Charlie adjusts her position, trying to get more comfortable. But with her arms shackled to a wall above her head there really isn't much point, there would be no comfortable position. She looked around at the other occupants of her cell. Miles was sleeping fitfully in the corner, we was just recovering from a nasty infection and wasn't back to 100% yet and Monroe was passed out cold on the floor. Charlie took a deep breath and banged her head against the wall behind her. She shouldn't be surprised at their current situation. It was just another day in the life of Charlie Matheson.

"I think I've spent more time tied up, chained up, or captured then I have in a nice warm bed. What the hell does that say about me?" Charlie groused to herself. She was not having a good day. With nothing but time on her hands she thought back to how they ended up in a Patriot cell, scheduled for death.

One Week Ago

Monroe and Charlie were dragging a half dead Miles through the woods. Rachel was leading the way and Aaron was stumbling along behind them. Charlie could feel Miles shaking and she noticed his breathing wasn't very good.

"Mom," she yelled out. "How much farther? He can't take much more of this."

Rachel looked back, and couldn't hide the worry on her face. "It's not far."

A few moments later Rachel announced that they were there. Charlie looked around and couldn't see anything. The clouds cleared from the moon and she could barely make out a dilapidated house through a mess of overgrowth.

"This is it?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah this was grandpa's hunting cabin; we'll be safe here for a bit."

Charlie could only nod. She was amazed it was still standing, but she wasn't going to argue. Her muscles were screaming and she was drenched in sweat. Miles was not a small guy and if they didn't get him settled soon she was going to collapse. She looked over at Monroe and he didn't look like he was faring any better. Hell he was still recovering from being "dead".

The started to walk forward and Charlie leaned down to whisper in Mile's ear. "Hang on old man, we'll fix you up. I've got you." Miles didn't respond. That worried her more then she wanted to let on.

They got Miles settled on the floor and Charlie looked around the tiny cabin, taking stock of their supplies or lack thereof. She noticed that Rachel hadn't unloaded or even taken off her pack.

"Mom, what are you doing?"

"I've got to get him some medicine, if he doesn't get some high powered antibiotics soon he's going to die, if it's not too late already."

"And where do you think you're going to get those – it's not like there is a pharmacy around the corner." Monroe asked.

Rachel didn't even acknowledge him. Instead she walked over to Charlie and grabbed her shoulders. "There's a town not far from here, I'll find something there. I need to you take care of him. Keep him still, keep him cool and keep him hydrated. I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Mom you can't go alone."

"It will be faster if I go by myself. I need to you to stay here and look after Miles; can you do that for me Charlie?"

Charlie could only nod. Truth be told she was too tired and to worried about Miles to argue with her. She watched as Rachel took off at a run.

She turned back the men in the room. Monroe looked like he was already asleep, his leaned back against the wall and Aaron just stood there staring at nothing. She knew Cynthia's death was hard as hell on him, but she didn't have time for his melt down right now.

"Aaron," she called out, when he didn't respond she yelled a little louder, nothing. She tried one more time, but he just stood there frozen. She was about to give up when a boot same flying across the room and smacked Aaron in the chest.

"Hey stay puff, the lady's talking to you."

That seemed to snap Aaron out of his daze, at least for a little bit. His eyes were still unfocused and glassy but at least he was looking at her.

She held out to canteens. "I need you to fill these with water. Mom said there's a creek down the path a little bit. Can you handle that Aaron?"

When he didn't move and continued to stare at her Charlie just sighed and hung her head. She was too tired for this. The next thing she knew Monroe was beside her, taking the canteens out of her hand, his voice soft and low.

"I'll get the water Charlie; I think stay puff is toast."

Monroe grabbed his shoe and walked out the door. Charlie turned to Aaron and put her hand on his shoulder. "Sit down Aaron, get some rest. It's okay. You'll feel better soon."

Once he was settled she checked on Miles. He was burning up and his breath was shallow. She grabbed a somewhat clean shirt from her pack and wiped off his brow.

"You'll get through this; you're too tough and mean to die. Plus you made me a promise and I'm holding you to it." She grabbed his hand, held it tightly and fought back encroaching tears. "You have to be okay. Please be okay."

Miles took a ragged breath and Charlie couldn't hold back her tears anymore. "I know you've been fighting for so long, but I need you to fight just a little longer. We've been through too much to give up now. Help is coming. Please just hold on. I love you so much dad. I just found you and I'm not going to lose you."

Charlie couldn't fight her exhaustion anymore and lay down next to Miles and drifted.

Outside of the door Monroe stood there shocked, not believing what he had just heard.