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"I save countless lives from danger!"


"Defeat every monster I have come up against!"


"Become popular among the public!"


"And I am still not considered good enough to be a hero, WHAT ELSE DOD YOU WANT ME TO DO FATHER!" Finn shouted at the sky.


With one final he chopped down the tree he had been angrily swiping at trying to relieve his anger for the past hour. With a sigh he sat down on the tree he just cut down and stressfully put his head in his hands. He had been trying to calm down for a while, but as you can probably guess it hasn't been working. But at least it wasn't as bad as this morning…


Will was talking to Finn going over what the day expectations were for him to accomplish today.

"So first I've planned to do some jogging exercise, because I've noticed you've been a little slow lately, next is your statue building (He has to model for his statue to be built.), and then after that, hey, Finn, are you even listening?"

"Will what's the point?" Finn asked.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about this," Finn raised his hands in the air," Is this all really necessary? All this work when it's not getting us anywhere!"

"Hey don't start raising your voice at me-"


Will took a few steps backwards to avoid any more of Finn's outburst," Okay you're a little stressed out why don't go outside and get some fresh air," He said calmly.

Finn took in deep breathes as he tried to calm himself muttering, "Yeah maybe that will help," He started walking out the door… but not before punching a decent size hole in the, and it was limestone! Finn looked back at Will who stood there shocked," I think I'm going to be out for a while," He peeked at the hole," A long while."


Suddenly there was a rustle in the bushes, now alert, Finn grabbed his sword and got into battle stance.

"Come out and face me coward I'm and let's get this over with!" Finn shouted.

"Geez someone's in a foul mood." A figure came out revealing… Marceline.

Blood immediately rushed to Finn's face in embarrassment and brought his sword down," Oh Marceline, sorry, I didn't know it was you."

Marceline chuckled (Marceline did not I repeat did not giggle!) at his face," It's fine Finn, it's not like you were intimidating me at all." She teased.

"Hey I am so intimidating!" Finn said defensively puffing out his chest.

"As intimidating as you can be in that hat."

"My hat is awesome!"

"Says who?"


"You mean your fan girls."

"They dig it."

"Not me."

"Well aren't you just a ray of sunshine."

"I could say the same for you," Marceline said pointing to the tree.

Finn rubbed the back of his head nervously," Yeah, I've been really stressed lately, saving people and all. But I'm glad you're here in fact you're probably the only person I can tolerate right know, not that you're being a bother to me or anything."

"I get too many people up in your business?"

"You have no idea."

"I can take the hint from all the marks you left on those trees back there," She gestured to the forest, which was in fact littering with trees covered in sword marks. "How about we go do something fun."


"You know hang out or something that isn't abusing trees."

"Uh, I don't know Marceline,"

"C'mon weenie, take a break from this hero biz for today and let's have some fun,"

"I- wait, did you just call me a weenie?"


"I am not a weenie."

"Well how about you prove it then," Marceline challenged.

"I think I will," Finn said with the same challenging tone.

Overall the whole 'hanging out' with Marceline was more fun than Finn had anticipated; for the rest of the day the duo had been at the coliseum (Without Finn getting pounced on by his 'fan girls' first much to Marceline's dismay, not that she was jealous or anything.) watching gladiators battle with swords, then they decided to grab a bite to eat (Which they got for free; one of the perks of being famous amongst the people.), and found a herd of wild horses, which they decided to race them (They had to use some rope because the first time they both got bucked off.) which ended up with Marceline winning, although Finn blamed it on that she probably has done it before. Know it was night time and they were chilling at a fountain garden (Basically a garden with multiple kinds of fountain in different shapes and sizes.) on a bench in silence.

Marceline then started hearing Hunson's voice in her head, 'Find out hero boy's weakness and I give you your freedom.' Marceline honestly didn't want to betray Finn, she really didn't. Despite what she says Finn was a great friend (In fact her only friend.) and she didn't want him to get hurt because of what she did. Except if she didn't Hunson would do worse things and she knew it, plus she could finally get back what she hasn't had in a long time that one word, Freedom. The only question was, will it be worth stabbing Finn in the back. She looked a Finn briefly before deciding to just go for it.

"Hey, Finn,"

"Yes, Marceline,"

"Do you have any weaknesses?"

Finn raised an eyebrow at her question," Why."

She shrugged," It's just that every hero has a weak point I mean just look at Achilles."

"Will's very sensitive about that topic, and thinking about it I don't think I have any weaknesses."

Now Marceline raised a brow," Oh really?" Finn nodded," So no flat feet," She nudged his foot with her own," Or heart problems," She placed a hand on his chest," Not even occasional muscle spasms," She squeezed his bicep.

"Uh," Finn wasn't used to being touched like this not even- no especially not from his fan girls. But this being Marceline he trusted her," Nope nothing like that," He said removing her hang from his arm.

"Huh, guess that makes you unstoppable."

"You could say something like that."

Marceline sighed," You must love all the attention you get from being a hero."

"Well it wasn't always like this,"

"What do you mean?" Marceline asked curiously.

"I used to be treated like a freak because I was different, they even sad it to my face, I would have given anything to be normal." Finn said sadly.

"People can be mean especially to those you aren't the same as others."

"Well you're not like that."

Marceline scoffed," How do you know what I'm like?"

"All I know is when I'm with you I don't feel alone anymore," Finn said sincerely.

"Sometimes it's best to be alone."


"Nobody can hurt you." She said turning her head away.

Finn took her hands so she looked at him with a sincere look," Marceline I would never hurt you."

"And I don't want to hurt you, so let's just stop… Before … We…" They both leaned in closer to each other when their lips were about to touch… And they jumped on opposite sides of the bench nearly having hard attacks by the sound of barking.

Dog barking, followed by the sound of a really mad goat man.

"Alright you two break it up; kid you had me looking all over for you, that behavior of you will not be tolerated." Will said angrily at Finn.

"Calm down goat boy it was my entire fault." Marceline intervened.

Will grumbled under his breath walking toward Finn, Jake started growling at Marceline she hissed in response.

"This will cost you some extra time in the coliseum where you will be pumping iron until you collapse from exhaustion." Will huffed angrily.

"Okay," Finn picked a rose from a rose bush and gave it to Marceline," Thanks for today it was just what I needed, and I had a lot of fun."

"Hey come on kid!" Will yelled getting on Jake.

Finn gave Marceline a kiss on the cheek, which surprised her, and smiled," Bye."

Finn finally mounted on top of Jake not before looking back giving Marceline one last wave (She waved back.) and was off.

Marceline looked at the red rose in her hand (Which happened to be her favorite flower, P.S: mine to.) and came to a conclusion 'I have fallen in love with the hero boy.' And she just smiled happily clutching the rose in her hand and holding in to her chest she lied down on the same bench they were sitting on, once in a long time feeling happy.

But that happiness didn't last so long…

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