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Moving around was always something we did. Mom took jobs all over the country. She was an artist, mainly doing murals and other larger jobs. If there was a job that caught her interest, she wanted to do it. She loved it. My Dad loved my mom so much that he didn't mind. He generally took odd jobs wherever we were. Usually doing private security, security guard, or rent-a-cop kinds of jobs. He even tried his hand at bounty hunting once. I didn't mind too much either. I got to travel all over. Even over seas a few times. I've met tons of interesting people, and seen things most can only dream of.

But mom got sick. She hid it well at first, but gradually the moves started slowing down and became more spread out. Eventually she had to be hospitalized. I was twelve when that happened. Dad dealt with it by going to night school at a local college. He wanted to be a real cop. I stayed with mom in the hospital. She was never out of my sight and I was never out of hers. But eventually the brain tumor was too much and she passed away. We were both with her when it happened and I will never forget the look on my dad's face when she took her final breath.

Dad and I had a small ceremony in the hospital chapel. We were the only ones there besides a few of the nurses that came to know us. We were the only family we had left. So dad finished school and got a job with the local force, and I stayed home doing school work and taking care of the house. Mom's ashes sat on the mantle of the fireplace, and I would sit and talk to her every day. She was my best friend for so long, that I didn't know who else to turn to. I think it hurt dad when he would hear me talking, so I limited it to when he wasn't home.

That was three years ago. Dad heard about a position in the Sheriff's office opening up in mom's home town and thought that it would be a nice way to remember her by. I was pretty excited myself. I never got to see where she grew up and I felt that this was going to be one more way that she and I were connected. Dad was going to be a Deputy, and I was going to go to high school. I begged him not to send me, but he thinks that my social skills are a bit lacking. And I suppose they are, but I never needed them before. And I don't think I will need them anytime soon.

So that is how I find myself at Beacon Hills High School. My first day has not been the best first day ever. After looking over course selections I realized that I am actually in advanced placement for most of my classes. I guess when all you have to do all day is study, you learn a few things. No one really talks to me, and I can see some of the kids give me weird looks. It is just after the winter break, starting in a new school in the middle of the year won't be easy, but Dad really wants me to do this. Maybe after a few weeks I can convince him to let me go back to home schooling.

I am not the most attractive of people, but I'm not ugly either. Maybe it's the tall gangly thing I have going on. It tends to make me look more nerdish than anything. And I often get people telling me about my large brown eyes and how they make me look like a little kid. I am just 147lbs of sarcasm, wrapped in a ball of spaz. It's a pretty great combination, at least I like to think so. There are a few jocks, or what I presume to be jocks, that look at me and laugh. And a few of what must be the future prom queens of America sending me looks of distaste. I just roll my eyes, and ignore them. Even one of the teachers finds me repulsive. His name is Mr. Harris, and he is a total dick, he is already trying to embarrass me in front of my new peers. He teaches AP Physics, and I am only one of three sophomores in the class, the rest are Juniors. One of them is a strawberry blonde. She was one of the future prom queens. She is probably dating someone on the football team or something; I think I heard that lacrosse was the big thing here. The other is a guy with short but perfectly gelled dark hair, bright green eyes and a body to die for. So Maybe I should mention that I am gay. Yeah, it's a thing. My dad was pretty cool with it when I finally came out to him a few years ago. He said that he loves me no matter what, I just hope mom would have felt the same way. But this guy was really hott, I mean like third degree burns of hottness. So of course I got sat next to him, but he just ignores me the whole of class. Typical. I am so below anyone's radar. Great social experience my ass. Thanks Dad.

I am so glad when lunch comes and I can get outside. The high school isn't that big, but after not being around that many people for a really long time, well it kind of gets to you. I take my sack lunch and go out to find a table on the lawns. There is a good one under a tree that's empty, so I sit down and pull out my sketchbook to draw while I eat. Mom taught me how to use most mediums, but pencils, charcoals, and paints will always be my favorite. I don't get to paint as often as I would like, but now that we are settling down and have no plans of moving, I think I might try to get back into it.

