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"Rachel?" A voice called, "RACHEL!" A tall, thin redhead ran over, clipboard in hand. She had a black headset over her gorgeous, shiny, red curls. She ran up to a smaller girl, ashy skinned and contrasting the redheads excitement with a rather emotionless expression. "Rachel, I am glad I was capable of locating you. You have an interview at four, and a nail appointment at-"

"Kori." Rachel stopped her. "I told you to cancel the interview, and I hate getting my nails done."

Kori sighed, for one of the luckiest girls in the world, this girl did not seem to like it. "Rachel, you know they must be painted. And the inter of views was unable to be scheduled at a later date, it is important you do it because… because… it is of the utmost importance!"

Rachel smirked, sometimes she just liked to be difficult to upset her assistant. The poor girl wasn't all the bright. "Alright, Kori. I suppose I could go just this once." It was a surprise that Rachel was an actress. Though she was quite talented, she wasn't at all the… 'Hollywood type". She was ashy, and her voice was very gravelly. She hated attention and she was… to say the least, bland. But she was a convincing actress, and that was all the mattered. Some even say her individuality is what made her so famous. Others disagree, and say someone so strange didn't deserve the fame. Either way, like any celebrity, she had her fans and her haters. But she honestly couldn't care less.

"Thank you, Rachel. I am most pleased," Kori answered, dialing a number on her phone and excusing herself from Rachel's presence. Rachel just kept walking. A large man in a suit began walking with her.

"Rachel, you heard about your last body guard?" The man asked. He towered over her, and he was very muscular. His skin was clear and brown and he had the whitest smile, whose shine was only rivaled by his bald head. But he wasn't completely hairless, as he did have an interesting beard growing in.

"Nope, didn't hear. But I'd like to hear about my green tea," She said, but nothing she said ever really came off snotty because she deadpanned everything.

He handed her a hot mug. "Your last body guard quit, because you called him 'ignorant' and 'uncultured'."

She held back a smile. "Well, he told me he hates books because TV was made so that no one would have to read… I simply told him why he was wrong."

"We can't hire someone new to watch you every week," The man began to scold.

"Victor, you do a great job as my manager. But when it comes to body guards… I can protect myself."

He frowned. This girl was like his little sister. "Rachel. For me, please let these men protect you. I would be devastated if something were to happen to you."

She rolled her eyes, I can take care of myself. "Fine. Alright. Hire someone."

"No problem, already did," He grinned as they approached an average height blonde man. He wasn't all that tall, but he was pretty muscular- and pretty handsome. He had a milky complexion and gorgeous emerald eyes. He gave a charming smile, his canines rather notable and adorable. Rachel didn't smile back, she just sipped her tea. Vic introduced him, "Rachel, this is Garfield Logan. Your new body guard."

Garfield walked in with the highest of confidence, which immediately plummeted as soon as he saw the most beautiful woman before him his green eyes had ever laid sight on. He cleared his throat and held his wide smile. She had distinct gorgeous locks of chestnut brown hair. Was that… purple in her hair? This babe had a wild side?! "Greetings your highness! I am the Logan-ator, here to protect your bosoms – I MEAN… you know, you… your face… and, other… features…" he finished it all with his signature grin.

Rachel raised an eyebrow. "Delightful," her sarcastic, raspy voice responded. "Listen, Logan-ator… We are not friends. I am not here to converse with you. I don't even feel your services are needed." She let out an even breath, and he thought for a moment she was done, but he was wrong. "I'm sure you're… dare I say 'star struck' and you probably think it's really cool to meet me. It's not. I'm not cool. I'm not really a, 'people person'. I'm letting you know now as a courtesy to you. Do your job, make sure I survive. That's about it. I don't need a comedian, and you can call me 'Rachel'. Victor, my overprotective manager and best friend, will fill you in. If you need anything, talk to him." She then simply, walked away. And though she just basically tore him up, she did look damn good walking away.

Garfield glanced over to Victor, who also returned the look. "Is she… always so, pleasant?" He couldn't help but to get the feeling she wasn't. What so ever.

"She's a nice girl. She really is." Victor sighed. He wasn't sure if getting his friend this job was a good idea after all. He loved Rachel and Gar both... but maybe they were too different. "She's just... different. She doesn't really joke or laugh much... most of the time she's pretty... guarded and cold. But hey, I'm here to joke around with and what not. The only thing you have to do is make sure she stays safe." He shrugged. He worried though he might regret this. The last thing he wanted was to lose a friend.

