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"Flashback talking"

'Flashback thinking'


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After screaming for god knows how long in suffering and agony, all the pain from the numerous torture methods they were forced to endure suddenly stopped. Then they were back in the sitting room again with Harry having just walked in again. Except this time he said, "Well Dursle's, I hope you have enjoyed your stay in the nightmare realm. Please note that anything that has happened to you whilst in the Nightmare Realm will happen to your body in the real world. Oh and do give my regards to my old friend Death for me." Harry finished with a pleasant smile. Then he waved his hand and Vernon was burned, bifurcated, mutilated, poisoned, choked, drowned, smothered, and rotted to death whilst his son suffered the same fate. Petunia, however, screamed as she felt her asshole rip open, her pussy stretch to epic proportions, and the bones in her jaw and hands shatter like glass as her neck snapped, though somehow the pain kept her alive.

Ignoring Petunia for the moment, Harry looked over at Morgana to find that she had one hand down her pants rubbing her pussy while the other hand worked on mauling her breast. Commenting on this, he said, "You get off on this don't you? The torture and suffering of others makes you wet doesn't it?"

"Yes master, so hot." Morgana panted

"Such a bad little witch. Don't worry, you will get what you want and more soon." Harry said making Morgana shudder

Going over to his aunt, who had passed out from the assault on her body sometime during his study of Morgana, Harry grabbed a handful of hair and dragged her out through the door as his slave followed. When they were standing in the middle of the street, Harry tugged the wad of hair in his hand so that Petunia's feet nearly left the ground and grabbed her wrist firmly. Letting the hair go, Harry held out his arm for Morgana.

"If I may ask, where are we going, master?"

"While the Dursley's were in the Nightmare Realm, I took the liberty of combing your mind and found the castle you built there for me." Morgana nodded and took the offered arm and with a crack they apparated.

The castle built by Morgana herself using a bit of Harry's magic, was located in his own personal dimension which he created and named the Nightmare Realm. This meant that no one could find it. That was because it was created when Harry was experimenting with some dark magic and could bend to his will. Only Harry could bring someone there or give them permission to go there. Even if anybody did find and infiltrate the Nightmare Realm, anyone who didn't have Harry's express permission could never enter the castle due to the wards which would fry the person and expel them from the dimension completely.

The castle grounds themselves included tall towering spires, a large field to be used for a number of purposes, a lake that looked as cold as the Arctic, and a huge forest with tall glowering trees bigger than any redwood. All this made the outside an almost perfect replica of Hogwarts. Were it not for the facts that the spires had dark lightning clouds near the tops, the field had black flames rising higher than the bleachers bringing immense heat and the wailing of millions of mortal minds, the forest looked darker and eerier than the Forbidden Forest ever could, and the lake was blood red with grasping hands breaking the surface as though it were infested with inferi.

The inside was no better. The Great Hall was the same except it contained a single grand table with the ceiling depicting lava rain and the windows were all shattered or cracked. Where classrooms were in Hogwarts, was only closed doors with more sounds of sufrfering flowing from them. The walls were lined with the menacing faces of people such as Ivan the Terrible, Adolf Hitler, and Gellert Grindlewald. Like Hogwarts, the halls had ghosts, but these were the ghosts of a headless horseman, a man with scissors for fingers, and a squidlike sailor with tentacles for a beard and hand.

Harry and Morgana along with Petunia apparated into one of the many dungeons which were used for mainly torture. This particular dungeon looked as though it was used for sexual torture. In it were a few cages, a metal horse, chains attached to the ceiling, floor, and walls, and a table. The table held various items such as dildos, whips, paddles, and a few potions among other things.

Going over to one of the cages, Harry threw Petunia inside it from the grip had on her hair. Then he made a motion with his hand toward Morgana and the chains closest to her snapped around her wrists and ankles while suspending her spread-eagle a few feet off the ground leaving her facing a nearby wall with her back to Harry. With another motion, every stitch of clothing on Morgana vanished leaving her skin bare to the cool air in the room. Quick as lightning, Harry was behind her, breathing into her ear as he said, "What a dirty slag you are getting off on torture, questioning your master, and daring to harm him. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. What am I to do with you?" Ignoring her struggles against the chains, Harry walked over to the table and examined some of the whips as he said, "Well there is only one thing to do with a filthy whore like you. You must be suitably punished for your crimes. Hmm, I think thirty lashings should do it. You will count and thank me for each one, do you understand slut?"

"Yes master."

Walking back over to her and using the bullwhip he picked up as he was talking, Harry struck her across her shoulder blades forming a welt, "Ahhh" Morgana moaned as she convulsed from the strike.

Striking her two more times, Harry said, "What did I tell you slut?!"

After another strike, Morgana said, "I apologize master. One, thank you master."


"Two, thank you master."



"Ahhh! Three, Four, thank you master."



"Ahhh! Five, Six, thank you master."





