Original Idea By: twilighttween ALICE

Ei looked up at the director confused.

"Is this lady for real?" she whispered.

"Now now be nice Ei," said Alice, "Uh Miss Houshakuji is it?"

"Yes?" said Renge as she stepped down off her platform and walked over to Ei.

"Aren't you the famous romance novelist and manga writer?" asked Alice.

"As a matter of fact I am," said Renge, "Ah my wonderful reputation perceives me. I also own those huge chains of books stores in which to sell my books. I'll even wear a sandwich board to advertise them. It's more of a hobby really. But enough about me, I'm ready to take Ei home now if that's alright."

"Uh Miss Houshakuji I'm not sure if Mr. Gari had a chance to mention this or not but Ei already has at least two parties that are interested in adopting her," said Alice.

"What?" asked Renge, "You mean there's a bit of competition over getting custody of this little girl?"

"Yes," said Alice, "I'm really…,:

"Oh wow this sounds like a great idea for a story! A lonely poor orphan who was left alone in the world suddenly finds herself the center of attention from so many people eager to adopt her! Oh I can just picture it all now!" Renge started to ramble off.

"She's crazy," said Ei

"I agree," said Alice, "Uh Miss Houshakuji, can I ask you another question? Why are you so anxious to adopt Ei?"

"Oh that's simple. I knew her mother back in high school," said Renge.

"More of my mother's old classmates?" said Ei.

"How did you find out she was here?" asked Alice.

"Oh te rumor's going around all over the place ever since that phony prince Tamaki Suoh boasted about it at some luncheon," said Renge.

"Oh dear," said Alice. That didn't make her feel good. She just hoped no more of Ei's mother's former classmates showed up with the idea of wanting to adopt her.

"Well now maybe Miss Houshakuji is the better choice for Eri," Mr. Gari spoke up.

"You seriously can't remember her name after all this time?" asked Alice.

"Huh?" said Mr. Gari.

"My name's Ei," said Ei.

"Right Ei," said Mr. Gari, "But like I said maybe she'd be better off with Miss Houshakuji instead of the other two parties."

"Just who are the other two parties?" asked Renge.

"Well there's one single gentleman, Ritsu Kasanoda," said Alice.

"Bossa Nova?" said Renge, "Oh wow even after that painful rejection he still cares about Haruhi so much that he'd want to do the same thing I'm doing and see to it that you're brought up properly in a good home!"

'Rejected him?' thought Ei.

"And who's the other?" asked Renge.

"It's actually others," said Alice, "The whole Host Group is interested in adopting Ei as a whole and raise her together."

"I knew it, they're all homos," said Renge, "And I suppose that makes sense since it was the phony prince talking about her in the first place. So anyway what do I have to do in order to prove I'm the better choice for little Ei?"

"Oh I can think of a few things," said Mr. Gari.

"So can I," said Alice, "My main concern it that Ei has the better connection to you."

"Oh don't worry about that! Her mother and I were so close as classmates! I'm sure we'll have a special bond!" said Renge.

"Well why don't we let Miss Houshakuji and little Eri, I mean Ei go off and get to know each other for a little bit?" suggested Mr. Gari.

"Sure, let's go Ei," said Renge as she started to pull Ei out of the office.

"Mmmhmm I may get someone motivated yet!" said Mr. Gari.

"You better not be trying to get her to finally pay you a bribe!" Alice warned, "I swear I will not you use that girl as a meal ticket!"

"Who's using her?" asked Mr. Gari, "If she's happy why can't I be happy?"

"Let's see what the host group and Mr. Kasanoda think about that after I call them to inform them about this!" said Alice.

"Oh wow, these things were really painted by children here?" asked Renge walking past a display case that displayed several of the different children's art pieces, "I can't believe that you got sent here out of all places. I've heard a lot of nice things about this place! What do you do here exactly Ei?"

"I play the piano," said Ei.

"Oh," said Renge sounding disappointed, "Just like the phony prince huh?"

"Why do you keep calling Mr. Tamaki that?" asked Ei.

"Trust me sweetie, that's what he is," said Renge.

"I kind of like him," said Ei.

"Hmm well a lot of people are turned on by his charm," said Renge.

"I wouldn't say it was his charm. It was more like his carrying heart. All of the men in the host group seem really nice," said Ei.

"Well wait until you get to know me!" said Renge, "Once I adopt you, we're going to be closer then any mother and daughter ever has been!"

"Oh," said Ei, "Yeah that sounds great, but what about my real mom?"

"Oh Haruhi?" said Renge. Ei noticed Renge actually looking a bit sad at the mention of her, "Yes, poor Haruhi. Don't worry about that Ei. I'll make sure you never forget her either."

"Okay," said Ei.

"Oh who drew this?" asked Renge when she saw a manga drawing in the display box.

"Oh that was done by Aoi, she's a roommate of mine," said Ei.

"Oh wow, she's good. Maybe after I adopt you I can teach you how to draw so we can be a writing and drawing team!" said Renge.

"I guess," said Ei, "But I've never been really good at drawing. Um would you like to meet Aoi herself?"

"Hmm sure why not," said Renge.

