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I'm currently in the middle of writing another LOTR/HP crossover, which I have not given up on but writing at the same time as this one. It will be slightly more time consuming buuut I'm up for it. If you feel like checking it out please do! The main character is Luna Lovegood though so, fair warning. Speaking of warnings...

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The death of another can do many things for a person, whether you were a magical being or not.

You grieve over the ones you have lost, you shut yourself off from the world and until you can find some semblance of balance, you remain what you are without that one person- lost. You start to realize what they truly meant to you. You regret never paying them more attention, never telling them more often that they were important, needed.

And if they were really that special to you, you feel as if you're walking a tightrope. One single misplaced foot or the single whisper of imbalance and you fall to the dangerous onslaughts of insanity. Oh, insanity. It was like a drug to the grieving. Something sinfully addicting, so painfully dark but anything to escape right? In the shadows of insanity, you can just forget, lose yourself in the dark and hide away from the hurt. Feel your existence in the chaos of your hazy mind.

All in all, the death of another is horrible to put it lightly. But, your own death, now that was something different.

It's enlightening, you start thinking of all the things that you could or should have done. The foods you never ate, the music and books you never fully appreciated. The rain. Oh Merlin, yes, the rain and snow, the winds on a high cliff. The sound of running water against rocks. Colours, faces, people. Everything your senses took in, but never paid attention to.

Death, often showed you who you are and then there's the regret that follows. You wish that you could have had another chance to do it again. To do it right. To live and not just exist as you had been.

Not many got this chance, very few in fact, but then again Harry James Potter was always one to keep away from the status quote. He had died, then returned to life as the new master of death. His own death against the former Dark Lord though had given him insight on the things he had dearly missed out on as he kept the ever oblivious magical world safe.

So while everyone celebrated their new sense of freedom Harry had locked himself away to think in number twelve Grimmauld place about his regrets and soon after, how selfish he was for wanting things to be different but before long he would be back to thinking of all the things he should have done.

He started a sort of game with himself. He called it 'If things were different I would have.'

I would have basked in the beauty of the stars.

I would have eaten every, disgusting or not, food in the magical society.

I would have slept near waterfalls and fields of green.

I would have spent all my money on travelling the world and exploring.

I would have made more friends.

I would have not cared about what others thought of me.

I would have committed every beautiful flower or relaxing herb scent to memory.

It was during one of these games that he was interrupted by Kreacher, his ever prejudiced house elf. It was probably for the greater good for with every 'I would have' he felt himself sink further and further into his depression.

"Master, one of masters friends are here. The mud blood." Kreachers gravelly voice reached Harry's ears. Kreacher had never really given up his point of views on the purity of magical blood but personally Harry thought that he just liked insulting people.

"Bring her in. Oh, and Kreacher, try not to insult her in the thirty seconds it takes to get here." Harry responded in a deadpan voice.

Kreacher just grumbled something to himself before promptly disappearing and just as swiftly Hermione walked through the doorway. Her wild main of hair fanning out as she walked with a determined stride.

"Harry..." Hermione trailed off when she saw her best friend. The hunt for the horcrux had done a number on all of them but after some amount of self caring and plenty of food and other necessities both Hermione and Ron were almost back to their healthy selves. Harry on the other hand, had obviously been neglecting himself. His face was sallow, his skin pale and he wasn't getting enough sleep by the look of the dark circles under his eyes.

She knew not to say anything, ever since his death he had been like that, so she walked up to him and lightly put her hand on his remarkably thin shoulder. A silent gesture of comfort that Harry greatly appreciated.

After a long stretch of nothing he decided to speak. "There are so many things that I haven't done..."

Hermione kept quiet to let him finish. "So many things I want to do. At times I feel like just packing up and leaving. Disappear as if I never existed and go and live the life I have always wanted. I'm such a selfish person Hermione. Why cant I be happy with what I have?" He looked up to her, his green eyes pleading with her, begging for an answer.

She smiled sadly at her friend. "You're not selfish Harry, you just know what you want." The brightest witch of her age took in a lung full of air, holding it in before releasing it and with sorrowful huff she continued speaking. "And what you want just isn't here anymore."

He looked up at her slightly confused. "What I'm trying to get across to you Harry, is that there is nothing stopping you from going out into the world and finding what ever it is that you want. Nothing." She pressed.

The young wizard gaped, his mouth hanging open and shutting, the motion repeating themselves until, "But you and Ron-"

"Only want you to be happy." Hermione cut him off.


"Ginny is a great girl and I think she'll understand eventually."


"Has his grandmother. Harry there is nothing keeping you here so don't try and feed me your half thought up excuses. Just be happy Harry, that's all I want for you. That's all anyone wants for you."

Harry could feel his emotions go into haywire. Tears found themselves swimming down his face as he gave the witch a watery smile before pulling her into a tight embrace. "Thank you Hermione," He murmured into her bushy strands.

"No, thank you Harry." She whispered back.

Harry had everything sorted. It had taken a while considering he had to do it all without drawing any suspicion.

He had gone to Gringotts and withdrawn every single sickle from the Black and Potter vaults. Earlier on, just before the war he had put quite the sum of money in a separate vault for his godson Teddy. In case he didn't survive, Harry would be leaving that vault alone for Teddy when he was old enough to enter Hogwarts. It was enough for him to live in luxury his whole life.