For now, it is a trusty pencil. I draw like someone would keep a journal. Instead of writing about how I feel, I draw it out. Sometimes it's a person, sometimes a landscape, and sometimes I couldn't tell you what the hell it is. I take a bite out of my apple and continue drawing the profile of Mr. Harris, but making him appear like the evil villain I know he is, when a shadow falls over me. When I look up it is the guy from my Physics class. "Uh… Hi." He doesn't say anything, just stands there staring at me. "Can I help you?" The silence is palpable. I don't deal well with silence, at least around other people when conversation should be had, and I can't place the look he is giving me. It isn't a glare or a menacing look. It's almost confusion. Then a girl comes up behind him.

"Don't mind him. He gets a little grouchy when he's hungry. You're the new kid right? The new Deputy's son?" She sets her tray on the table and plops down holding her hand out to me. "I'm Laura Hale, and that's my brother Derek." She has the same long dark hair Derek. They also share the bright green eyes, defiantly related but Laura looks to be the older one.

"Uh, yeah, I am." I take her proffered hand, "Stiles."

"That's an interesting name." she says with a raised eyebrow taking a bite of her sandwich.

"Nickname. No one can pronounce my first name, not even my dad sometimes."

Then another girl is there and she sets herself down next to me. I quickly close my sketchbook and put it away. I don't really share my art with anyone, I used to show mom, but well... This new girl has long curly blonde hair, brown eyes and looks like she is about to take a bite out of me. "Hey, cutie."

"Erica, leave him alone. It's his first day."

The look she gives me is predatory and a bit intimidating. Not that I am one that is easily intimidated. "I don't know Laura, if I don't scoop him up then I might miss my chance."

I laugh nervously, "Um, I'm gay, so…"

"OH MY GOD! I totally have a gay best friend now!" Erica grabs me up in a hug and starts giggling. Her enthusiasm is kinda contagious. I find myself smiling. Maybe it won't be so hard to make friends here after all. I can tell she is being sarcastic, but at the same time there might be a layer of truth there too. Erica and Laura keep sending looks at Derek, who is still standing there. He hasn't moved since he came up to the table.

"Derek, are you going to sit down?" He is still staring at me; he does sit though, but remains silent for the rest of lunch. Erica and Laura fill me in on all the gossip of the school. I find out that Erica is Derek's best friend, and is one of their distant cousins. She is in the same grade as Derek and I, while Laura, Derek's older sister, is a senior. And she starts to grill me about my life. I was half expecting this, so I am prepared. It feels a little weird, but comfortable at the same time.

"So, Stiles, what brings you to Beacon Hills? There is nothing here. Except trees, trees and more trees. I can't wait till I graduate this year so I can finally go to college and get the hell out of this town. New York, here I come!"

"This is where my mom grew up. So when my dad found out about the job opening he decided that we should move here. Try and get to know where she grew up."

"Oh, what does your mom do?" Here is the part I knew I was going to hate the most. Not because I don't like to talk about her, but because I don't want any pity.

"She passes away a few years ago."

"Oh, that sucks." I am glad she didn't say I'm sorry. That is most people's reaction when they find out. And really, what is there to be sorry for? There is no pity in her voice, and for that I am grateful.

"Yeah. She was an artist. This is the real first place that we have ever settled down. I mean we lived in the last place for about four years, but it never really felt like home."

"Why'd you move so much?"

"She took jobs all over the place. Painted quite a few murals, worked with others and did mostly larger scale projects. I have lived in thirty-six different states and five different countries."

"Wow! That would be awesome!"

"It was for the most part."

"What did you do for school?"

"I was home schooled. Took classes online. This is the first actual school I have been to."

"That must be quite a change."

"Yeah, I came out here to get away from the crowd inside. Sorry if I invaded your guy's table."

"Oh, it's no problem. But just so you know, this is kinda the outcast land." She laughs at that. "We don't really get on with the more 'popular' crowd." She even puts popular in air quotes. I think I will fit in just fine.

"It's cool. I think one of them already doesn't like me."

"Let me guess, hair so stiff you could use it as toothpicks, perfect posture, and a clenched jaw that you could cut glass with."

"Uh, yeah, actually. That is a pretty good description."

"Yeah, that's Jackson. He thinks he hot shit just because he is the lacrosse captain and is only a sophomore. His girlfriend, Lydia, is kinda snooty and thinks she is God's gift to us mere mortals."

