My first Frozen fanfic and first overall fanfic. This is a femslash story. Don't like, don't read. Reviews are welcome.

Chapter 1

I arrived at my front door. I tried to balance my phone on my shoulder while I searched for my keys in my purse.

"Yes sir, I'll be there early tomorrow morning," I reluctantly agreed. I heard the click on the other end. I rolled my eyes and shoved my phone in my pocket. My boss was such a jerk. My hand finally grasped my keys allowing me to push my way inside the house.

"Mom? Dad?" I called. A shush was my response. I peeked into the living room to see my dad hunched over the coffee table. With a phone glued to his ear, he furiously scribbled down whatever the person on the other side was saying. He glanced up and pointed to a pile of sheets on the love seat.

"Can you put them away?" He mouthed. I flashed a thumb up and he returned to his scribbling. I exchanged my purse for the sheets and walked upstairs. I pulled open the closet in the middle of the hallway. It was full. Where am I going put them? My eyes wandered to the spare closet down the hall.

I slowly approached the closet. Ever since I could remember, that door had been locked. Maybe today would be different. At least I was hoping it would. I curled my fingers around the handle. I gave it tug but it resisted. I put the sheets on the ground and grasped the handle pulling once more. The closet remained locked and my frustration grew. I couldn't help but feel like it was mocking me. Not only did I fail to open it but also I had unrealistic expectations that discovering the secret behind this door would help me escape the rut I've called my life. My parents probably had some antiques they didn't want me to touch. Still, I could make any excuse I wanted but until this door was finally open, my mind would not rest.

I found myself outside my parents' door. You shouldn't do this. Just turn around and do your chores. That single thought sent me over the edge and I twisted the knob. I was so tired of just doing what I'm told. Everyday it's the same life draining cycle: Go to work and deal with a horrid boss, make room to have a social life so I could help my friends with their drama, and overall, try to make my parents proud. Never could I do something unexpected or risky. Now this obstacle, this closet, was another thing holding me back once again. Not anymore. My eyes scanned the room for any possible hiding places the key would be. My mother's jewelry box caught my attention. She always checked inside every once in a while to make sure something was there. I flipped open the lid and I felt a smile grace my lips when my gaze fell on the small silver key attached to a chain. I plucked it from its crevice and turned back to the hall. I returned back to the closet key in hand. This is it. I pushed the key in the lock. My heart pounded when I turned the key and heard a click. This was so easy! Why didn't I do this before? My hand trembled as it grasped the handle. I could feel the guilt rise up knowing my dad could walk down this hall any moment. Why was this so important? Was my life so sad that unlocking a stupid closet was such a defining moment for me? Unfortunately, it was.

With a deep breath, I yanked the door open. For years, I've imagined countless of things that this closet could be hiding. Nothing prepared me for the moment my eyes met the sharp blade of sword.

Not only was there a sword but there lie an array of weapons from daggers to a crossbow. I know people want to protect their homes but this was pushing it! Why would we need any of this? Besides the alarming amount of weaponry, pinned to the wall were two strange body suits with cloaks. Gleaming behind a glass case was a golden pendant. I glanced back and listened for any approaching footsteps before carefully removing it from the case. My fingers traced the strange design of a spiral with a star in the middle. Where have I seen this? I carefully studied the pendant trying to rack my brain for an answer. My thoughts were interrupted when someone roughly grabbed my shoulders and pulled me away from the closet. I only heard the door close before I came face to face with my father.

"How did you get in there?" He demanded. His eyes fell on the key in my hand.

"What is all this? Why are you hiding these things from me?" I questioned.

He took the key from my hand, "It's none of your concern."

My eyes narrowed, "None of my concern? I should be able to know if we have weapons lying around the house! Why is that a secret?"

"Alexis, enough!" He commanded.
My dad stuffed the key in his pocket before walking past me.

I stormed after him, "Fine, I'll forget about the weapons for now. What about this symbol?"

My dad turned to see the pendant still remained in my grip, "Why do you want to know?"

