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Molly, for lack of a better term, was tired. Not necessarily tired as in sleepy but just exhausted in general. Mornings are rough. Waking up early is hard. Getting up is a drag. Getting dressed is tedious. Dragging herself to the bathroom to finish getting ready is too much work when she could just skip school and sleep the rest of her miserable life away.

She was more than happy to do that.

However, she had missed too much school as it is let alone to miss another day simply because she was too tired to get out of bed. That was no excuse. At least, she couldn't use that excuse anymore.

It had been a month since the funeral and she had used that excuse to get out of going to school 10 times. That was 10 too many times for her father's liking and 10 too many times that Sherlock would call her a million times a day making sure that she was okay or if he needed to skip school to come over and spend the day with her if she needed someone.

In all honesty she desperately wanted to say yes and have him come over so he could hold her while she practically cried her heart out for no apparent reason. But she already felt like a massive burden on him anyway and wouldn't make him skip school just to waste another day on her.

Although it had been almost 3 weeks since she last cut herself and both her and Sherlock were proud of herself. She was feeling better, not as much as she wished, but better all the same.

But she knew that she had to go to school. She tried to make herself as small as possible in every class, whenever she was in the hallway without the protective figure of Sherlock by her side, and especially when she had to go to the bathroom.

After she had had that particularly nasty experience with those three girls, whom she now knew were Irene Adler, Sally Donovan, and some Irish girl named Janine, she was terrified to step anywhere near the vicinity of a bathroom unless it was absolutely necessary or she walking in closely behind another group of girls.

But when a girl has got to go, a girl has got to go!

Molly knew she had to overcome her fears whether the three girls came back to torment her once again or not.

So one particular Friday morning Molly decided she was going to go to the bathroom at the same time she had before when those girls were in there just to find out if they would be there or not.

Instead of Sherlock picking her up in his brother's car, however, he arrived fifteen minutes earlier than he normally did, and he was walking. He seemed a bit angry, his coat collar popped up and his hands shoved in his coat with his shoulders slumped. The only answer he had as to why he was angry and walking was, "Mummy took away my riding privileges after I put a mild sedative in Mycroft's dinner that ended up giving him food poison."

Molly couldn't hold back her laughter and was a snorting, cry-laughing mess even after two minutes. It even lightened Sherlock's angry mood as he interlaced their finger and smiled warmly at her before they began walking to school.

Since it was warm she wore a pair of shorts that stopped right above her knees and a t-shirt covered by a hoodie of Sherlock's that he had given her that he knew helped her sleep better and calm her down during panic attacks since it made her feel like he was there with her, even if he wasn't. Sherlock's smile grew a bit wider when he noticed that she was wearing it but kept his comments to himself.

Once the pair arrived at school they realized they still had twenty minutes before school would start so they opted to sit outside for a few more minutes and enjoy the rarity of the warmer weather.

Molly settled in front of Sherlock facing away from him, hugging her knees to her chest. She smiled and leaned her head back when she felt Sherlock sit behind her and wrap his arms around her, pulling her against his chest. A comfortable silence settled between the two as they wasted a few peaceful minutes in each other's company.

But as always school was the day ruiner to all students as the 'ten minutes until school starts' bell rang and they got up to venture off their separate ways to their classes.

Sherlock accompanied her to her locker and kissed her softly before he left for his own. "Have a good day, i'll see you at lunch." He flashed a reassuring smile before hugging her gently and disappearing into the sea of students going the other direction.

After getting through the first five classes of the day she was relieved that it was finally lunch time. She hugged both John and Mary before sitting down at her seat and quietly listening to the two talk about their days as she ate her small lunch.

Since Sherlock had AP Chemistry right before lunch he was always late because he was doing an experiment of some kind but Molly always waited patiently for him. It had also been a surprise to her when he told her that he would occasionally help out Scotland Yard with catching criminals when their detectives were, according to him, "too inept to be able to make their own cup of tea let alone solve a crime and catch a criminal!" She was always fascinated to here about all the different cases that he had been involved in, even if he wasn't supposed to tell her.

Once he finally arrived at lunch he smiled at her and planted a noisy kiss on Molly's cheek as he plopped down next to her with his own lunch.

John rolled his eyes but smiled at him. "I'm guessing your latest experiment is going well then," although it was more of a statement rather than a question.

"Yes, the results look very promising indeed. I'm trying to figure out how quickly tobacco ash effect the intestines of.." Sherlock began but was quickly cut off by both John.

"Oi not while I'm eating!" he laughed and elbowed Sherlock in the side. This time it was Sherlock's turn to roll his eyes before he turned to Molly.

"I'd love to her about it later," Molly said smiling. Sherlock found himself grinning like a little boy back at her. Molly made him so happy and he was glad that he was able to share his experiments with her and he just hoped that he had been able to make her at least a bit happier than she was when they had met.

Sherlock quickly finished the rest of his lunch and he got up, extending a hand out to Molly. "To the band room?" he asked as she took his hand and pulled herself up.

She nodded and said goodbye to John and Mary and they made their way down to their favorite practice room hand in hand while he recalled the details of his latest case with Scotland Yard.

Once they got to the practice room, Molly sat on the floor with her head on Sherlock's knee lazily while he sat in a chair playing his violin.

He played a song she had not yet heard before and she closed her eyes and listened intently with a small smile on her face.

It started off slow and sad, in a minor key filled with depressing slow chromatic scales. But then it changed to a major key and sped up a bit, the tune producing a soft and sweet melody laced with arpeggios.

