Author's Note: I used to watch the Snorks. :)

Completely Out of the Blue

Allstar Seaworthy sat in his room on his bed, having nothing to do whatsoever. It was a nice day outside, but he felt bored for some unfathomable reason.


Allstar raised his eyes to the doorway of his room, the entrance. His little sister, Smallstar Seaworthy stood there. She was grinning in his direction.

"There's someone here to see you!" She declared beatifically, swimming around in circles.

Allstar tilted his head in a curious manner. "Who is it?" He wondered.

"Come and see for yourself!" Smallstar responded, leaving immediately.

Allstar blew out a heavy sigh and was about to get up, but his friend, Casey Kelp, ventured into his room out of nowhere. Allstar guessed that she was the one his sibling had been talking about before she left.

As Allstar noticed the small smile forming on his friend's face, his stomach dropped uncomfortably and an ireful feeling pounded throughout his veins. He recalled the time the female Snork had gone to prom with the star Snorkball player, Stevie. Allstar had watched from a corner, envious and full of jealousy and malicious ruminations.

The yellow colored Snork had really liked Casey before that had occurred, but was immediately withdrawn and spent less time with her afterwards. He had thought Casey had liked him enough to go to the prom with him, but she wanted to go with Stevie. He was unsure if Casey knew of his mild contempt towards her, but Allstar always made sure to conceal his undying grudge towards her and acted like his usual, normal self.

Still, he would never understand female Snorks and the decisions they make and carry out.

"Casey…" Allstar greeted her, forcing a kind smile. "What brings you here?"

Casey swam over and took a seat next to her longtime friend, placing her hands onto her lap and her smile widening. "I had nothing else to do today," She responded, shrugging. "Daffney is out with Dimmy and everyone else is busy doing their own thing," Then she turned to look at Allstar. "But you know, I think Daffney and Dimmy are becoming closer and closer each day. It's nice. I kind of wish I had something like that."

Allstar gave her a frown. "What happened to Stevie? Aren't you two still together? Ever since the prom you two have been inseparable."

"Stevie doesn't understand my feelings." Casey answered, shaking her head.

"Then why'd you get with him?" Allstar wanted to know, his voice rising a bit due to his growing agitation. Deep down inside, he still had strong feelings for Casey Kelp. He longed to be with her in his heart. Well, at least that's what his heart was telling him. His mind, however, was telling him to get angry.

"It just seemed right." Casey replied quietly, surprised at the tone of her friend's voice.

"It just seemed right?" Allstar looked at her in disbelief. "What the heck? Casey, I used to really like you…and I think I still do!" He exclaimed, choleric. "When you got with Stevie, I didn't know what to think anymore!"

Casey just listened.

"I was so mad!" Allstar went on. "And you had no clue that I-"

He was cut off by Casey pressing her lips to his forcefully and with great meaning. Allstar froze and became stoic, like a statue. His eyes were wide as Casey's lips were against his.

It only lasted for a few seconds.

Casey slowly pulled away and shook her head. "Allstar, I've always like you, but in the beginning you never acknowledged my feelings…"

Allstar was starting to feel guilty now. "Casey…I'm sorry…" He trailed off as Casey hugged him.

"I'm sorry too." Casey whispered to him.

Allstar hugged her back gently, shutting his eyes.

Casey Kelp had come to him completely out of the blue, but he didn't mind at all anymore. Now he had her.