A week had passed since Elsa's encounter with Pitch Black, thankful that nothing had happened since then. That night had terrified her, putting the snow queen in a position where she once again couldn't control her powers.

She could've endangered someone. But she didn't, for she was far away in the isolation of her castle made of glistening ice. You couldn't imagine such a breath-taking palace, that ice could make such intricate designs and shapes. The walls reflected ranges of purples and blues. An enormous snowflake design lay on the floor so realistic, you would refrain from standing on it thinking that such fragility would break under the weight of your body. But the most beautiful piece of art was hanging from the ceiling. A crystallized chandelier that if dropped could kill. And there it was. Elsa had thought her powers could only cause destruction if not controlled. But her castle proved otherwise. Elsa's powers were beautifully magnificent. And as she sat there quietly she began to finally realize it.


The peace quickly shattered when Elsa's alertness switched on. In the corner of her eye she saw frost forming on one of the windows by the south hall. It wasn't her frost.

What? Wait I don't understand what is happening?! "I'm not doing this. No way am I doing this. But who else would it be? There isn't anyone…there isn't anyone else out there like me." Elsa's eyes scanned the rooms. No one could be seen. She ran up and down the halls frantically trying to find who was creating the frost. Every time she ran by a window it almost immediately turned opaque with the ice. The darkness was closing in.

Elsa's heart was racing fast and she couldn't catch her breath, it was far ahead of her.

"WHO IS HERE?!" Keep it together Elsa, she whispered to herself.

JACK Frost


Jack had been traveling for days. Usually the journey would have taken him faster but he had to take care a laundry list of things to do before he went off, (Mostly consisting of creating a frenzy of snow days around the world.) but eventually he came to Arendelle. Finally.

Well this is alittle much to take in. Standing before Jack was a beautiful ice castle. No wait. Beautiful didn't really cover this kind of craftsmanship. If you couldn't imagine such a place then there certainly wasn't a word available to describe it.

"I'm guessing she doesn't live here. Cause anyone on any given day could have created this!"

Jack looked over his shoulder expecting a little laughter from Baby Tooth. Forgetting she wasn't there. The guardians didn't think it would be a good idea if she came along and with the kind of cold conditions Jack would be in, it wouldn't have been ideal. So Jack Frost was alone.

Alone. Jack's shoulders began to slump ever so slightly. The blue in his eyes got deeper.

Being alone…being alone was not part of Jack Frost's being and he didn't like one second of it. He was in need of some fun and excitement. And although this was an important task to the guardians Jack yearned for it. Yet you couldn't say that all he wanted was fun either. Responsible for part of this excitement was the curiosity he had for Elsa. And maybe he didn't want to admit it but a little fear was in there too. Not of her but the power she had.

Lets do this. A smile crept from Jack's playful and devious lips. Biting hard on them he shot himself through the air like a cold winter wind.

Going from window to window he placed a hand on the glass like ice, laughter escaping him. First window. Second window. Third. He was on what you would call "a roll."

When there wasn't enough windows left to sustain his fun Frost stopped the frost, letting the light back in. Just too late to realize the mistake he had made.

"Dammit! Fear drives her powers! How did I forget? I may have terrified her! I mean all she knows is that she is the only one with these kinds of powers. Ooooohhh noooo what was I thinking I need to fix this right now!"


Suddenly out of nowhere the torment stopped. At a good time to because Elsa was ready to blow up in rage. She sighed with relief, "Finally. It's over."

Wiping her brow she hadn't realize how on edge she had been since a week ago. Especially because she didn't feel the nail marks she indented into her skin.

I need some air. That would calm me down.

As she began to walk towards the balcony doors, she caught her reflection in the ice.

"Oh gosh no. How did I let myself get like this?" Elsa had just noticed the dotted stains along her dress and the messy nest posing as her hair.

She giggled slightly. The blond nest reminded her of the day that she and Anna went into the woods to play hide and seek. Elsa had climbed up an oak tree hoping to be concealed by the leaves when she discovered a nest of blue jays eggs. After letting Anna win the game they observed the eggs for hours and came back everyday that summer to ensure the safety of the nest. It was a summer memory that stuck in her head with no reason in particular.

I guess I'll have to reward myself with some air AFTER I wash up.

She then made herself to the north hallway and went straight to the grand mirror.

"Now that doesn't look right…" Instead of her usual braid Elsa felt like switching it up, thinking theoretically a new Elsa would mean the problems of the old Elsa would vanish too. Untangling her blond hair her locks came down in beautiful shiny waves. Topping the blond head sat a delicate ice crown. That will do.

Happy with the fresh look Elsa now needed to think of a new gown. "Purple…and white. Right? That could look enticing?" Elsa had grown used to talking to herself at this point. Isolation obviously did not provide much company, at all.

When ice started to crystallize across her body, clinging tightly, the shimmers of purples fading into white were perfection.

If you could picture Elsa at this very moment you wouldn't see a person with insecurities and fears. You would see what Elsa really was. And that is Elsa alone.

You also had to give her some credit I mean who else do you know are capable of successfully walking in high heels made of ice?

But a queen can never boastful or satisfied with her efforts. Raising her chin up high, the snow queen walked with poise and grace across to the balcony. In fact she was so giddy she started to speed up, a first in a long time.

Fresh air fresh air fresh air! Freedom- "EeeeeeeepppOW!" Elsa was spread out on the floor. "Damn these heels."

Okay like I said give her some credit.

After pulling her self back up… she fell again.

And when she tried to get up for the second time, with the sternest look planted on her face… she tumbled. Again.

Tossing the ice heels up into the air Elsa quickly shot them with an icicle, pulverizing them into snowflakes that fell across her skin.

Let it goooo let it goooo. Turn away and slam the dooorr. Here I ammmm mmmhmmm hmmmm hmmm hmmm…"AHHHHHHHH!" Waiting casually on the balcony was a man.

Jack Frost.

Both of their eyes widen. Both were surprised. And the moment was gone when Elsa shot her powers straight at Jack trying to get him off her balcony. But he quickly deflected it. Elsa's fear then quickly turned into confusion.

The handsome mystery boy in front of her had caught her attention.

No one has ever been able to do that. Besides Pitch Black who she was still unsure really came to her that night. His eyes were blue like hers. His hair was white. The sharp features of his face were strange but enchanting, beautiful.

"Hey. Jack Frost here at your service. And must I say you are stunn…"

Elsa didn't catch the rest of his sentence. I mean fainting does that to a person.