Picking up a year where the original story left off, Ei Fujioka has become quite adapted to her life living in Host Towers with her six foster fathers and going to the new rich school despite some of the other stuck up students who look down on her and some of her friends due to be adopted instead of actually coming from aristocracy families.

However, things are about to start to change for her. With one of her fathers on his way to getting married and another being set up with a woman who has made it perfectly obvious she doesn't approve of Ei or the idea of being a stepmother to Ei things start to feel slightly awkward in the poor girl's life. Ei though, is not about to see her world totally change on her without being able to take some of it back. Starting with breaking up her father with the hateful woman he's being forced to date, and setting the man up with a new potential mate. In the process it starts to make Ei feel that maybe she'll feel better about her other father getting married if she's able to set up her other remaining fathers with mates. So Ei sets off to find the perfect women for the men. Yet it's not until that happens that Ei realizes that by setting up her fathers, she could be looking at more mothers in her life? Will Ei find the right matches? Will it make Ei feel better about her father getting married? And will Ei be able to handle the idea of getting new mothers while doing her best to not forget her real mother Haruhi?

Find out this and more in the up coming sequel to The Fujioka Orphan;

The Fujioka Matchmaker

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