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In the halls of the Beacon academy Weiss looked around the corner of the long hallway. Held closely in her arms was a small package that she carefully guarded. Looking left and right for any sign of her friends she hurriedly ran down the halls to her room.

When she arrived she carefully placed her ear against the door listening for any sound of her friends inside. She gave a light knock on the door and didn't hear anyone answer her. Waving her scroll over the lock the door opened up and she quickly snuck in before shutting the door behind her.

Placing the square package on the desk she closed the drapes of the room and made certain that the room was locked and closed. When she was certain that the room was secure and she was all alone she slowly undid the package on her desk and pulled out a small black chest.

She opened it up and inside it were a dozen small glass capsules, each one filled with a small amount of leaf green dust and sealed shut with a small cork. Weiss took out one of the capsule. She looked it over and gave it a look over before she started grinning sinisterly.

"Watcha got there?" "AH!" Weiss was shocked and surprised by the suddenly voice of Yang. The capsule suddenly slipped out of her fingers and was flung in the air. Weiss reached out to try and grab it while it was still in the air. She clutched it in her hand but that just bumped it in the air again.

Weiss kept fumbling with the capsule before she was finally able to grab ahold of it again, exhaling her breath she put the capsule back in the box before turning around to face Yang. Weiss was angry at her, but Yang still had that smile on her face.

"What are you doing here!? Wait, where did you come from I was sure I was alone!" Weiss said looking around the room.

"Oh that… I was tired today after I came back from class so I took a nap," Yang said pointing at her bed, "Anyway whatcha got there?" she said looking past Weiss to the box on the desk.

"Wha- nothing!" Weiss said eyes wide as she moved in front of Yang's vision. Yang leaned to the left to look past Weiss who quickly intercepted her again. Yang kept trying to look past her, but Weiss kept getting in her way.

"You're hiding something," Yang told her grinning, "Is that dust?"

"NO! No it's not," Weiss said, Yang made another attempt to reach for the dust and shot her arm out under Weiss's arm.

*SMACK* "OW!" Yang suddenly held her hand close. Weiss had smacked her hand away.

"Jeeze what's wrong with you?" Yang questioned, "Wait a minute is that some kind of body mod dust?"

"NO!" Weiss practically yelled with her cheeks aflutter.

"Oh? So your dad's company doesn't make that kind of dust?" Yang asked her making herself sound innocent.

"NO TH- y-yes but that-! T-This isn't any of your business!" Weiss told her angrily.

"Okay okay," Yang raised her hands in defense, "It's fine no problem, I'll just leave you alone for your 'private time'."

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Weiss yelled at her. Grinning to herself she just skipped out of the room closing the door behind her.

"Insufferable-… groan," Weiss pinched the area between her eyes, annoyed at her friends remarks, "And I don't need to modify my body!" she yelled at her, even though she was long gone.

Weiss went back to her desk to look over the new supply of dust she had, but when she examined the box she noticed that one of the capsules were gone. Weiss started to panic and tried to figure out where her lost dust was.

"HEY GUYS! TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!" Yang said excitedly.

It was the end of the school day and Ruby and Blake along with their friends Team JNPR were all training together. Aside from the one and a half teams the place was pretty desolate, many students opting to return back to their dorms.

Ruby and Blake were holding their weapons facing each other like they were ready to battle, but stopped when Yang called to them. Ren looked like he was meditating while Nora was busy lifting weights behind him. Pyrrha assisted Jaune up, who looked exhausted from their team workout.

The gang started storing their weapons on their person before looking at what Yang was holding. It was one of those same little vials of dust that Weiss was desperately trying to hide.

"Where'd you get that?" Ruby questioned her sister.

"Oh you're never gonna believe this, Weiss was sneaking around the room trying to hide this from all of us. I think it's some super rare dust that only Mrs. Money bags could afford," Yang told them.

"And you just took it from her?" Blake questioned.

"Oh she can learn to share with her team," Yang said, "Wanna see what it does?"

"Ooh, me first!" Nora cheered taking out her Magnhild in its hammer form.

"Nora stop," Ren lectured her, "Do you even know what type of dust that is?"

"I dunno," Yang said shrugging her shoulders, Pyrrha took the small vial and began examing it.