"I think she's in art class at the moment," said Ei leading her to one of the art rooms. She knocked softly at the door before poking her head in.

"Yes Ei, can I help you?" asked the teacher in the room.

"Is Aoi in here?" asked Ei.

"I'm right here," said Aoi walking over to the door, "What's up?"

"Uh there's someone here who wanted to meet you," said Ei right as Renge made her way into the classroom.

"Oh wow what a cute little art room!" she said.

"Oh wow Renge Houshakuji!" said Aoi excitedly, "I'm a big fan of yours! I have a few of your manga books! Could I have you sign them for me?!"

"Of course I can," said Renge, "that goes for anyone else that won't mind an autograph!"

Several of the girls in the classroom looked over at the teacher.

"Go ahead," said the teacher, "And why don't you all meet Miss Houshakuji library where's it less messy?" The student all hurried out as fast as they could.

"Ei, can you show Miss Houshakuji to the library?" asked the teacher.

"Sure this way," said Ei, "It's real nice of you to agree to autograph their books like that."

"Oh its nothing at all," said Renge, "I like that I can bring happiness to others like that!"

"Miss Renge can I ask you a question?" asked Ei, "What was that about my mother rejecting Mr. Kasanoda?"

"Oh it was so sad," said Renge, "But so beautiful! He had developed a crush on your mother but your mother only wanted to remain friends with him. And he took the rejection so well, like a real man! Oh it was magical! The stuff stories were made of!"

"Really?" said Ei. To be honest it didn't surprise her in the slightest seeing as how she had seen her mother turn a lot of different men in her life time. "Did any of host group ever try confessing their love to her?"

"Hmm, the hosts?" said Renge, "I don't know for sure, but there were times I couldn't help but think they felt some strong feelings towards her. It was actually kind of intriguing, even when we all thought your mother was a boy."

"What?" asked Ei. Before Renge could elaborate several of the girls, and even a few more that weren't in the art room came racing into the library with their books with Aoi right in front. She dropped a big pile of manga books right in front of Renge.

"Oh wow, you really do have a big pile!" said Renge with delight as she started to sign them.

"Thank you so much Miss Houshakuji!" said Aoi. Then she looked over at Ei, "How is it that you know her?"

"She apparently knew my mother from high school and she wants to adopt me too," said Ei.

"Oh wow really?" said Aoi, "Lucky!"

"Yeah lucky me," said Ei.

'How lucky could a person be being fought over by three groups of people?' she thought.

"Oh I didn't we had a book signing going on in here," said Miss Tween walking into the library.

"I hope that's alright," said Renge, "Some of the children asked for my autograph and I couldn't very well say no."

"No no, that's fine," said Miss Tween, "Ei?" She motioned Ei over to her.

"How are things going between you and her so far?" she asked.

"They're okay I guess," said Ei, "I'm not so sure about her any more then I'm sure about Mr. Kasanoda or even the host group."

"I see," said Alice, "But if you were to choose today, which would, you feel more comfortable going to?"

"I suppose the host group personally," said Ei, "But that's only because I've known them longer."

"That's fine," said Alice, "I just wanted to know seeing as how I can't help but feel this whole thing isn't over."

"Renge how could you?!" they suddenly heard Tamaki shouting running into the library.

"Oh look it's you, the phony price," said Renge with a sneer, "What are you doing here?"

"Well I did call him and his friends along with Mr. Kasanoda seeing as how they had a right to know what's happening," said Alice.

"How could you try and take Ei away from us?!" asked Tamaki.

"Take her away?! Last time I checked she wasn't yours yet!" said Renge getting mad. At that Ei ducked behind Miss Tween.

"Why does it look like there's snakes in her hair?" she asked timidly.

"You saw that too huh?" said Miss Tween weakly, "I was afraid I was seeing things there for a second."

"Don't worry Ei, the hair won't hurt you," Ei suddenly heard Kyoya say gently putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Kyoya," said Renge suddenly calming down, "How nice to see you again. It's been too long."

"Hello again Renge, you're right it has been too long," said Kyoya.

"How have you been?" asked Renge.

"I've been alright for the most part," said Kyoya, "and you?"

"Just dandy!" said Renge, "Of course I've been feeling lately that I've been missing something in my life and now I have found out what that is, children! And what better child then the daughter of my old time friend, little Ei?"

"I see, well I'm afraid there's a problem with that," said Kyoya, "You see my friends and I also wish to adopt Ei."

"So do I," said Ritsu walking into the library as well. A lot of the children all scampered away scared.

"Bossa Nova," said Renge, "How nice to see you again as well."

"Hello," said Ritsu.

"So you're interested in adopting Ei too huh?" said Renge, "Well I hate to break it to you gentlemen but I intend to be the one that get's Ei no matter what it takes."

"Well I'm going to fight for her too," said Ritsu.

"So well we!" said Tamaki, "Ei belongs with us!"

"We'll see," said Alice, "No offence or anything but I do have the right to turn you all down to take Ei. So no matter what you do, it better not be harmful to Ei understood?"

"Of course Alice," said Kyoya, "May the best guardian win."

'And it's going to be me!' thought both Renge and Ritsu.

'And it will be us!' thought Tamaki.