status down at the station. The guys would just have a field day with that..." Kendall started to laugh and Carlos raised his head and wiped his eyes.

"You wouldn't dare..." He growled, a smile on his lips.

"Oh I just might," Kendall giggled and Carlos attacked his mouth.

Leaving Kendall breathless, Carlos sat up, straddling Kendall's hips in all his glory. Kendall bit his lip and ran his hands down his man's furry chest.

"How about now?" Carlos narrowed his eyes, rubbing Kendall 's release over his chest, slipping a finger into his mouth to taste him.

"Maybe I'll hold off..." Kendall swallowed.

"Yeah maybe you will," Carlos bent down, sharing the taste of Kendall on his tongue.

Their faces were inches apart from each other as Carlos stroked the side of Kendall 's face, "Happy One Year Anniversary."

Kendall laughed, a beaming smile on his face. He put his arms around his lover's neck, "Happy Anniversary, my love."


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