Garfield nodded at the informative information he'd been given, he sighed and then got an idea in his mind. Perhaps from the movies. "Do I… get a gun?" He shrugged when Victor's gazed snapped towards him. "Y'know, like all the cool bodyguards have?" He sounded hopeful, but doubted it would last.

Vic gave a straight, un-humored look, "Garfield... You really think a body guard with no experience like you..." his face got over excited like a little boy, "WOULD BE ANYTHING WITHOUT A GUN?! HELL YEA YOU GET ONE!" They high-fived and Vic gave a sort of forced-nonchalant look. "Will you let me hold it when you get it?"

Garfield thought for a moment, "So… I'm really getting a gun? Or are you just being a jerk about it?"

Vic smiled, "Yea, you'll be getting a gun. You have to meet Richard to get it, he's going to teach you how to shoot it. He used to be a cop." Then Vic took out his phone and started shuffling through his agenda. "Your first assignment... is at four. Rachel has an interview about her upcoming role in the big budget remake of 'Batman'. You have to escort her there. You won't need your gun for this one, you can get it tonight. I think you'll be fine to handle it, you think you'll be alright?"

Garfield gave a nonchalant smirk, "Yeah of course, y'know… guns and ammo, that's how I roll." Even though he didn't have a lot of know-how with a gun, it couldn't be all that hard right? "Okay so, do I get to ride in the limo or like… run behind it?" He joked knowingly. He's a bodyguard to a rich chick, of course he'd get a prime seat in the limo.

"You get to ride in the limo. I don't want to get you too excited, but... it's awesome!" Vic admitted, almost jumping with joy. "Go tell Rachel you're about ready to go, it's almost three-thirty."

Garfield promptly made his way in the same direction she walked off in. Approaching her so freely, he cleared his throat. "Your chariot, awaits mademoiselle."

She didn't look at him, she had her eyes locked on her phone. She didn't even notice his presence.

Garfield's face scrunched in wonder, he'd never been not… quite noticed by females before. "Bonjour, hola… si, how you say… where to buy best… drugs?" He sighed as she didn't even look up, so he took her phone. "You. Interview at 4. It's 3:35, are we ready to skedattle?"

She responded to that. "Sorry, I was readin-" She stopped upon realizing who was talking to her. Her eyebrows knit together. "I hope you're ready to skedattle because I'm going to shove my foot so far up your-"

"Rachel! You're going to be late for the interview!" Kori called.

Rachel rolled her eyes and then glared at him. "You're lucky. This time." She started to walk with him toward the limo. "What's with that stupid grin on your face?"

Garfield narrowed his eyes in annoyance. His grin wasn't stupid… was it? Nah. "Oh, pardon me your highness… I didn't receive le memo not to display my 'stupid grin'," he air-quoted. "Just so you know, this grin has landed many the panty on the floor. For your information."

She raised an eyebrow and gave him a look of disgust. "Yea, well. When you have to pay them, it's not something to brag about. Some girls appreciate intelligence and refinement- but I guess you wouldn't know anything about those girls." She approached the limo. "They don't go for... stupid grins." But they might just go for your eyes, she thought quietly to herself. Though he annoyed her, she couldn't help but notice he was quite attractive.

'Ahh, touché. Or something of the sort…' He opened the limo door for her. "You are just…" Amongst the things he felt like saying, he knew wouldn't be the best way to start off this… bodyguard gig. "wonderful, y'know that?" He sighed, "Please kindly move over sweetcheeks, is it true there's a PS4 in here?"

She gave a smile, but it was caustic. "Yes. And an Xbox One... It's on the other side though, I suppose if it will shut you up for the ride, I'll let you get in on that side and use them..."

Garfield grinned from ear to ear, he absolutely loved video games! This would be wicked fun. "Thanks!" He ran around the other side, just to hear the limo door lock and the engine started. "Oh what?!"

The vehicle started on its way and Garfield couldn't help but to hear Victor's words ringing in his mind… about protecting her at all costs.

He heaved a sigh, "Oh yeah, she really can be nice! Such a WONDERFUL girl! Yeah… I got that message loud and clear…" he started running after the limo, left with no other possible choice.