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Rachel sighed, sitting down in her director's seat, clearly marked 'Rachel'. The chair was surprisingly comfortable, and always made her feel important. But today, she felt less than important. This no-talent bimbo was able to walk right onto the set she worked so hard to get onto. And not only that, but the girl was actually posing a threat. She wasn't good on set, but she must be good in bed to get this kind of leverage.

Garfield watched Rachel from afar feeling very guilty. Just the other night he brought this girl home… and now… Now here this girl was causing all these problems and threatening his best friend's career. He walked over to Rachel, placing a comforting hand on her back.

"Hey, Rachel… Feeling ok?" He asked, concerned.

She let out a deep breath and looked up at him with her beautiful violet eyes. "Yea, I'm fine." She decided to immediately get as far away from the subject of Tara as she could before he could bring it up. "Tomorrow I have that interview, and since you've been dragged into a bunch of pictures with me, I was thinking maybe it's time we get you a nice suit." She said, looking over his ragged suit he always wore. It didn't quite fit right, and the pants may have been a dark blue, while the jacket was black. But Garfield always thought he looked pretty good in it, however Rachel would argue he looked good in anything.

Garfield honestly liked the sound of going anywhere with Rachel, it didn't matter where they went – as long as they could go together, he never minded. "I thought I looked pretty smashing in that suit, and I always wear my lucky underwear with it... but I guess you're going to make me give all that up, aren't you superstar?" He smirked, trying to lighten up her mood a bit. He knew that her mind was distracted, but he couldn't blame her. A lot had gone on in the last little while.

She gave a half smile, the one that was dipped in sarcasm and he loved so much. "Oh, Azar forbid I make you give up your 'lucky underwear'. Just because you wear them for a week straight doesn't make them lucky, it makes them the opposite of lucky," She teased. "Seriously, let me buy you a nice suit. I know this designer place at the mall, we can get one perfectly tailored for you."

Garfield grinned and had a hand on each arm of her seat, looking right at her. "I sew circles around tailors, I fixed Emma's evening gown once and she loved it. I mean, she was so shocked she cursed and swore like a sailor and didn't talk to me for a month, that's how shocked she was." He seemed oblivious to the fact that Emma might not have been the happiest camper with his 'sewing' after half a bottle of Jack along with the phrase, 'I GOT THIS' – but that minor detail didn't cross his mind at the moment. "But if you'd like to take me out... I think that you should suggestively suggest that we eat out. I would like that, with a side order of fries and gravy."

She seemed to be trying her best to hold back a smile, "Garfield, I am suggesting that you and I go out to eat after we get your suit. I was thinking along the lines of… fries and gravy. Suggestively, of course."

He loved how she answered him with such sass and humoring him for the most part. "Alright, when do we ditch this gig and get to hang out then? And if I have to get a suit, I'm suggesting you need a little black dress, to match my suit. It's only fair." He gave a nod and didn't really mean for her to get a black dress, but he did want her to treat herself. She deserved it.

And if Victoria never had a Secret, she did now. A suggestive one at that.

"A little black dress, huh?" She smiled so adorably he thought his heart would melt. "We'll see. I think you just want to see me in something little, especially after seeing me in this cat suit," She commented, then as she went to place her arm on the arm rest of the chair, she accidentally placed her hand over his and blushed. It was so cute how she could tease him like that, then get embarrassed and shy because she just touched his hand.

Speaking of little, Tara decided to make a change to her costume and hike the skirt up even more than it already was. What was the altered version of a mini skirt that got... even mini-er? "Hey 'nothing but the bodyguard', and talentless set prop." She greeted the two of them.

"Oh good, you're here. I was just about to call you over. I'd like a large green tea, two sugars please? Thanks," Rachel winked, pushing a rolled up dollar bill in between Tara's large breasts. "Make it quick and there's more of that to come," She gave a catty smile.

She stuck the dollar bill in Garfield's pants, walking a little further to whisper something to Rachel. "The only way he would ever do anything with you."