"She the one with the strawberry blonde hair, and one of our future prom queens of America types." She taps her nose and points at me. "Yeah, she is in my AP Chemistry class. She looked at me like I was gum on the bottom of her shoe."

"So you have a class with Der-bear here then."

Derek's eyes go wide. "Laura, I told you not to call me that."

"Ah, he does speak. I thought he might communicate in grunts and hand gestures." I flail my arms about a bit trying to mock some sign language.

Laura and Erica both give large laughs, and Derek goes back to staring at me. More like glaring actually. "Oh, I think you are gonna fit in just fine with us Stiles. Welcome to the pack." Derek's eyes go wide again, but says nothing. Really? What is with this guy? The bell rings and we all get up to go. "So if you aren't doing anything after school we should totally hang out."

"I think I might be able to. I still have some unpacking to do, but I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind. He wanted me to be more social anyway."

"Sweet, we can come over after school and help you out." Laura waves as she leaves, Derek trailing not too far behind her. He casts one more glance over his shoulder at me then turns and continues on.

"So what class do you have next?" Erica keeps pace with me, and I grab my schedule out of my bag.

"Uh, American History with Anderson."

"OH! We have a class together! This must be destiny." She links her arm in mine and we head off to class.

The rest of the day flies by pretty fast. Classes aren't so bad, and I do end up sharing AP English with both Derek and Erica. After the last bell rings they walk with me to my locker. Erica has been talking nonstop, and won't stop flirting with me, but I think it's just her way of being friendly. Derek is quiet. Something tells me by the looks Erica gives him that he isn't normally this silent. But I am able to fill in conversation just fine. It's different having actual people to talk to. I always had mom and dad, but this is different. Maybe high school won't be as bad as I thought it would be.

They give me a ride back to my house in Laura's and Derek's shared car. Dad said that he would get me something after we've settled down and I get my driver's license, and I am pretty happy about that. It makes this move here seem more permanent. As we walk inside I feel a bit embarrassed. There are boxes everywhere and the house is a complete mess. I mean we did only move in like three days ago, but still. "Sorry for the mess guys."

Erica tosses her hair over her shoulder, "Why are you sorry? You guys like just moved in. Of course it's gonna be crazy."

"Yeah, so we gonna go up to your room or hang out down here?" Laura looks like she is trying her best to not be nosey, but is failing miserably at it.

"We can go upstairs. My room is a little bit better than the rest of the house." I lead them to the stairs. "My dad has been trying to get himself situated at in his new office, and wants to get to know the other deputies, the Sheriff, and the town better. I'll probably end up unpacking most of the house by myself."

"Dude, you gotta stop apologizing. And we can totally come over this weekend and help you out."

"You really don't have to do that." The offer is so unexpected. It would be awesome to have other people around, but I would never ask for their help.

"Laura's right. And it's not like there is much else to do here in Beacon. Not unless you have a girlfriend." The way she says the word with venom dripping off of it, and the way she looks at Derek says it all. He has one, and Erica doesn't like her.

"Erica, lay off. Kate never did anything to you. And she isn't my girlfriend. We just hang out." Those are the most words he has spoken around me since lunch. I really want to know what his deal is. I mean what did I do to warrant such blatant distain?

"Oh really? Is that why I saw her the other day at the store with a hickey on her neck? Or is she seeing someone else?" Derek blushes pretty fiercely, and Laura just has a pained expression on her face. I have spent so much time watching others, that I quickly pick up on the way people feel, and what their reactions mean. Erica hates this Kate, and it isn't just a regular kind of hate. It is an almost loathing. Laura doesn't seem to like her either, but won't say anything about it. She probably doesn't want to hurt Derek's feelings. And that is probably why she wasn't sitting with us at lunch today. Derek is smitten, but he is trying to keep the relationship a secret. I don't know why you would want to do that though. Maybe it's just from Erica's obvious dislike.

"You just don't like her because she's twenty-five." Or that could be the reason. Um, Kate is nine years older than Derek? That is kinda all sorts of illegal. I mean good for him for getting someone who is older to be interested, but at the same time, uh, gross?