Molly looked up at Sherlock when he finished playing to find him with his eyes closed in contentment. She quietly got up off of the floor and kissed his cheek. Right when she was going to pull away she felt his arms wrap around her waist and she was pulled onto his lap. He carefully placed his violin and bow on the floor and wrapped his arms tightly around her.

He did this sometimes. Sometimes he just felt like he needed her close, to know that he didn't lose her and that she still wanted to be near him. It terrified him to think that he could screw up at any moment and lose her but he tried with all he could not to and be everything she deserved.

Molly disrupted his thinking as she laid her head on his shoulder. "That was beautiful Sherlock, did you write that?"

He nodded and leaned his head to the side so it lie gently on hers. "I did, it's called Molly.." He opened his eyes to she how she would react.

Her eyes widened when he said that the song was written about hers and then she realized what the song meant. How when they had met she was so sad and void of life but the longer they were together and the closer they became the stronger and happier she became. She felt herself grinning as she pulled her head away and she kissed him breathless.

"I...I don't know what to say! Thank you so much Sherlock, not just for the song but for everything you've done for me. You make me so happy and I just find it so hard to believe that you've put up with me for so long."

"I'll always be here for you Molly," he replied and hugged her. Sherlock let out a silent sigh of relief.

'Yes,' he thought, 'I have made her happier and I will always be here to help her be happy.'

At the end of the day she made her way to the bathrooms by her locker. She had told Sherlock to go to his locker first and then meet her at hers so that gave her about five minutes.

She sighed and went in. She quickly did her business and was glad that the girls hadn't made an appearance. Right when she was going to leave after washing her hands she heard a familiar cackle of a laugh come from behind her and she froze. 'Oh no... I was so close.' She thought nervously.

Then they seemed to appear out of no where behind her, make-up bags in hand to reapply their masks of beauty. Molly quietly wondered what Irene, Janine, and Sally looked like without their make-up masks on when their speaking interrupted her thoughts.

"Oh well if isn't our favorite little freak, we haven't seen you in a while where'v you been Freak?" Irene asked, a painted red smile on her lips.

"Oh, um you know, around.." Molly replied with a small voice. 'Oh shit I'm already losing!' she thought.

"Nice comeback Mouse," Janine piped in.

"It wasn't supposed to be a comeback it was just a simple answer," Molly replied quickly, regaining a bit of confidence as Janine clenched her jaw.

"You know..." Irene started, "You probably weren't around at all you were probably either in your room or the hospital for trying to kill yourself again but it seems like you can't do anything right can you?"

"You can't even kill yourself properly, Freak," Sally added.

Molly felt the words getting to her, beating away the small amount of armor she had set up around herself.

"Guys let's go, I think Mousy Molly got the message that she really should just stop being a chicken and end it already." Janine said with a sneer.

The three girls laughed together and turned to leave but Irene turned back at the last second with an evil smile on her face.

"Oh and by the way...Sherly doesn't really love you, me and him were totally just making out under the bleachers yesterday. He said I'm so much prettier and smarter and funnier and better than you and that he's going to leave you soon for me anyways. Just be glad I told you, little bitch." And with that she practically skipped out of the bathroom with her two minions in tow.

Molly gripped onto the sink for support, the air no longer entering her lungs. She knew that Sherlock wouldn't cheat on her, right? Even if he did he would tell her, he wouldn't keep it from her...right?

Her mind was spinning and she couldn't hold herself anymore and she fell against the wall and slid down it.

'I knew it,' she thought bitterly, 'I knew I wasn't good enough for him how could I be so stupid!' She felt the dams behind her eyes burst and she buried her face in her knees as she felt the tears run mercilessly down her face.

She desperately wanted to go home and feel the blade on her skin, let herself suffer for not being good enough. She would never be good enough, she figured. She would never even be close to good enough. She'll always be a failure and she is better off dead. She hated herself for being blind and even thinking for a second that her life was worth anything.

Molly dried her tears and got up on shaky knees. She splashed cold water on her face and left the bathroom. She looked at the clock and realized that she was supposed to meet Sherlock at her locker ten minutes earlier.

She checked her phone and sure enough she had two texts and a missed call from Sherlock.

You're late, where are you? SH
Molly I'm getting worried where are you and why aren't you answering? SH

He had called her in-between texts and the last text she had just gotten a minute before. She decided to just forget what Irene had said, she was confident that Sherlock wouldn't cheat on her, especially not with someone as despicable as Irene Adler. But Molly could still feel herself spiraling down into something bad if she didn't talk about it with someone soon.

She turned the corner to her locker and before she could even conjure up an excuse besides telling him the truth, she was enveloped into a massive attack hug. She squeaked in surprise and then giggled when she realized the attack-hugger was Sherlock.

"You know that might not have been me and then you could have found yourself hugging a random stranger." She spoke into his shirt.

"Nope," He replied quickly, popping the 'P', "I know what the footsteps of my Molly sounds like. Where were you?"

"I was um..." She was trying to come up with a good excuse, a convincing lie, but she realized he would see right through it and sighed. "I'll tell you later, okay? Let's just go to my house...Please."

Sherlock pulled back and studied her closely. Her eyes were red and puffy and she looked exhausted but he figured that whatever made her this way she probably didn't want to talk about it at school. He sighed and nodded before interlacing their fingers and opening her locker for her.

Molly knew that he saw she was upset and had been crying but she was glad that he didn't push her. She was going to tell him but she wasn't going to tell him until they got back to her house.

After grabbing her homework and stuffing it in her backpack she slammed her locker door shut before starting the trek back to her house. Sherlock wrapped his arm around her shoulders and she leaned into his touch as she thought of how she was going to tell him what had happened to her.

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