"Ahhh! S-seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, thank you master."

Instead of continuing, Harry stopped and went back to the table to grab a vial as he said, "Can't have a masochist whore like you enjoying her punishment."

Then he dumped the vial on the whip being sure to cover all of it. When that was done he walked back over to Morgana and struck her again, "Aieeeeeeeeee! Fuck!" Morgana cursed as she screamed in pain and pleasure.

"Seems like slags such as yourself never learn."

Harry had to strike her five more times for her to get herself under control enough to count again. When Harry was done with the full thirty lashes, Morgana's back was a scarred and bloody mess. With a wave of his hand, Morgana's wounds were healed and it was as if she never received them in the first place. Then he was behind her again, but this time, having discarded the whip back onto the table, both hands snaked around to her front with one of them cupping her dripping wet pussy while the other fondled her left tit and pinched her diamond hard nipple. "You really are a dirty slut with you moaning and writhing beneath me you know that? I know exactly what your going to be for the rest of your days." Harry said, then he turned Morgana to face him as the chains released her, making her look into his eyes as he held her up, "You will be one of my personal cumdumps when not helping me get other cumdumps. You will only ever be on your hands and knees or back taking my cock and seed."

"Yes master, I will be your cumdump whore." Morgana said breathlessly as Harry leaned in and claimed her lips once more. As Morgana closed her eyes to revel in the the kiss, they vanished silently without a trace.

This time, Harry and Morgana appeared in a grand bedroom that was rather spartan containing only a large four-poster bed that looked fit for a king and a plush green rug spanning the entirety of the room. Morgana, opening her eyes to see the room they were in and knowing what came next, broke the kiss to slide down to her knees, trailing her body on his all the while.

When she was fully on her knees, Morgana vanished Harry's clothes leaving him stark naked. Coming face to face with his semi erection, Morgana leaned in and took a big whiff, filling her nostrils with his scent. Liking the smell, she took Harry's already thick 9 inch cock in hand and licked the fat, purple tip. Also liking the taste of Harry's manhood, Morgana began to bob her head up and down five inches of his length as she diddled herself to keep wet for the penetration that was sure to come.

However, like Petunia, Morgana soon felt Harry's hands in her hair pulling her head down to meet his hips as he thrusted in and out of her mouth reaching deep into her throat and making her gag. Morgana was getting lightheaded and dizzy, but then she felt Harry's grip on her hair tighten as he pulled her so close her nose was in his pubic hairs. Then she felt his cock twitch and he released his seed strait down her throat.

"Ungh! Take it all bitch!" Harry grunted as he came

Morgana nearly choked on the quantity of the first three spurts alone, but Harry pulled out and shot the rest on her face and tits. Reflexively, Morgana licked a bit of cum on the corner of her mouth. She thought Harry's cum tasted sweet, alot like sugar still left in the bowl after cereal. Scooping the rest off her face and chest, Morgana decided right then and there that it was her new favorite drink.

As soon as she was finished eating the rest of his cum, Harry scooped Morgana up and threw her now squealing form onto the bed. Getting onto the bed, Harry spread her legs and scooted between them. He began to teasingly grind his dick into her slit, but was careful never to enter her every time he came close.

"Please fuck me master." Morgana whined

"Patience slut."

Then all of a sudden he shoved his prick inside her making her scream in ecstasy and cum just from the force of the penetration alone. As she lost her virginity during her time in the Middle Ages, Harry simply began thrusting at a brisk pace. Soon though, he began to grow tired of this and started ramming inside of her, reaching the entrance to her womb with his dick.

"AHH! Oh, fuck, fuck me harder master! Fuck me more!"

Harry complied with her request as he began hammering her even faster while her quim clenched and convulsed around him. Soon she saw stars as she reached her explosive finish. When she came down from her orgasmic high, Morgana found herself on her stomach with her knees up and spread making her ass stick out. When she felt Harry prodding at her rosebud with his dick, she knew that he was about to take her anal virginity and so she relaxed as much as possible while stile bracing herself for the pain. Then, after Harry got the tip in after some struggle, he slammed all the way to the base making Morgana cry out.

"Ungh, so fucking tight. I'm going to fuck you into the mattress bitch."

With that Harry wrapped her hair around his hand and pull as he began to make good on his promise with Morgana's screams doing nothing more than spurring him on. Soon the pain subsided for her to be replaced by intense pleasure as she started thrusting back into him allowing Harry to go deeper inside her. After a while they both sped up even more as they began to reach their peaks. Just as Harry's cock started to twitch again, he pulled out and slammed back into Morgana's quivering pussy as hard as he could even penetrating her cervix. With a grunt and a moan, they both came as Harry blasted his seed into her, painting her womb white with her quim trying to literally suck his seed out of his balls. Then they fell asleep spooning with Harry's cock still in Morgana's pussy as a blanket appeared and covered them.

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