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"Kid, your obsession with those candy bars is eventually going to send me into debt; either from all the dental treatments that I'm inevitably going to have to pay to keep your pretty smile or through buying every last Apollo bar out there." Emma chuckles as Henry chomps happily away at the candy bar oblivious to her jokes.

"I have perfect teeth, the dentist said so last week, so I can eat all the candy I want." Henry smiles a large smiling showing his mom all his teeth as proof. The kid wasn't as oblivious as she thought. Emma reaches towards Henry and wipes at the corner of his mouth where there was still a bit of chocolate, both mom and son share a warm smile.

"He said a few not all Henry, but nice try kid." Emma wraps her arm around Henry pulling him into her side and the two of them walk towards home both unaware of the man currently watching and following them.

"Hmm Mom you just missed the turn to our apartment." Henry asks his Mom a little puzzled. His Mom grips him a little tighter which doesn't ease his concern any.

"I changed my mind, how about the park; you wanna go to the park kid?" Emma asks Henry even though it doesn't seem like he as a choice as she pulls him close to her side.

"Sure Mom, the park sounds great. Can we have a hotdog on the way?" Henry says. This brings a chuckle out of Emma.

"Do you always think about food kid?" Emma loosens her hold on Henry and walks beside him, although she doesn't seem to relax completely, her arms tense beside her.

Emma was a Bale bonds person; she had tailed and caught many a runaway, she also knew when she was being followed. Emma didn't just have a change of heart; she had caught a reflection in a shop window of the guy that had been to her apartment earlier - he was following her and Henry, she didn't like it.

"Don't eat that thing all at once," Emma teases Henry as he takes a large bite out of the hotdog they had just purchased, "I won't be sharing mine."

Henry grins at his mom with a mouthful which causes Emma to laugh and push Henry jokingly with her shoulder. "You don't get your eating habits from me that's for sure." Henry gulps down his food and looks up sadly at his Mom.

"I wish I knew him." Henry says sadly. Emma looks regretful for her slip up; it was a sensitive subject Henry's Father.

"I'm sorry kid. I tried to find him, but he obviously didn't want to be found; just like my parents." Emma takes a deep breath composing herself; even after all these years it still hurt just as much.

"Their loss." Emma says firmly. Emma places a kiss to her son's forehead and takes his hand and gently leads him on their way; still aware of the man following them, Emma pushes all sad thoughts aside and focuses on the present. What use is living in the past when the present is all that is here?


"It's your Castle Regina how can you not know a way in?" Snow snaps.

"I may know every inch of that Castle but Neal could be anywhere; we can't just walk in." Regina retorts.

"Regina's right." Charming says and flinches for the oncoming wrath of his wife.

"What!" Snow yells turning to Charming. "How can you side with her?"

"I'm not siding with anyone Snow, but she's right that we can't just walk in. How many men have we already lost to her, and that's not even in her own home." Charming tries to be the voice of reason.

"It's not her home. It's mine!" Regina snaps. This intruder was a pain she could do without. It wasn't a nice feeling being on the receiving end of an evil witch's hate.

"Regardless, she's been living there for a while she knows the layout just as well as you; the home front advantage is of little use to us." Charming sighs, they were at a loss, even he was losing faith; not that he would tell anyone.

"The lad will be fine; he's a survivor." Hook speaks up surprising everyone. Hook looks around at everyone and knew they were losing hope.

"We can't give up. There is only one of her and all of us; I've thought in battles with worse odds and won. We just need a solid plan and we won't fail." Hook reminds everyone that this is just another battle; one they can win.

"Then let's plan." Snow says back on the mission at hand.

"I can always try to distract her with my good looks, giving you more time to find Neal. Green isn't my desired choice of woman but I'm sure I can take one for the team." Hook says. Everybody rolls their eyes at him to which Hook just grins; he was wearing them down he just knew it.

"I don't think you're her type; she took Neal didn't she." Snow jabs back at Hook. They needed a good plan, not silly jokes, she couldn't lose Neal she would never forgive herself and neither would Emma or Henry. Snow takes a deep calming breath.

"We form an army. That's what I did the last time." Regina suggests.

"Where are we going to find willing subjects to go up against her?" Snow replies.

"There are men out there who no nothing but how to fight, we find them and we have our army." Regina speaks, a plan forming in her mind.

"Where do you suggest we find them?" Snow asks.

"You tell us Snow, they're your friends." Regina says with a hint of sarcasm.

"Who are you on about?" Snow wonders.

"Why your little bandit friends who stole from me and other's like me. You think real work is too much to ask of them?" Regina says with a little smirk.

Snow grins. "The Merry Men, they'll fight with us. There's no better fighter's than those who fight for a cause, and this is a cause they'll fight for. Plus Robin owes me a favor." Snow strides ahead, a cue for everyone to follow; they ready their swords and begin the long trek into the forest.

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