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The morning of Saturday came, since it was the weekend almost all the students remained asleep. In team JNPR's room Nora was the first one to wake up excited for her free time to go out and have fun. Looking around she was hoping that the others were awake as well, but everyone was asleep still.

Ren was still asleep next to her, Jaune and Pyrrha were asleep in their own bed, Weiss was asleep on the floor. The weapons had made some strangely comfortable pile on her bed.

Magnihild on his back on the bottom of the bed, clearly too big for it, with the twins curled up together on his stomach. Ember Celica had tumbled over upside-down leaning on the side of the bed but still asleep.

Looking around again she saw Myrtenaster was standing right next to Weiss and yet she was somehow asleep.

"Wow they're really amazing," Nora said impressed, "Ren… hey Ren… you up?"

"No," Ren told her.

"Darn," Nora said, "What about you all?" she asked.

"Nora?" Pyrrha questioned slowly waking up.

"Hey Pyrrhas up! You guys gonna get up soon?" she asked.

"mnnngh," Jaune waved his arm annoyed at all the noise being made. Weiss just turned to her side folding her pillow over her ears.

"Whatever," Nora said, "Magnhild, wanna get some breakfast?"

"Tubada," he immediately got up catapulting the Stormflower twins off his chest and catching them when they flew off, one in each hand. He put them back on the bed and picked up Ember Celica from the floor putting her on the bed as well.

"Alright, I'm off," Nora said leaving with her weapon behind her.

"Uh wait," Pyrrha said, "Could I um… come with you?" she asked.

"Really? What about your morning work out? You never miss them," Nora said.

"Oh well… it's the weekend, I can take a day off it won't do that much damage," Pyrrha told her.

"Is this because your weapons hate being with you since they think you're boring?" Nora asked her.

"Uh… perhaps," Pyrrha said nervously.

"Well don't you worry Pyrrha," Nora said pulling Pyrrha out of her bed holding her up by her shoulders and setting her down, "I'll be sure to teach you how to be really fun. I'm now professor fun of Fun having 101, remedial fun having."

"Um… thank you Nora," Pyrrha said, though she was starting to regret this decision already.

"Ride into battle Magnhild! We'll take the Cafeteria by force if we must, but non shall stand in our way of Pancake'ey goodness!" Nora cried out.

Magnhild was stomping through the halls, a small finite tremor surrounded them with each of his massive steps. Nora rode on his left shoulders calling out for (imaginary) blood, while Pyrrha nervously rode on the right side.

"Is this necessary? I mean we could just walk and not disturb everyone ten feet around us," Pyrrha questioned worried that someone would see her.

"Is fun necessary?" Nora asked in her most serious tone.

"Well… in some aspects I suppose people would-."

"Stop overanalyzing it! That's not fun, that's just annoying! Secondly, even if you don't need to do it you do it because you think its fun!" Nora instructed her.

"I don't know if riding someone is going to make my weapons like me more," Pyrrha said, "What did you do with your weapon to make him do whatever you want?" she asked her.

"Flabacy, dobots nogoto friblita wesparadoo. Fargron wes squelginch la foo," Magnhild said.

"Really? I thought you would have hated all that," Nora said.

"What did he say?" Pyrrha questioned.

"Oh he's just talking about all the good times we had, when I picked him up at the shop the first time and I let off a round accidentally. Then there was the time I used him to try and get fruit from a tree only to knock down the whole tree. Literal whack a mole with gophers. I tried to fix the fence once, but then I learned that there's a difference between a work hammer and a combat hammer," Nora told her.

"You've been using your weapon for all that?" Pyrrha questioned.

"Yeah, why? What do you use your weapons for?" Nora asked her.

"Um… Well… combat?" Pyrrha said.

"That's it?" Nora questioned, "Man no wonder they don't think you're any fun."

"Well if I used my weapons for all the stuff you did then they could start to break down sooner," Pyrrha said.

"They'll be fine if you give them a good scrubbing they'll work like new every time," Nora said.

"Sebiodifey, waf waf waf waf," Magnhild cheerfully said.

"Whoa! Wait really? I gotta watch what I wear around you," Nora said.

"What… what did he say that time?" Pyrrha asked.

"Oh it was… uh… n-nothing," Nora said blushing.

"Yawn," Ruby tiredly yawned waking up. Looking at the clock she saw that it was still a bit early in the morning. Yang was sprawled on her bed, and Blake was still under her covers with a book next to her.

Gambol Shroud had dozed off on the chair with a book still on his face. Looking down from her top bunk Akoúo and Miló were both still behind Weiss's bed which was being used as a bunker while Crocea Mors has fallen asleep on the floor near them.