"Thanks for paying, but rule of thumb says the first one's free. Though, I hear with you, every one is free," Rachel hissed.

Tara paid no attention to her fellow co-worker as she walked away, Garfield looked a bit remorseful. "The first one I had that was free, he was the school dealer but he gave me an aspirin." He frowned. "I didn't have a headache for a couple hours – plus side."

Rachel gave him a pity smile, "Sounds about right." She stood up, "Well, guess we should head to the mall. It's getting kind of late though… When does it close?"

Garfield looked down at his new watch he bought himself – designer. "It actually closes a little over an hour from now. Are you game to get going?" He didn't want to rush her, but she wasn't supposed to do anything else on set today so it seemed like the perfect opportunity

"Yea, sure… Do we have enough time?" She pulled out her phone and began texting, her fingers moving faster than Garfield could comprehend.

He shrugged, "Well, if your feet would move as fast as your fingers – we'd be in Tokyo by now. So... what says you my fair lady-friend? If memory serves me correctly, it's a suggestive title to behold." He grinned, trying to uplift Rachel's spirits in any way that he could.

"I says, I just paid the mall to stay open a little bit longer- just for us." She gave him a smug smile. "Let's head out."

When Tara Markov had a plan, she never did it with half ambition. Everything she ever did, she did it up 100%. When she made teas and caffeinated beverages for the famous and elite, she made sure she always went above and beyond – it got her noticed. Now she was bound and determined to become a million dollar actress and there was only one thing standing in her way... Rachel Roth.

She didn't want to off her or anything, she just wanted to steal her part. One part in one stupid movie, when the girl got so many scripts daily and opportunities coming out of her granny panties... this one role really wasn't much to ask for in hindsight. She just wanted to make something out of herself instead of being some giant nobody. Tara Markov wanted to be a somebody. Rachel was already a well-known and established actress, she could honestly afford to give up this opportunity.

Plus she had the Richard Greyson hung up on her, who wouldn't want him?

It was now or never, overhearing Rachel and Garfield talking about heading to the mall – she would seize the moment and catch them together, with nothing but sabotage in her mind – Tara awaited the two to arrive, digital camera in hand.

Garfield got out of the limo and walked around the car to Rachel's side, opening her door for her.

"M'lady," He bowed to her, holding out a hand.

She took it graciously and got out of the car. "Thank you, kind sir." She kept her hand in his, walking into the mall that had been emptied just for them. "I'm not really a shopping kind of girl," Her gravelly voice went on, "But I'm thinking a classic black suit for you. What do you think?"

He thought about it, "Well... I guess a new suit is a must. My biggest weakness in a mall would have to be video games." He smirked, "Vic and I used to play them all the time." He began to reminisce. "It's strange how things work out after school. When you're in school, you can't wait for it to end. But when you're out of school... things change. Then you wonder what you're going to do after school because it's close to ending... and it doesn't work out as planned but you're cool with it."

Rachel gave a kind of sad smile, "Yea, I never finished high school. This is certainly not where I thought I'd be…" She tugged his hand a little as he was lingering by the video game store. "So you weren't planning on being a body guard for the rich and famous?"


Ah shit, she forgot to turn the camera's flash off. Hiding in the distance, Tara then chose to fix the option on the device she was holding, peeking it out of the artificial plant. Camouflage at its finest.


Click. Click.

Garfield shrugged his shoulders, he hadn't thought of letting go of Rachel's hand, nor did she think of letting his go. "No that wasn't quite the plan. Sort of something that got thrown at me. But I don't regret a single minute of it and it's all thanks to you Rachel. And believe me, when I say 'Thank you' – for taking a chance on me."

She turned and gave him a genuine smile. "Who knew I'd be hiring my best friend?" She stopped in front of a store. "Oh, here we are." Garfield looked up at the sign. Arbani. Swanky.

She walked in, still holding his hand.

