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Good Times at Masen's



I was trying to be patient. I really was, but this girl methodically washing glasses behind my bar like I wasn't even here was making it very, very difficult. I mean who the fuck did she think she was? Rihanna?

She's better than Rihanna. You know that. She knows you know that.

"Bella." I called, my patience running out. I turned towards her thinking upon hearing me she would answer me, but I was wrong. She turned the water on even more as a clear sign she was ignoring me. I wish it was as easy for me to ignore her, but her ass in those tight as hell jeans and my name stretched across her ample breasts made that virtually impossible. Not to mention the fact that I was fucking in love with the girl, a fact I wish I realized a long time ago. Hindsight is such a bitch sometimes.

"Bella?" Still nothing.

"Bel-la…" I said a little more forcefully. It was only then that she acknowledged I was even there. She threw the glass she was working on into the sink with a little more force than necessary. The sound of it hitting other glasses was enough to make me cringe on the inside. After a deep breath the sponge she had been using found its way into the soapy water. Her hip jutted out a little as she put her hand on it when she faced me.

"What?" Her faced screamed annoyed and I couldn't help but chuckle at the fact that if it were anyone else I would have fired her ass just for given me attitude.

"What do you mean what? Why won't you just answer the question?" She shook her head and huffed. Good grief she was making this difficult.

"Because it's the same answer as the last two hundred times you asked me." Two-hundred-forty-seven to be exact, but who's counting?

"Okay, fine, but can you at least tell me why you won't go out on a date with me?" I gasped with defeat. As soon as it was out of my mouth I regretted it. Bella's eyes softened with a sadness that I had seen before.

And it fucking killed me to know that I put it there.

"You know why." She said quietly before turning her attention back to the glasses.

"Come on, Bella. I'll buy you dinner and take you to a movie and want nothing at the end except a good night kiss, if you're willing. Just one fucking date, please."

I held my breath and let it out slowly as I watched the girl that had me by the balls close herself off from me completely. Again.

"No." She said as she left the bar area without even looking at me.

The conversation was over, for now, because yeah, I knew exactly why she wouldn't go out with me. And it was all my fault.

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