Ruby noticed her weapon wasn't in the room though.

"Crescent Rose?" Ruby questioned.


"WHOA!?" Ruby nearly jumped out of her bed when her weapons head popped up out of nowhere.

"Good morning Ruby, I went out this morning and got you some cookies," he said suddenly holding a plate of said food still steaming from the heat.

"Uh… thanks Cress-… did you bake those?" Ruby questioned.

"Yes, I remember you always using me to cut out shapes in dough so I remembered the recipe you used," Crescent Rose said, "I also ironed out your casual clothes for the day," he said holding up her red dress up on a hanger.

"Uh wow," Ruby said taking both of the items he had, "Crescent thanks and all but you really don't need to do all this, I can-?" Ruby noticed something underneath the combat skirt, "You ironed my underwear?" she asked a bit annoyed.

"Is that a problem?" Crescent Rose questioned confused and innocent.

"It's… n-no it's fine," Ruby said blushing and hiding her anger, "Just… don't do that part again."

"Jezez!" Yang groaned waking up, "Would you two just get a room already!?" she complained.

"We're in a room," Crescent Rose said.

"Don't you dare!" Yang accusingly pointed.

"Don't we dare what?" Crescent Rose questioned.

"…wait you don't know?" Yang asked.

"No… not really," Crescent Rose said.

"Oh wow… okay I really approve," Yang said to her sister, "Well unless someone gives him the talk."

"What's the talk?" Crescent Rose asked.

"If you ever find out then you can never be with Ruby," Yang told him.

"Ah… then I shall refrain from learning ever again," Crescent Rose declared.

"What? No! Yang!" Ruby yelled at her sister throwing a pillow at her face.

"Once again you two are loud," Blake said waking up as well.

"Sorry," Yang and Ruby said.

"So it's the weekend, what are we doing today cause I wanted to go out in the town today. I think they've got a sale on bullets down at the weapon shop. Buckshots aren't cheap," Yang said.

"I think Jaune and the others are thinking about doing that as well," Blake told her.

"How do you know?" Yang questioned.

Blake just twitched her bow.

"You heard them? Wait… can you hear through the walls?" Yang asked her.

"Only if I focus, and the people are loud enough," Blake told her.

"Do you hear anything… interesting?" Yang asked nudging her eyebrows up.

"Nothing you're thinking," Blake told her.

"Aww," Yang moaned.

"Ooh, we 'Should' go out today," Ruby said, "We can take all our weapons with us and show them around town."

"Are you sure with should take them with us? Some of them might have trouble socializing with other people," Blake said.

"They'll be fine, it's not like being crazy is a crime," Yang told her.

Akoúo and Miló soon woke up as well looking tired and still nervous, as if they were expecting something to attack them at any moment.

"How long have we been here?" Akoúo questioned hiding behind the bed still weary of his surroundings.

"Pyrrha is still in school and still alive if you're wondering," Yang told him.

"We've been here for who knows how long," Miló said.

"Its been half a day," Blake said.

"Living in fear, hiding in some room. It's no different then how we've been living before," Akoúo said.

"You know I'm sure Pyrrha would let you guys out more if you just talked to her," Ruby said.

"We're here now, we're free now! We should take advantage of it," Akoúo said.

"Are you guys listening to what I'm saying?" Ruby asked.

"I say we fight her!" Miló told her.

"Whoa whoa guys! Little crazy don't you think?" Yang spoke up.

"It's the only way... how do you kill a human?" Akoúo questioned.

"Kill? Wait what!?" Ruby shrieked.

"I don't know. We never killed humans, only Grime," Miló said.

"It's Grimm!" Yang told them, "Guys don't worry there's no need to fight her!"

"Why no?" Akoúo asked.

"Because… uhhhh," Yang thought.

"Pyrrha has forgoten what you guys look like," Blake said.

"She did?" Akoúo asked turning hopeful.

"Uh… Y-Yeah, you two have been away from her for so long that she forgot what your human form looks like or something. Now you can do whatever you want and she'll never find you!" Ruby told them adding on the lie.

"Are you certain!?" Akoúo asked, his eyes glimmering with hope.

"We're positive! But just in case I'll go and check to make sure she did forget about you, and definitely not tell her of our idea to trick you two," Yang said nonchalantly.

"Oh thank you Yang, we may be free of her yet!" Akoúo said with glee.

"...That you actually believe me is the saddest thing about you," Yang told him.

"Be certain that she no longer remembers ever wielding us," Akoúo told her.

"I'm not even lying to you and you still believe my lie," Yang said.

"I agree, it is a nice day for that," Akoúo said.