"Rachel, Darling!" A man rushed out from the back. "I heard you were coming. Thanks for calling!" The man was dressed and looking fresh. He wore a perfectly fitted white suit with a black collared shirt and perfectly spiked hair. "Who is this? A new boyfriend perhaps? You famous people go from boyfriend to boyfriend, I swear!"

Rachel was a little insulted, dropping Gar's hand. "No, my body guard. But he's been in a lot of pictures. The cameras love him, just not his suit."

Garfield's face flattened in expression. That comment, however true it may have been... still wasn't the nicest. He then gave a small smile. "I think they would be quite fond of my lucky underwear if you'd have let me cause a distraction for you this morning."

"I bet I can make that underwear of yours even luckier," The man said, winking at him.

"Manny," Rachel gasped, appalled.

"Oh, please, Darling. Your friend is delicious." Manny said. "Come in the back, Garfield, let me take your measurements."

He could almost smack Rachel right now, why did it seem that everywhere he went with her – there was someone checking out, smacking, pinching or dripping stuff on his junk and trunk?

Alright, so the dripping on the junk was a vegetarian pizza sauce that no one believed him about (he was positive even Rachel doubted it still) – but that was beside the point. He followed Manny and stepped onto a pedestal. Which he was now going to nickname the 'pedestal of shame'. "So, be honest Manny..."

This poor guy must have felt like the bartender in a bar, or the hairdresser in the salon – whom people reveal their life details to on the daily norm. "Is this... business that you do, what you've always wanted to do for a career?" He was asking genuinely, but it could've been mistaken easily enough. He wouldn't intend on making Manny feel bad or anything, it was just a question. A real question.

Manny pursed his lips. "Well, I went through law school. But those lawyer suits are so boring, I thought I'd mix it up. I never lost a case when my suit fit perfectly," he smiled, tugging at the back of Garfield's pants. "Just kidding, I lost every case because the pressure was too much to handle. The suits didn't help at all. So I dropped the lawyer part, and just kept the suits."

Garfield nodded, "I'm positive you are the one and only honest lawyer I've ever met." He smirked, wondering why Manny was taking a little longer than what felt comfortable on his lower sector, but it must have been associated with all the measurements he needed to fit him properly. "Have you ever thought you lost everything, only to realize you gained much more than you ever thought you would?"

"Well. I guess I could say yes, because I lost my job and my education ended up being completely useless… but now I sell some expensive suits and tailor for some of the best names in show business… but I spent too much time working, and I'm single. So I guess if I could do it over, I would." He decided. "Why all the questions?"

Garfield shook his head, "No real reason, I don't mean to seem like I'm prying or anything. I just never thought I'd be a bodyguard. I thought I'd need one someday," he chuckled slightly. "or at least a butler, but I wouldn't make him do everything for me because that's rude. I would just want one to have one. And call him Jeeves."

"Oh, you want to be a movie star. Well you have the looks, Hun, but not everyone is cut out for it," Manny said, squeezing his butt a little. "I have the perfect suit for you, you may not be a movie star, but you'll look like one."

The blond male shrugged, "No, no. I didn't mean that. I couldn't do what Rachel does. I couldn't have the schedule Rachel does. I don't think I could do it. I just, I was so close to my big break. But not in music, dance or acting. In sports, Manny. I never really found out what I was good at in school, but when I did... I did. There was a mishap and it'll never be a reality for me now, but I guess I'm okay with that. Just wondered if there was any feedback for a similar situation."

Did it still hurt to talk about? Of course it did, but every single time it hurt, it healed over just a bit more than before.

"I'm sorry to hear that. What did you gain?" Manny asked, measuring his shoulders.

He stood still as to try and not make this difficult for his tailor. "A best friend. Sometimes I would like more, but then I think it's fine as is. I haven't really seen anyone turn her crank yet." He honestly hadn't. Rachel was a solid rock wall and there wasn't much that could change that exterior. He could read her well, but when it came to someone she liked – he was never sure.

It didn't help that whenever he asked her who she liked, she changed the subject on a dime.