"That is only one of her many terrible attributes. Shall I go on to name a few more?" Erica splays herself on my bed and pulls out a nail file from her purse. She is looking at her nails with more interest than this conversation, she isn't any less invested, but she is showing her way of not caring what Derek thinks. The tension is building, and I just look to Laura for an answer of how to diffuse the situation, but she won't meet my gaze.

"Stiles, can I use your bathroom?" It's the first time Derek has directly spoken to me even if he isn't looking at me when he speaks the words.

"Uh, yeah. It's the second door on the left." He nods and swiftly exits the room. Laura lets out a breath she was holding, and plops down next to Erica on the bed.

"Is she really that bad?" I can't help but ask.

"Worse." Then Erica lowers her voice and motions me forward so I can hear her. "I am pretty sure she is only toying with his emotions. But I can't prove it, and he won't listen to me. He thinks he's in love with her." Laura grips Erica's arm and not five seconds later Derek walks into the room. More tension. Yeah, I thought this was supposed to be fun. Laura must sense my thoughts.

"So what do you need help unpacking first?"

We set about the rest of the afternoon putting my clothes on hangers in the closet, and putting up my posters, and artwork on the walls. Most of it is mom's stuff, but there are a few pieces of my own. When we come across a box of my sketchbook journals, I just close it back up and put it in the corner. I still am not ready for anyone to see them yet.

Then I hear Derek's stomach growl, and I look at the time. "Oh, guys, I'm sorry. I didn't realize, it's like six. You want me to make something to eat? I mean that is if you wanted to stay, if you can't that is totally cool. You probably just want to go home. I get it." My heart is pumping a little bit, but I can't help the small insecurities that plague me. I haven't had friends like this before, so I don't know exactly how to act.

"Stiles." Laura puts her hands on my shoulders facing me. "You gotta calm down. We would love something to eat. You gonna order a pizza?"

"Oh, um, actually, I usually cook. Dad should be home soon, and I should have dinner ready for him." They all give me a strange look, but I ignore it and beckon them to come back downstairs. The kitchen is the only room in the house that is completely put away. It was the first thing I did when we were finished moving the boxes. It is usually where I spend the most time anyway, and we needed it so we could eat. "If you guys want to get started on your homework or something, I should have it ready in about a half an hour." The big pot is already on the stove. I was planning spaghetti and meatballs so I should have enough to cover three extra mouths. If not, I don't even mind skipping the meatballs.

Erica and Laura both get out some school work, but Derek washes his hands and then comes over. "How can I help?" He looks so earnest, that I am going to let all of his past gruffness, and silence slide, and I get him to work on making the meatballs. All the stuff is laid out and I help him with mixing everything together. The girls are whispering at the table, and I can see Derek blushing every once in a while, but I can't hear what they say, so I just let it go. But now that I am this close to Derek I find myself getting a little flustered. The smoothness of his skin is only impaired by the light five o'clock shadow he has going on. I wonder if it would be coarse when it is more like scruff, and how it would feel. Then there is his frame. We are about the same height, but he is a bit broader in the shoulders, and his is muscles are a bit more developed than mine. I'm just a runner, but it looks like he spends some serious time in the gym. And I am glad when I get the sauce cooking and the aroma takes over the kitchen because I can't even get over the way he smells. I can't place the scent, but it screams comfort. All of a sudden I am jealous of Kate, and I have to move off to the freezer to find the bread for the night, just to get away from him. I have only been here for three days, have known him less than seven hours, and I already have a crush on an unobtainable straight guy. Why is this my life?

Erica and Laura laugh about something, and Derek is grumbling under his breath, but again, I ignore it focusing on the food. I put the bread in the preheated oven and start to get plates and silverware out. Laura and Erica come over then and take the dishes out of my hands to go and set the table. "You know you guys don't have to help me right. I mean you are my guests and all."

"We know. We just do this every night at our own house, doesn't make much difference to us. Plus whatever you're making smells delicious. So it's the least we can do." I didn't know having friends my own age would be like this. Now I'm kinda glad that Dad made me go to high school.

After pulling the meatballs out of the oven and then the bread I prepare everything to come to the table and actually sit down to eat. Normally, I make up a plate for dad and put it in the fridge and he eats it when he gets home. It's been a while since I have had a proper sit down meal. "Dig in!"

