Soul and Maka walked to the haunted house, it was Halloween and Soul was wearing a black T shirt, with a white unzipped hoodie which was covered in fake blood, he lugged his plastic chainsaw to the steps, Maka was dressed in a costume consisting of a jack-o-lantern-themed plastic mask with a black dress and arm-length black gloves, she had black ballet shoes on and she had shorts on under the dress, she smiled ''Ready Soul?''

''yea, this party better be cool''Soul said nonchalantly

''It's gonna be awesome because I'm here!''Black Star said, arriving with Tsubaki, Black Star was wearing a poorly made robot costume, while Tsubaki was dressed like a Zombie, Kid arrived, Kid was dressed as a skeleton, while his partners were dressed as cowgirls

Patty cheered that they had arrived, the group walked in

[15 minutes later]

during the party at the Haunted house, the lights flickered off, screams were heard, then the lights flickered on, a group of dead people laid on the floor in the middle of the party, ''Oh God!''a guest shouted pale,

[5 minutes later]

Maka had gathered the remaining 5 party guests and the rest of the main group, ''ok, Everybody, we see that we now have a problem, now we just gotta figure out ho-''the lights shutting off interrupted Maka, they came on and the corpses had disappeared, along with a party guest, ''Ah! Lira's missing!''a guy yelled, there was a ipad on the floor next to Maka, the screen flickered on, showing a teen girl with a black hoodie, and a black shirt, her face wasn't visible..

''Hello, How bout we have a little fun?''the girl laughed loudly.

ok, I know this was a short starter chapter, but hey! it rare that I get any Ideas at all! well, have fun!