I opened my mouth to answer but I closed it. Why did that symbol matter? My mind made a decision for me and I answered slowly.

"I feel like I've seen it before."

Confusion spread across his face, "Where?"

"I don't know but I have! It looks too familiar to forget,"

He massaged his temple in distress, "Wait until your mother gets home."

"Are you serious! Why can't you just tell me!" I yelled.

"We'll discuss this later," he concluded. With that, he went down stairs.

I stood there dumbfounded. I cried out in frustration and stormed into my room slamming the door behind me. He's treating me like I'm a little girl. I'm 20 years old for crying out loud!

I felt a buzz in my pocket. I pulled out my phone to see messages from my friend. I tossed it on my bed. I don't need to deal with your drama, Alex. I lifted up the pendant, I have my own to deal with.

This stupid symbol was driving me crazy! I swear I've laid eyes on it before. Then, images came to mind. My relatives would wear similar necklaces or other accessories with this symbol. Whenever I came around, I would notice the discreet stuff in the pocket or slip under the clothing. It's almost like they were hiding it from me...

I glared at the stupid necklace, "So it's your fault we're so broken."

In anger, I threw it across the room and it smacked into the mirror. I stared at my reflection. Strands of my black hair had slipped out of my loose ponytail and I could faintly see dark circles under my dark brown eyes against my tan skin tone. Oh gosh, I look crazy! I pulled at the rubber band to let my long hair flow down and leaned against a wall. I found myself sitting on the floor after slowly sliding down.

All I wanted was to change my life a little. Do something that could finally pull me out of a rut. What I discovered was way more than I bargained for. I found a hidden secret that could be the possible reason for why my parents separated us from their families. Not only were they hiding something, but they lied to me my whole life. I felt so betrayed. I wasn't even sure what the secret was but I knew once I found out, our relationship would change. I snapped my head up when I heard the door open. There my parents stood in the doorway.

My mother started first, "Sweetie, I know you're confused-"

"I'm more than confused. I'm furious! You've been hiding something and it has to do with that weird locket!" I shouted pointing at the golden object on the floor.

"This why we don't visit our family isn't it? Do they know about this?" I urged.

"Yes," my mother answered. I jumped up and started to walk past them but my father stepped in my way.

"Where are you going?" He demanded.

"I'm going to see grandma. I'll catch a bus. At least I know she'll tell me the truth!" I seethed.

"We're trying to tell you!" My mother cried.

"I can't trust you! If you've lied for 20 years, how can I believe you now?"

My father rested his hand on my shoulder, "Please just listen to us."

"No! Just let me through!"

They refused to move. I sighed and crossed my arms waiting for their explanation. They exchanged glances.

"It's not very easy to understand," my dad began.

"You just have to remember we did this because we love you," my mother added. They both opened their mouths. Nothing came out. At a loss for words, they both started to think. More excuses, I thought bitterly.

"Just forget it, I'm leaving," I stated. My father blocked my way once again. Angry and hurt by their lies, I tried pushing my way through.

"Alexis, please just listen!" my father pleaded. I stepped away from them.

"Just leave me alone! I wish I was somewhere else!" I shouted. I felt a rush of energy pass through my body. My eyes darted to the floor when I noticed a spiral began to form under my feet. I tried to move but I was planted to the ground. I glanced back at my parents in fear.

"No!" My mother screamed. She reached forward but it was too late. A bright flash of light blinded me. Only seconds had past when I opened my eyes. My room was replaced with forest in the middle of a blizzard.

The icy winds weighed me down to the snow covered ground. I crawled to a nearby tree. There was nothing but trees and snow.

"Help! Is someone there?" I pleaded desperately. I picked myself off the ground and trudged through the deep snow. I called out in hope someone would hear me. No one is here. You're all alone. I tried to resist against the storm. The cold nipped at my bare skin. My knees buckled unable to support my body. I curled up into a ball trembling violently as the cold tightened its grip around me. Fear rampaged throughout my mind. What have I done?

I started to slip into unconsciousness, "Help..."