"You first. This is your home and you prepared the food. You should be the first one served." At first I think Laura is joking, but she is completely serious.

"Really, it's okay."

"No, we insist." She doesn't give me much option, and starts to serve me. She fills my plate with spaghetti and ladles a generous amount of sauce with five meatballs. Then she serves herself, and it isn't until she is done that Erica and Derek dish up their own plates. I really don't know what to think here. I mean, is this normal? I thought that it would be a mad grab for food or something. But who am I to judge. I talk to an urn with my mother's ashes in it. Don't really have much room to judge others.

"So won't your mom be missing you for dinner?" I don't think I heard any of them call home the whole time we've been here.

"Not really, Aunt Talia is pretty cool. She knows that we do stuff after school sometimes, and not all of the family is there for every meal anyway."

"How big of a family do you have?"

"Oh, I would say about twenty of us give or take?"

"Twenty?" My eyes bug out a bit at Laura when she says this. Who has a family that big?

Derek looks a bit amused at my reaction, but quickly clarifies, "But not all of them live in town, and only about nine of us live at the house." I calm a bit at that.

"Still nine people in one house? I can't even imagine what that would be like."

"You'll have to come over sometime. I'm sure mom would love to have you." Laura says without batting an eye. But Derek looks scandalized. He schools his expression almost as fast as he makes it, I am getting really weird vibes from him. I don't know if he hates me or likes me. It's very confusing.

"Yeah, Aunt Talia wouldn't care. Wouldn't it be nice if Stiles came over Derek?" She asks this like it's more of a challenge more than a question. What is going on and how did I miss it? I feel like there is another conversation happening here, and I am not in on it.

"If he wants come over and immerse himself into the crazy, who am I to stop him." Well if that is reassuring.

We all finish eating and I start to clear the table, but Erica and Laura grab everything from my hands. "What are you girls doing?"

"You made dinner, so we will clean up. Relax, take a load off."


"No, we got this, really." Laura says this with no room for argument so I don't say anything further, so I move off to the living room to start unpacking some of the pictures and other things I want to hang on the wall and set out on the mantle of the fake fireplace. I was kind of upset that it was fake, but the electric one dad promised to buy will make things a little better. Derek wanders in and wordlessly starts helping me. It's kind of like he knows where I want to put things without me saying anything. But these guys are so far from what I thought was normal, that I am not even sure how I should feel about them anymore. I mean I am obviously going to stay friends with them, seeing as they are the only ones that talked to me all day, but there is something about them that is keeping me on edge. Not in a bad way, but it feels like there is something they aren't saying.

After we get about half of the boxes in the living room done, the girls come back in with their bags looking like they are ready to leave. And when I look at the clock it is pushing eight. "Thanks for your help guys. See you at school tomorrow?"

"Yeah, we can pick you up if you like?" Laura is swinging her keys waiting for Derek to get his bag from the kitchen.

"Uh, that's okay, I like to walk."

She raises an eyebrow at me. "Dude, the school is like three miles from here."

"I know, but I usually run about five in the mornings anyway, so a three mile walk is nothing."

"You do seem like a runner." She is giving me a once over again and I feel like she is undressing me with her eyes. It's kind of making me uncomfortable.

"Gotta get my excess energy out somehow. ADHD. I used to take pills, but I never liked the way I felt afterward, found out running helped burn some of it off, plus home schooling requires some kind of physical activity, so it worked for me."

"No need to defend yourself. I get it. Derek runs in the morning too. Maybe you could run together. He could show you some of the better trails in the preserve." She looks over to Derek as he walks back in the room giving her a look that says that is the last thing he wants to do.

"No worries. I think I can manage by myself. Thanks anyway."

She sends a glare at Derek that actually makes him wince and then turns back to me. "Okay, well see you at school tomorrow, and we will totally come over this weekend to help you unpack some more." As she walks by she pats my shoulder. Erica wraps me in a hug rubbing her hand down my back and her cheek against mine, and gives me a cheery 'see ya!' Derek gives a slight nod, but doesn't move to touch me. As soon as they are out the door, I lock it and go over to the couch and flop down. What was all that? Did I seriously just make three friends, and how did they insert themselves into my life already after only knowing them for eight hours?

