This is going to be my Finnceline version of the Walt Disney movie Hercules, I thought that it would be fun and it's one of my favorite Disney movies.


Long ago in ancient Greece through the Bronze Age they held great heroes and Gods, but the one who comes out on top was the Mighty Finn a true hero. However the real story started long before Finn was born…

Back when the world was developing there were giants called titans that caused natural disasters including earthquakes, freezes, volcanic eruptions, and tornadoes. The world was in ruins until Zeus the mighty God of Lightning shot his powerful thunder bolts and trapped them away for eternity. The people on Earth were at peace and Zeus was known as the most powerful God and that's where the story began…

On the top of Mt. Olympus hidden in the clouds there were all the Gods and Goddesses gathered in celebration of the birth of Zeus's son Finn.

Away from them you see Hera the Queen of the Gods and the mother of Finn. She was a beautiful Goddess with sunshine blond hair and her Goddess glow, she was at the moment playing with her son who was pulling at her hair," Hahahaha behave yourself my child," she then place him in a cradle that formed from the clouds.

Then Zeus came over to see his son," Look at that, look at how cute he is," he then made funny faces and wiggled his finger in his face. Without warning Finn grabbed Zeus's finger and lifted him in the air. "And he's strong like his father," as he was descending Finn grabbed a thunder bolt from Zeus's belt and began playing with it.

"Dear keep those away from the baby," Hera said concerned.

"Oh they won't hurt him let the kid have a little fun,"

Finn then put the bolt in his mouth and received a shock, out of discomfort he threw the thunder bolt at a column which kept intact from them being made of clouds.

Zeus chuckled at that then turned his attention to the crowd," On behalf of Finn I would like to thank you all for your wonderful gifts," he said referring to the large pile of treasures.

"What about our gift dear," Hera asked.

"Hmm let me see a little Cirrus, some Altostratus, and a dash of cumulus," he said shaping different types of clouds. When he finished he presented it to Finn, when Finn reached out to it a head of a dog appeared and it shook then it revealed itself as a yellow dog." His name is Jake and he's all yours.

Finn then grabbed a hold of jakes head and gave him a head-butt, Jake stared barking happily and licked Finn's cheek, Finn whimpered at first then Jake nuzzled against him and he hugged Jake.

Everyone awed at the adorable sight.

Hera handed Finn to Zeus telling him how to properly hold Finn, " Hold his head dear," she said.

"He's so tiny,' he remarked Finn nibbled on his necklace pendant that had a cloud with a thunder bolt, he then let out a yawn, " My boy, my little Finn," Zeus said as he place Finn back in the cradle kissing his forehead.

"Oh this is just touching," said a voice in the shadows.

Everyone turned their heads to the voice.

"Really, really I haven't this choked up since I had a mouth full of souls, am I right?" the voice came out of the shadows to reveal a man with blue skin, short black hair, catlike eyes, and a business suit. On Earth he was known as Hades God of the Underworld, but on Mt. Olympus he preferred himself as Hunson.

Everyone glared at him, its safe to say not all the Gods and Goddesses liked Hunson that much.

"What is this a party, or a social gathering," he said passing through the crowd.

"Hunson you finally made it how are things in the underworld?" Zeus asked.

"Oh you know a little dark, a little gloomy, and always full of dead people," Hunson explained," Oh there's the little squirt!" he said taking notice of Finn," You've got a pure soul don't you," he exclaimed reaching to him. Just before he could touch him Finn grabbed one of his fingers and squeezed, hard.

"Ah, ow,ow," Hunson yelped in pain pulling his finger back," Your a powerful little tyke aren't you," he muttered.

"Oh c'mon Hunson don't be such a wad join the celebration," said Zeus.

"Well as much as I would love to," Hunson said sarcastically," unlike you Gods lounging about up here I have a full time job which you so graciously bestowed upon me," he got close to his face, "Zeus so can't, love to but can't," he then proceeded walk away.

"You better slow down you work yourself to death... HA work yourself to death," Zeus then started to laugh at his own joke, the other Gods started to laugh to.

Hunson however didn't find it very funny," Heh yeah if only, if only," he muttered to himself.

If there was one God you didn't want to get angered it was Hunson, for he had an evil plan and he wasn't going to let anything or anyone get in his way.

This will be my first Multi-story so give me all that you can give me or ideas to improve it.