"It looks green, though I don't know what shade of green dust this is," Pyrrha said looking over.

"I don't know what kind of power this green dust produces either," Ruby said staring at the dust as well.

"Well let's fire it up and see," Yang said taking back the vial, "It'll be like a science experiment… Nora you go first."

"Alright!" she said excitedly.

"Whoa wait, I don't think this is a good idea," Jaune said, "Shouldn't we at least ask Weiss what this stuff will do?"

"Uh, did you not hear that I robbed her?" Yang asked him.

"YOU!" Everyone froze and saw that Weiss had entered the room, she looked a bit ruffled like she was rushing here, "I should have known you would take what isn't yours!"

"Yeah you should have," Yang told her still grinning, "Come on Weiss it's just one little bottle! You can share can't you?"

"Absolutely not!" Weiss said, "Do you have any idea how difficult it was to sneak that past my father."

"Wait what?" Yang questioned along with everyone else.

"He wouldn 't allow me to bring any of this category of dust, and I had to get, and bribe mind you, one of the treasurers to mail me this without him knowing," Weiss told her.

"You bribed someone to steal from daddy?" Yang questioned her happily, "I underestimated you Weiss, you really got a wild streak in you after all."

"I don't have a 'wild streak' I just… I… oh my god," Weiss's eyes suddenly widened in worry, "I… I really did… oh my god what if someone finds out!?" she started panicking, thinking multiples of the worst case scenario.

"Well if you don't want daddy to find out then share," Yang said waving the dust between her fingers.

"Wha- are you blackmailing me!?" Weiss yelled at her.

"It's not blackmail if it's between friends," Yang said grinning.

"Give it to me now!" Weiss demanded holding her hand out.

"Gonna have to take it from me Ice queen," Yang teased holding up the vial, she used her thumb to push off the cork top. A small waft of green dust flew up, "oops."

"Don't you dare!" Weiss threatened.

"Guys," Ruby said trying to stop the fighting.

"Oh what's the matter Ice queen, here take it," Yang held out to Weiss who tried to reach for it, but when her hand got close Yang jerked it back from her, "Oh! Too slow."

"Guys!" Ruby tried again, but Yang didn't even notice her behind her.

"Give it back to me!" Weiss yelled reaching for it again, but Yang held it high in the air as she tried grabbing it. Since Yang was a tad taller than her Weiss wasn't able to quite fully reach for her Dust. What Yang failed to notice was that some of the dust had spilled out and fell in front of Ruby's nose.

"uh.. aah- aahhh!" Ruby could feel a sneeze coming on.

"Come on! Just share a little!" Yang begged her while still keeping the vial out of Weiss's reach.

"Ahh… aaaahhh!" Ruby's nose was starting to scrunch up.

"Uh oh! Uh guys!" Jaune said noticing the problem.

"GIVE IT!" Weiss yelled at Yang jumping up to try and reach for the vial, Yang held it further out of reach from her thus allowing more of it to spill out to where Ruby was.

"YOU'RE WASTING IT!" Weiss yelled at Yang.

"Huh?" Yang looked up and noticed that some of it was gone, judging by the way she held it she turned around to see where it went and saw a small cloud of green floating around Ruby.


"Oh son of a bi-."


A large explosion was heard from outside the gym doors, black smoke seeped through the cracks of the door. Other students noticed this, but all of them merely starred at the event before moving on.

"Cough cough!" team RWBY and JNPR were all covered in a blackish green soot, the smoke started to lift till the room was once again clean.

"AGAIN!" Weiss yelled staring at Ruby with an intense glare.

"Sorry," Ruby said meekly.

"Ugh!" during the distraction Weiss angrily grabbed the now empty vial out of Yang's hand, "Perfect! Now I only have 11 more of these left!" she yelled at Yang.

"Sorry," Yang said as well.

"You're not getting off this easily! You're going to pay me back for what you've just wasted! And it won't be cheap!"" Weiss said to Yang.

"Fine! Let's call daddy and see how much I owe you," Yang said smiling at Weiss.

"You… rrrrrRRRGH!" Weiss said frustrated with the situation.

"What was that stuff anyway?" Jaune asked her brushing some of the leftovers off his armor.

"That was valuable life dust!" Weiss said.

