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This fic is a general fic with no set relationships as of yet apart from the core one, ie Snowing, and other ones later down the line... Now some relationships are hinted at the start but don't let it deter you from this fic I like to try and stay as true to the characters as possible and know what I want isn't always what they would do so I often write what pains me as its true to them (if that makes sense lol).

I hope you enjoy the fic and any comments (hopefully kind or constructively nice) will help me better my writing and this fic, thus your enjoyment too :D

One sole desire, one passion now remains

To keep life's fever still within his veins,

Vengeance! dire vengeance on the wretch who cast

O'er him and all he lov'd that ruinous blast.

Thomas Moore.

"You will tell me what I need to know one way or another." A chilling cackle escapes the lips of a determined woman. Her captive a mere pawn in the woman's master plan; to destroy the very thing the man loves most.

"I always get what I want." The woman trails a finger down the man's face; blood seeps from wounds she'd created, she smiles sardonically as the blood stains her fingers.

"For now your blood will suffice. We can carry on this game back in that little town of yours, the one Regina stole from me." The woman stands walking away from the man in the cell his eyes never look away as he finally speaks.

"You'll never win. The wicked don't ever win." At this the woman turns around her smirk still in place.

She approaches the prison cell. "Don't you see," She flicks her wrist and the man screams out, hunching over in agonizing pain. "How can you possibly defeat me?" She cackles evilly.

The man looks up at the woman and through all the pain a distinct look of determination shines in his eyes. "You'll never get to Emma."

The woman heaves a bored sigh. "Neal, Neal, poor abandoned Neal. Your optimism is sickening as it is blinding. I don't need to get to Emma; I won't even need to lift a finger, for she'll come to me herself." The woman's grin grows.

"Don't look so glum. It's her love for you that will bring her to me. You should be happy, your true love returns." The wicked woman walks away but not without one more thing to say.

"I'm reuniting the family darling, you're all going home, but this time… it's on my terms!" The wicked woman's evil laughter echoes hauntingly through the room even after her exit. Neal grips onto the bars of the cell a fierce look on his face; but with no hope of escape how would he be able to save the woman he loves?


"Kid, your obsession with those candy bars is eventually going to send me into debt; either from all the dental treatments that I'm inevitably going to have to pay to keep your pretty smile or through buying every last Apollo bar out there." Emma chuckles as Henry chomps happily away at the candy bar oblivious to her jokes.

"I have perfect teeth, the dentist said so last week, so I can eat all the candy I want." Henry smiles a large smiling showing his mom all his teeth as proof. The kid was as oblivious as she thought. Emma reaches towards Henry and wipes at the corner of his mouth where there was still a bit of chocolate, both mom and son share a warm smile;

"He said a few not all Henry, but nice try kid." Emma wraps her arm around Henry pulling him into her side and the two of them walk towards home both unaware of the man currently watching and following them.

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