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I know some of you are still waiting for she will be loved and I promise it will be updated but that will be done after my finals end, so just gimme a couple weeks please. Now this one on the other hand will be finished pretty quickly. It's a short drabble with pre-written chapters, so I will update twice or perhaps three times a day. Lemme tell ya, reviews make me update faster :)

A lil background info: Bella Swan (27), a Physiotherapist, is a teacher at UCLA. Her subject is therapeutic massage. Edward Cullen (28) was a basketball player until he had an accident and couldn't play anymore. Now he's intrested in sports physiotherapy until he meets Bella Swan, one of his professors.

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"I need a volunteer" as soon as the words rushed out of my mouth the hand of almost every guy in my class flew up. "You there" I pointed at Edward Cullen, one of the guys, or men I should say, who didn't raise his hand. He seemed to be more interest on what he's seeing on his phone screen. "The one with the grey shirt and phone in his hand" at that his eyes instantly settled on mine.

At first he looked surprised but then the smirk I had gotten so used to over the past few months found it's place on his face. "Yes miss Swan?"

"You will be my volunteer for today's class" I told him knowing I was throwing myself on fire. "I don't remember volunteering ma'am" he replied cockily. "Then see it is a punishment Mr. Cullen, you don't use your cellphone in my class. Now take a seat right here" I demanded and pointed at the seat in front of me while the other guys groaned and a few of them mumbled "lucky bastard". With a slight limp he walked forward and for a second I felt bad for him but the smirk on his face took it all away.

"Shirt and pants off" he did as I told him and I had to look away before I jumped him here in front of all my students. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. "Now class, today we will start with massage techniques of the back, we'll start at the shoulders and then go lower. Make a team of two, pick a table, patients shirts and pants off, then lie on the table. Therapist bring the table to the length of your waist so you can work comfortably on your patient without hurting your own back" everyone did as I told.

I turned around and saw that Edward was now lying on the table too. He was always such a good student. "Therapists don't forget to take some massage oil and then we can start."

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