He had also been given a small bottomless bag from Hermione which he filled with all the books he ever wanted to read, the money from his vaults and other necessities. It was only one sign of her magical genius when he watched in rapt fascination as said bag suddenly morphed into a solid gold dragon the size of a galleon and flew with its minuscule wings up to his hand and wrap its extending tail snugly around his wrist before becoming still.

"Amazing.." He breathed out. His friend really was amazing. She really did deserve her title as 'The brightest witch of her age.' Looking up he couldn't help but laugh at the faintly smug smile that the Gryffindor princess wore.

She walked over and grabbed the sleeping dragon/bag from his wrist, eliciting an annoyed growl from the skimpy thing.

"Well, the point of all this is secrecy you know. We don't need the Ministry of Magic snooping around you. Again. Now, Harry, you'll need your fathers invisibility cloak. You've got the elder wand right? The resurrection stone? You should probably take that with you. Actually, I think you need-"

Harry blocked out the know-it-all voice he had grown to love from his friend and watched as she ran about the place grabbing things she deemed 'necessary' and shoved them down the poor dragons throat before he even transformed into the red and gold bag. He frowned slightly when he saw her shove bottle upon bottle of what looked to be different potions down the now wheezing dragons throat.

"Hermione? What are those potions for?" He asked.

"I know how trouble prone you are and how horrible you are at healing spells so these are just a tiny amount of the basics. A few healing potions, blood replenishing potions, broken bone potions, broken teeth potions, stomach ache potions, hair loss potions-"

Okay now this was just getting ridiculous. Why would he need a hair loss potion? He refocused on his friend who was still spouting off the mostly useless potions she had given him.

"Athletes foot potion, wart potion- You know what, i'll give you a guide to them. Now-"

"Hermione, I really don't think I need-" He tried to talk to his friend.

"Not now Harry, just tell me which is better suited for you." Out of nowhere the witch pulled out two pillows that looked exactly the same.

"Now this pillow is satin with duck feathers but this pillow is silk with geese feathers. Which do you think is-"

"Hermione!" he shouted both exasperated and amused at her mother hen tendencies.

She froze before sighing and giving him a sheepish smile. "I'm sorry Harry. It's just that..." She trailed off, her eyes rimmed with unshed tears.

"I know, but do the poor dragon a favour? Let it morph into a bag before you shove anything more down it's throat. Also, I wont need the pillow, I did alright in transfiguration class you know and could you maybe take out the useless potions." He quietly pleaded.

"No potion is useless Harry. But alright, I don't suppose you'll be losing hair anytime soon." She said with a giggle that he couldn't help laughing along with.

"I just want you to be safe Harry and out there I cant help you." Hermione said in a small voice.

He walked over to his good friend and placed both hands on her slim shoulders. "I'll be okay Hermione. I always am."

She smiled and nodded before letting the gold dragon morph in which he swore the thing shot him a grateful look and she started taking out the unnecessary items.

When he had everything sorted, he said his goodbyes to his two best friends fully expecting to see them again one day soon. He could never live without them for too long but for both Hermione and Ron, they felt as if this was the last time they would see their good friend.

"Be safe Harry, enjoy your freedom." Ron said warmly before giving the shorter man a bear hug that left Harry without any air in his lungs but he swiftly returned the hug anyway.

Hermione said nothing as she kissed him on the cheek and smiled warmly at him as Ron wrapped both arms around her waist.

"Merlin, the two of you are acting as if we'll never see each other again." He said with raised eyebrows.

"Just have fun mate." Ron said while trying to shrug off the feeling in his gut that maybe this was the last time they would see him.

"I will. Probably not as much fun as you two will have though." He replied pointedly looking at Ron's arms that were wrapped around Hermione. The two turned a bright red as Ron moved forward to swat the laughing man. Just as his hand would have made contact Harry apparated far into the green field they occupied with a loud crack. His back tuned to his friends, he looked like a small black blur in the distance to the young couple.

Ron didn't know if Harry would even hear it but he cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted with all his might.

"Remember us, okay?!"

Harry smiled, his back still to them and continued walking. Just when the couple thought he didn't hear them his arm shot up, wand in hand as a blue stream of light followed it path into the sky. A single word formed into the clouds that had all three of them glassy eyed and smiling.


When the two looked back to the field their friend was gone.

On a cliff top miles from the couple Harry laid against the single tree that stood there alone. Tomorrow would be the start of his new life. He could feel it reverberating in his bones and in the shaking of his very sole. Even his magical core was tingling with excitement. Tomorrow, he would try it all again.

The next day, the Ministry of Magic was in disarray. Harry James potter, the boy who lived, savior of the wizarding world, had vanished off the face of the earth. No spell or magical item they used could find him and it could only mean one of two things. One, he was dead or two, he was no longer in this world.

Electric green eyes still hazed with sleep took in their surroundings. It looked like a lighter version of the forbidden forest. Tall wispy trees cast shadows over the twig covered ground in which he sat upon. The sky was just brightening signalling the start of a new morning, where the forest creatures suddenly sprung to life. In other words, this was not where he fell asleep the night before.

In the distance he heard screeches and unidentifiable noises that sent shots of fear down his spine. Yup, this is definitely not where he fell asleep.

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