Manny shrugged, "I've known her forever, Darling, and she's never mentioned a crush to me. She's too busy for that, I think. Don't take it too personally, you're the closest friend I've ever seen her have. When a girl brings you to her tailor, it's serious."

Garfield raised an eyebrow, "How serious is serious?"

"Like I'm her mama and this is thanksgiving dinner and you forgot to bring the pie, serious." He fetched a model jacket and slipped it onto Garfield, but it was a bit big.

Garfield gave a nod, trying to decipher whatever that honestly meant. "Yeah, that'd be a tragedy at my place. My dad loves pie."

"OK, Darling. Slip this on, and meet Rachel and me in the front. This will be my masterpiece!" Manny enthused, handing over a suit in a zipped bag, then running off to wait to see it.

He was left alone with what sorta resembled a body bag. Or maybe he'd been watching too many crime-dramas. He sighed, if Manny could get him to look like a million bucks and impress Rachel – it would be good enough.

After putting it on, his eyes widened and he smirked a little. He looked amazing and felt it too. It was pretty cool what clothing could do to someone's confidence. The last time he dressed up like this was for Prom and he never attended that. Walking out meekly, he made his way over to Manny and Rachel, whom was looking over at a rack of suits. "Hey," he said softly.

Manny let out a satisfied noise, "Hmm!" He clapped. "Simply wonderful."

Rachel turned, her jaw dropping upon seeing him. He was donned in perfectly fitting black pants, and a sexy tight dark grey vest, with a black jacket that showed off how big his arms and shoulders really were, unlike his oversized jacket at home. He had a black tie, perfectly tied, and a blue and white pin stripe shirt. He looked debonair, classy, charming, and very seductive.

"Oh," Rachel let out a deep breath she wasn't even aware she was holding in. "Wow." She said, completely turning around to get a better look. "I-" She placed a hand over her chest, she was truly blown away. "Wow."

Garfield really couldn't see all the fuss about it, other than Manny obviously did a great job. But he didn't mind impressing Rachel at all. "So, we might want to put this away and package it back up before I splat ketchup on it or something." He chuckled, knowing how sloppy he could sometimes be, especially if he was having a great snack. "Then I think Manny would truly kill me." he teased gently.

Reaching out for Rachel's hand, he spun her gracefully, catching her just so. "Ah perfect, a suit isn't a good suit unless you can bust a move in it."

She ran a hand over the lapel. "You look incredible in this." She said, not wanting him to take it off just yet. "We should get you a few. Manny, what's the damage?"

"Six thousand," Manny smiled. "You know I always give you a discount, Darling."

"Of course, thank you, Manny. We'll take ten of them. In whatever colors you suggest. I trust you."

Manny grinned as though he were just given a field day. "Of course! I know just the ones."

Garfield's jaw dropped, "Six thousand's a discount? Rachel, that's way too much. I wouldn't pay six hundred." He joked, but also meant it. "I mean, I get it kinda makes me look more presentable – but seriously?" He really couldn't believe that she was about to drop this sorta cash on clothes. Not even for herself, but for him... it made him feel, guilty in a sense.

She gave him a lopsided smile, placing her hands on his chest. "It looks nice on you. I have more money than I know what to do with anyway." She fixed his tie a little. "Seriously, won't even dent my account. And anyway, you're worth it. It looks great on you, and I think you deserve to look the part if you're going to end up in magazines and all the because of me," She acted as though it was such a problem she was causing him. "Please let me get them for you."

Garfield really couldn't resist Rachel, even if he tried he couldn't. "Doing things with you is not as much of a chore as you make it sound. Trust me Rae," it didn't even dawn on him that he always talked about her to his family – referring to her as 'Rae' but he never ever called her that, until today. Making sure he caught on to hints he never thought she'd give, he leaned in dangerously close to his best friend... before she closed the space between them, brushing their lips together so innocently and yet, this was a kiss that for once, Rachel Roth didn't have to act to truly feel more than physicality.

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