Original Idea By: twilighttween ALICE

Ei Fujioka awoke to the sound of laughter. She looked over and saw at least four of her other room mates all huddled around Raiko Denbou's bed giggling about something. One of them noticed her and alerted Raiko. Raiko turned around and smirked at Ei.

"Well good morning newbie," she said, "Hope you had a pleasant night's sleep." The three other giggles. Ei immediately sat up and started looking around to try and figure out what sort of new prank they had gone and done to her this morning. Before she could figure out what was going on, the door to the room opened and in walked Ms. Alice Tween, the director of the orphanage Ei now called home along with the other seven girls she sheared a room with.

"Good morning girls," she said sweetly.

"Good morning Ms. Tween," said all of the other girls smiling politely.

"Breakfast is ready, let's get a move on," said Ms. Tween.

"Yes Ms. Tween," said the girls, who were all ready dressed, as they hurried towards the door. Ei had a hunch that it was due to the fact that they had all gotten up to do whatever new prank they had done on her.

"See you in the dining room Ei," said Raiko before she too headed out.

"Ei, did you just wake up?" asked Ms. Tween.

"Uh yes I'm sorry I'm getting up," said Ei.

"No it's alright," said Ms. Tween with a smile. Ei smiled politely back as she went and place her feet on the floor, only to feel something cold on them. She looked down and saw that there was white glue all over the floor around her bed.

"Ewe," Ei moaned as she carefully pulled her feet up that were now covered with glue.

"Oh dear, did someone spill some glue?" asked Ms. Tween as she walked over to Ei's bed and saw the mess.

"I guess so," said Ei, deciding it was best not to try and get Raiko in trouble.

"Wait here, I'll go get you some towels or something," said Ms. Tween walking out of the room. Ei meanwhile looked over to the other side of the bed and saw there was another puddle of glue waiting for her as well. She gave off another sigh. This had been her usual morning since she arrived at the Twilight orphanage after her mother, grandfather and her grandfather's friend had all died in a car crash. For some reason the other girls hadn't exactly been friendly with her since she arrived and wasn't sure if they were ever going to act nice to her. The only one she liked being around was Ms. Tween. She was so sweet and nice no matter what to all the children in the orphanage.

By the time Ms. Tween had helped Ei clean up and she made it the dinging hall, all that was left to eat was porridge. That was fine by Ei though. She didn't mind as she got herself a bowl and found a secluded spot to eat by herself for a little bit.

As soon as she finished she headed to her first class where Raiko and a bunch of other girls and boys all ready were waiting for the teacher to come. Ei quietly took a seat near the back hoping the other children wouldn't notice her. Unfortunately one did, and alerted Raiko.

"Oh hello Ei," she said, "Hope you didn't have any sticky situations this morning." The other kids, even the ones that didn't share a room with them, laughed. Ei just lowered her head and pulled out her books.

"Oh look the bookworm's all ready to start showing us up again huh?" said Raiko as she walked over and grabbed one of the books. Ei looked up at her timidly.

"What's the matter? Can't learn anything without your precious books?" Raiko snickered at her as she dangled the book over Ei's head. Just then the teacher walked in.

"Good morning students. Please take your seats and let's get started," he said heading to the front of the room. He didn't seem to notice Raiko picking on Ei as he walked past.

"Oh course sir," said Raiko as she deliberately dropped the book on Ei's head before taking her seat.

The day went on as usual with Raiko and other kids picking on Ei whenever they could. Ei was grateful when classes were over with so she could go to her alone place. It wasn't anything too fancy, it was just an empty music room where she could sit and play the piano. She walked over to the piano and started to play, the same song she had played and always played ever since the day of the accident, Some Where Over The Rainbow.

As she played she started to remember that sad day and how everything in her life now seemed ruined. She had once had a happy life with her mother Haruhi Fujioka and grandfather Ranka Fujioka. The three of them shared a nice high rise three bedroom apartment thanks mainly due to her mother's wonderful work as a lawyer. It did sometimes require her to work late but Haruhi would always make time for her at some point and would make an honest effort to make it her piano recitals and competitions. Ei had learned early on that she loved playing the piano for some weird reason. It brought her a real sense of calm. So her mother had gone and signed her up for lessons, which led to things like recitals and competitions that Ei always did great at. It was just the day of that particular competition both her mother and grandfather's cars had broken down and her mother was working hard on a case. The last Ei had heard was that her grandfather's friend Misuzu was going to pick her mother up from work and then take her and Ranka to the competition. They never showed up. Ei waited and waited for a long time. Even when it was her turn to perform and she gave a flawless performance as usual, she still kept wondering where her family was. Then finally the judges announced the winner of the contest which wound up being Ei. One of the judges had just gone and handed her the trophy when the doors to the auditorium burst opened. Ei had looked up eagerly hoping it was her family, only to get disappointed when she realized it was some police officers. At first she thought they were just here because they had a family member in the competition. However she started to feel just a little bit nervous when she saw them walking up to her piano teacher and start talking to her. She began to feel even more nervous when the teacher had gasped and then turn to look at her with a sad and terrified look. Ei could feel her heart beating faster and faster as she and the cops walked up to her. A part of her wanted to turn and run away as the three adults neared her, so that way she wouldn't be able to hear whatever it was they were going to tell her. In a weird way she all ready knew though.

The three adults took her back stage to a private dressing room and sat her down. Then one of the officers told her that her family and Misuzu had all been killed on their way to the competition. They weren't sure what had happened but what they figured was that somehow Misuzu had gone and lost control of the car and crashed it, killing all three.

Ei remembered calling out, "No No, No!" over and over again as she started to cry. She even threw her trophy down in anger over the fact. She didn't care about competing anymore. What good would it do with her family dead now because of it?

After the funeral, some people tried finding some other family that could take her in, but no one turned up. The only person that would have been able to take her in would have been Misuzu but he was gone too. That's why she had come to live at the orphanage that also doubled as a school. It was actually a really fancy orphanage that helped the children find their special gifts. That's why Ei still played the piano since she had such a talent for it.

From the minute she first arrived the other children weren't exactly welcoming towards her. They teased her, pick on her, pull pranks on her or sometimes if she was lucky just ignore her all together. The only one that she liked being around was Ms. Tween but she had the other children of the orphanage to worry about as well. Ei wasn't sure if she would ever feel happy again.

"Very nice dear," she suddenly heard Ms. Tween say. Ei jumped and looked at the door where she stood.

"Have you tried any of the other sheet music I gave you the other day?" asked Ms. Tween.

"No I have not," said Ei, "I like this song and this song only."

"Very well, well maybe sometime later you'll be able to play another song again," said Ms. Tween.

"Maybe," said Ei as she started to play again.

She looked out and saw a rainbow had actually formed outside.

'Happy little blue birds can fly beyond the rainbow. Why can't I?' she thought, 'Why can't I fly over the rainbow and be with you again Mother? I miss you so much! Why did you have to leave me?'