About fifteen minutes after they leave the front door opens and Dad is walking into the room with an impressed look on his face. "Felt ambitious after school?" His eyes skim the walls and fall on a few of Mom's paintings. His eyes mist over for a second before he pulls his gaze away.

"Not really, I've actually had a strange day."

"Oh? Something happen as School?" I shake my head as I lead him into the kitchen to warm up his supper in the microwave and grab him a glass of milk from the fridge.

"No, yes, I don't know?"

"Well which is it?" He asks with a laugh.

"I think I made some friends?"

"You think?"

"Okay, I made some new friends today. But I'm not sure one of them likes me all that much. I mean he wasn't rude, except he was, but his sister and cousin like me just fine. They didn't even flinch when I said I was gay. In fact Erica squealed when I said I was. Laura didn't seem to care, and Derek, well, he didn't really say much of anything to me at all. I don't think he has a problem with it, he even helped me make dinner."

"He what?"

I place dad's food down in front of him and pour my own glass of milk to sit with him while he eats. "Oh, they came over after school. Laura gave me a ride home and they came up to my room to help me unpack some. Then when I saw the time, it was like six and I offered to feed them since they helped me out. Laura and Erica did their homework while Derek and I made supper. I didn't ask them to help, they just kind of insisted. Said they would be doing it anyway if they were at home. Then when the girls forced me to let them do the dishes I started to unpack the living room and Derek came in a helped me do that too."

"They forced you to let them do the dishes?" And okay, that sounds crazy now that I hear it coming out of his mouth.

"Seriously, I mean, I doubt even you could say no to Laura. She has got some crazy going on, not like psychotic crazy, but like major mojo crazy. I don't know how to explain it. They are gonna come over this weekend to help unpack the rest of the house. Is that okay?"

"I think it's great that you made some friends, Stiles. Just don't abuse their friendship."

"I know, I would make something for them to eat while they're here, and they even invited me to come over sometime to their place for dinner."

"Do you happen to know their last name?"

"Um, I think it's Hale?"



"Nothing, I've just heard a few stories about them the last few days from some of the guys down at the station. Nothing big, just they seem to be a pretty prominent family in the area. Lots of influence, pretty well liked, they live just outside of town in this huge house."

"Yeah, they said that there are nine people living there, and that they often have up to twenty family members present at any given time. Can you believe that? Twenty people in one house?"

Dad looks sad for a minute. "Son, I know it's just the two of us-"

"Dad, it's cool. I mean why would you want to have twenty people in one house? I like that it's just the two of us. It's peaceful." So some of that might be a bit of a stretch on the truth, I mean I do like that it is just the two of us, but at the same time, I would like to have a bit more life here too. But he feels guilty enough already I don't need to add to it. He really does try his best for me.

"Sorry I haven't been around much the last few days."

I sigh and roll my eyes. "Really, I'm fine. You have a new job to settle into, and we have to get you well-liked by everyone if you want to run for Sheriff."


"What, it could happen." He smiles and I know that it is a guilty smile, but he doesn't look as sad anymore. I hate to see him sad. "Well, I'm beat, so I am gonna go up and do my homework before I head off to bed. If you aren't going to wash your plate, at least rinse it off please?" I stand and start to walk to the stairs.

"Who is the parent here?" This time I get a genuine smile and laugh. "Night, son."

"Night, Dad."

When I get to my room I grab my backpack and pull out my work but then my eyes land on my sketchbook and I put the homework away and open the sketchbook to a fresh page. My pencil starts moving across the page before I even realize what I am drawing. Then I rummage through my colored pencils and reach out for a bright, yet pale blue, and a deep amber. When I am done a picture of Derek, Laura, and Erica is staring back at me. Erica's and Laura's eyes are the amber color while Derek's is the icy blue. It takes me a second to realize what is wrong with the picture, their eye colors are all wrong. Erica's are a dark warm brown, and Derek and Laura's are more of a hazel-green color. I don't know what I was thinking while I was doing this, but I am too tired to even start to ponder how weird the whole day was. So I change into a pair of pajama shorts and strip out of my shirt to fall face first into bed and promptly fall asleep.

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