"Life dust?" he questioned.

"The thing that dwells in all of us. That drives to keep going, to keep changing, to adapt and spread our existence everywhere," Weiss said, "And you just wasted a whole vial of it with your petty little game!" she yelled looking at Yang.

"Hey! Take it easy," Yang said starting to look a bit nervous.

"I was going to use it to try and improve my skill with Myrtenaster!" Weiss said gripping the weapon on her waist, "They say that using green dust can give life to a weapon, and allow you to bond with it, know it, thus making you more proficient with it!"

"Whoa really!?" Ruby asked suddenly filled with amazement, "Weiss you gotta hook me up!" Ruby asked her.

"Well too bad!" Weiss told her, "I have a limited amount, and I'm not about to let it go to waste."

"Oh see! You were going to hog it all to yourself!" Yang accused.

"I'm leaving! And I'm hiding my Dust somewhere else!" Weiss said before storming off.

"aww," Ruby groaned, once Weiss told her the effects of the green dust she really wanted to try it out on Crescent Rose. Now though, she doubted that it was going to happen, "Yang why'd you do that!?" Ruby asked her sister.

"What? She wasn't going to share that stuff anyway," Yang told her.

"That Dust did sound interesting," Blake said.

"Yeah! I wanna give life to my weapon, I've always wanted to talk to Magnhild. You know see if it's happy with the way life is treating him," Nora said petting the top of her massive hammer.

"I doubt that's what Weiss meant," Ren told her.

After a bit more training both teams stored their weapons and went back to their rooms. However both Jaune and Pyrrha met later early at night to meet at their usual training spot. Tonight Pyrrha was going to try and teach Jaune how to transfer your own Aura into your weapons.

It was a useful skill to have when dealing with Grimm who had on a bit tougher hide, but it was a bit of a difficult thing to do since inexperienced Hunters could easily extinguish their own Aura using this skill if they didn't know how to limit it. However Pyrrha knew firsthand how much Aura Jaune had, she was sure he had some to spare.

Dressed in their battle gear the two of them began the lesson.

"First hold out your weapon," Pyrrha instructed Jaune.

"Like this?" Jaune asked holding out the sword of Crocea Mors.

"Good, now try to imagine the sword as a part of you. Like it's a living piece of you, what I try to do is imagine my Aura as a blood and that blood circulates through my weapon to form the protective Aura around it," Pyrrha said, "Try and limit it, otherwise you'll just use up your Aura."

"Alright," Jaune said closing his eyes and concentrating on his weapon, he tried to focus his Aura into it like Pyrrha taught him.

Pyrrha watched at his body started to glow a familiar bright white, however she saw that his weapon wasn't glowing like it was supposed to.

"Uh… am I doing it?" Jaune asked her, though he said it like he already know the answer.

"No, sorry," Pyrrha said, Jaune seemed a little depressed, "It's your first time trying this don't worry," she said.

"I know, I'm trying to focus my Aura in like you said, but it feels like there's something… blocking me?" Jaune questioned not knowing what to say.

"Perhaps you're trying to focus it too fast, here watch me," Pyrrha said holding up the spear Miló, her body started to glow a dark grey, "Just start from the center where your Aura resides, then let it flow into your arm making a small trail towards your fingertips… then you… uh… huh?" Pyrrha tried to get her Aura to flow into her weapon as well, but she couldn't do it either.

"… Are you doing it?" Jaune asked her.

"No… there's… I don't understand," Pyrrha said flabbergasted, she was by no means an expert at this, but she was at least able to sharpen her weapon to a small point. Now though she couldn't even feel her weapon getting a drop of Aura in it.

"Uh… Pyrrha is everything okay?" Jaune asked concerned.

"This doesn't make any sense," Pyrrha said, "I've done this trick millions of times before."

"Really?" Jaune questioned, "Is there some kind of interference?"

"Aura isn't something that can be interfered with, it's not like a radio signal," Pyrrha said.

The night was spent with Pyrrha slightly panicking over her inability to fill her weapon with her Aura, while Jaune sat at the side watching her worry.

"Hmmnnn," Weiss woke up still feeling angry from yesterday, she had to hide her precious dust outside of the dorms in a place no one would bother looking. She didn't get a chance to use any of it though so she would have to wait until the weekend when she could find a place to be alone.

