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"I wish I knew him." Henry says sadly. Emma looks regretful for her slip up; it was a sensitive subject Henry's Father.

"I'm sorry kid. I tried to find him, but he obviously didn't want to be found; just like my parents." Emma takes a deep breath composing herself; even after all these years it still hurt just as much.

"Their loss." Emma says firmly. Emma places a kiss to her son's forehead and takes his hand and gently leads him on their way; still aware of the man following them, Emma pushes all sad thoughts aside and focuses on the present. What use is living in the past when the present is all that is here?


"Excuse me love, I think you dropped this?" Emma turns to a voice, one that sounds oddly familiar, as she turns she sees why; it's the man from before.

"You! Why are you following us?" Emma pulls Henry behind her as she makes a fist, on the defensive.

The man holds something in his hand; he holds it out to Emma who freezes when she sees what it is.

"Where did you get that?" Emma tentatively reaches out taking the item; it's a swan pendant.

"A mutual friend gave it to me." Emma looks up a flash of anger in her eyes, but also one of longing.

"I've had this for over ten years; it's never left my person. You must have stolen it." Emma looks around feeling agitated, she sees two cops talking down the hill, she starts walking backwards never taking her eyes of the strange man.

"Emma, just hear me out." The man pleads; Emma sees desperation in his eyes and wonders where the hell this guy came from.

"I find it hard to believe that you have anything worthy to say that I'd want to hear." Emma continues backing away, finally turning around pulling Henry with her, hoping the man didn't follow.

"I know where Neal is." The man shouts and winces as though that was the last thing he had wanted to say.

It seems to have an effect on Emma as she stops in her tracks, Henry looking up at her worried. Emma slowly turns around looking at the man.

"Just as I thought, nothing I want to hear." Emma turns quickening her pace with Henry following beside her.

"Look love, I know you're stubborn but damn it, give a guy a break and listen for five minutes will ya?" Emma tenses as she feels a hand grip her arm, she swings her right arm back and turns hitting the man square in the jaw, he stumbles back. Emma turns to Henry and grips his hand and looks in his eyes.

"Run to those cops kid tell them your mom's in trouble." Emma watches Henry run off to the cops she knew he was safe and back up was on the way.

"You want to have me put in a cell, why what a twist of fate. Look love you're going to help me one way or another. You think I stole your necklace… Head to this address and you will see not everything is what you think." The man groans as he sees two officers running towards him with Henry in tow.

"When you realize that love, come and get me out won't you." Emma watches puzzled as the man doesn't put up a fight and lets the police cuff him as they lead him away the man shouts one last thing which doesn't calm her any.

"I'll be seeing you Swan."


"Won't be long now Neal, we're heading home, but before we go I just have a few things I need to take care of." The witch stands at the entrance of the room looking at Neal who sits slumped against the wall, his head resting on his knees. He doesn't even look up at the witch as she speaks which seems to annoy her causing her to walk into the room.

"What? You're not interested in what I have planned for your friends?" The witch goads Neal, but he doesn't respond, staying in the same position. The witch frowns and starts walking towards the cell, she raises an arm and magic glows from her hand.

"You will look at me when I speak. I will see the fear and helplessness in your eyes as you realize that there isn't anything you can do as I unleash my hell on your loved ones." The witch snarls and magic shoots from her hand towards Neal causing him to rise to his feet and slam into the bars.

Neal winces as pain shoots through him; he holds his hands by his side, his fists clenched tight.

"Is this how it felt when your father let go of your hand, when Emma chose another over you?" The witch smirks as she sees the pain in Neal's eyes; she opens her hand and releases Neal.

"Being good and noble gets you nowhere Neal. It gets you left behind. A tip you might want to take on board when we return to Storybrooke."

"I'll never help you." Neal grips the bars of the cell with his left hand helping him to stand. The witch approaches the bars and reaches a hand out to Neal stroking his cheek.

"Why sweetie you actually think you have a choice?" The witch laughs and tilts her head back cackling. It is in this moment that Neal reaches forward and grips the necklace around her neck.

A jolt of electricity curses through him throwing Neal back against the stone wall; the necklace still hanging around the witch, a now very pissed off witch.

"Huh, I underestimated you Neal, but know this. It will take more than your silky skin and charms to take my necklace; more power than even your father the dark one possessed."

The witch grins evilly and turns leaving Neal hunched on the ground in pain; the emotional pain hurting more than the physical pain he is in. Neal just wishes the others were safe and stayed away; they were all safer if they didn't try to rescue him. If only he could get them a message somehow.

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