Deciding that she was too mad to get anymore sleep she decided to get out of bed and head for the shower rooms while they were still empty. Everyone else was still asleep in their beds, Ruby was still cuddling the covers, Blake had a book lying on top of her face and Yang was sprawled around on her bed snoring.

"Go team RWBY," Weiss said in a sarcastic tone, "Where'd I leave my bath robe?" she said looking around in her drawer.

"Here you are miss Weiss."

"Oh thank yooOOOUUUAAAAAHH!"

"Whoa! Whaza!?" Yang was suddenly jolted awake from Weiss's scream.

"What is it!?" Blake woke up, readying herself for a fight.

"What's wrong!? Are we under attACK!" *THUD* Ruby panicked and fell out of the top bunk of the bed, but she got right back up.

"W-W-W-Who let this person in!?" Weiss yelled pointing to the 'person'.

It looked to be a young girl wearing an ankle length dress that seemed to just shine while. Her skin tone was twice as pale and white as Weiss's own skin and her eyes were the same color as Weiss. Even her hair was white, but it was perfectly straight reaching down to her waist. In her hands she was holding a small neatly folded

"Aww! Weiss your big sister came to visit!" Yang said happily.

"Wha- Weiss you have a sister!?" Ruby suddenly felt happy for Weiss.

"She's not my Sister!" Weiss yelled at them, "She snuck in here-! Wait how did you even get in here?" she yelled pointing to the new woman.

"Oh… I got in through the window," the woman in white said pointing to the open window of the room, her voice sounded gentle and polite.

"The Window!? We're on the third floor!" Weiss told her.

"Yes, I'm sorry but I was unable to enter through the door because it was locked. I thought it would be rude to disturb miss Weiss while she was sleeping."

"Miss Weiss? Is she one of your Maids?" Yang questioned her.

"No!" Weiss yelled at her, "Who are you anyway?"

"You… you don't know?" the woman said sounding hurt, her eyes were on the verge of filling with tears, "I… I see… I suppose this is my fault. I should have done better for you… you deserved the best but… I suppose I wasn't able to live up to your expectations. I tried my best, but I'm not even worth you remembering the name you gave me."

"I-… u-uh," Weiss suddenly felt bad/creeped out/ flattered.

"Sooo… daughter?" Yang asked.

"Why would you think that you idiot!?" Weiss yelled at Yang.

"Miss Weiss please!" the girl said holding her hands up to Weiss, she then turned to Yang and then politely bowed to her, "I'm sorry if miss Weiss hurt your feelings, she is a good person and deep down I know she would like to be your friend."

"Wh-HEY!" Weiss pulled the girl away from Yang.

"Aww, she so nice and polite. Why can't you be like that?" Yang asked Weiss half teasing her.

"What, brain dead!?" Weiss said.

"Ghh!?" the girl was suddenly looking more depressed, "I-I'm sorry miss Weiss… I-I should have tried harder," she said.

"No no no!" Weiss said suddenly feeling bad for what she said, "I didn't mean that, I'm sure you're a terrific person- wait why am I apologizing," she asked going right back to being mad, "Tell me your name right now!"

"Myrtenaster," the girl Myrtenaster said.

"Huh?" Weiss was a bit confused at what she said.

"Myrtenaster?" Ruby repeated, "Wait isn't that the name of your weapon."

"Yes, that's my name," Myrtenaster responded.

"What? No I'm talking about her weapon," Ruby said.

"Yes that's me," Myrtenaster said

"WHAT?" Ruby and the others suddenly exclaimed.

"Wait a minute! You're saying that you were Weiss's piece of metal!? Yang exclaimed.

"Well… I wouldn't say it like that, but yes," Myrtenaster said.

"Okay that's it, I'm getting security," Weiss said taking out her scroll.

"Whoa wait! Weiss you don't need to do that!" Ruby said trying to stop Weiss.

"She does seem pretty harmless," Blake added still eyeing the girl Myrtenaster.

"Are you people listening to her?" Weiss questioned, "What's she saying is an impossibility there's no way that she's-," Weiss's rant stopped when she saw the old Dust vial that used to hold her green dust.

"Oooooh dear," Weiss said with dread.

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