"W-… are you just saying things now?" Yang said confused.

"A fine idea indeed."

"Okay I'm… starting to get a bit depressed, are you assuming we're having some kind of conversation?" Yang asked.

"That it is."

"… I like pizza," Yang said.

"Eh… around three years."

"Dust Sake! Just leave and end it already!" Crocea Mors yelled.

*SLAM* The door to team JNPR was forced open, instantly shocking and waking up the rest of its sleeping inhabitants. Nora stomped her way to her own bed in a huff, yanking the blanket off her bed and flipping off the twins and Ember off. The weapons sprawled off on the floor while Nora just jumped on her bed underneath her blanket.

"Something bugging ya Nora?" Ember Celica said facedown on the ground, face in the carpet.

"Today wasn't Pancake day, it was French Toast!" Nora said sticking her head from under the blanket. Pyrrha walked through the door with a couple of plates of said breakfast, Magnhild came through with two trays on his shoulders and two plates in his mouth.

"What's the difference?" Weiss questioned.

"Pyrrha! Tell her what the difference is!" Nora suddenly said.

"Oh uh…?" Pyrrha took a look at the food on the tray she had trying to think of something, "The tops are shaped like… the tops of hearts?"

"Exactly! It makes things awkward for single people! Good job Pyrrha you're learning," Nora said, "I mean what the heck makes them French anyway? What's French even mean?"

"Mnn, these are good!" Ember Celica said, Magnhild already put his more than enough load on the floor, and the child like weapons started grabbing at them like birds to bread crumbs.

"Don't eat on the floor!" Weiss told them, Magnhild put everything a foot away from her.

"We're using utensils," Ember Celica argued with her.

"You're using your hands!" Weiss said.

"Hands are a utensil," Ember Celica said.

"Did you at least get some napkins?" Weiss asked Nora's weapon.

"Flaps se heradold?" Magnhild asked.

"I don't even know what that means," Weiss said, "Myrtenaster would you please tell these people to eat more civilized?"

"She left early to go help with the doors," Ren told her.

"What?" Weiss noticed that she was gone as well, "The one time I need her to."

"Inferior beings!" Nora accused Ember and the twins, "French Toast is for lesser people!"

"Ooh!" Ember Celica cooed after taking a bite, "This one's stuffed with sweet cream cheese!"

"I'll take that one!" Nora immediately swiped the plate from under Ember Celica and went right back under her blankets.

"Knock Knock," Yang said letting herself in, "Pfft, never stops being funny," Yang commented seeing Jaune in his Bunny onesies.

"What do you want?" Jaune asked annoyed.

"You guys gonna go down to the town today?" Yang asked them, "Ruby thinks it would be fun if we all went with our weapons, speakin of which how's my little firecracker?" she asked.

"Over here!" Ember Celica said stuffing her face.

"Ooh, it's French Toast today," Yang cheered.

"Heathen!" Nora called out with a mouth full of something.

"How'd you sleep Weiss?" Yang asked her.

"Fine, until Nora started having a tantrum and my weapon left me to fix a door," Weiss said.

"Aww you miss her," Yang teased.

"I don't mean it like that," Weiss said.

"Hey Yang," Ember Celica said, "Do I keep them down or throw them back up later?"

"Throw them-? YANG! ARE YOU BELIMIC!?" Weiss yelled, everyone else looked at her worried.

"WHAT!? WHOA, NO NO! I don't do that… anymore… look it was a long time ago, back in Signal. I was body shy but I'm healthy now! And it was just for a month" Yang told them, "I shouldn't have made my weapon so portable, don't vomit Ember! Besides they take you to a seminar when your dad gets worried about you, it ain't worth it."

"Okay," Ember Celica told her.

"This is gonna mess me up, every I see an inanimate object I'll think it's alive. Just waiting for me to leave so it can go about it's business in secrect," Yang said, "I just described the movie plot of Toy Fiction, wow this really is like a Wizzly Movie."

"For goodness- you were saying?" Weiss asked getting annoyed as well.

"Right sorry, Pyrrha, we've talked it over with your weapons… you turned them into idiots."

"I know, Ruby told me and Jaune what they said last night. They don't like working with me because I don't use them frequently enough," Pyrrha said.

"Well good news, since they're stupid we told them you forgot what they look like. So now you just gotta pretend you met them for the first time and they'll be okay with you."

"Really… I've… done that to them?" Pyrrha questioned, more concerned with the fact that she dumbed up her weapons.

"Hey don't feel so guilty, it's not like you were expecting to give them a social life. To be honest all that good maintenance habits made them ripped as heck. I might have considered asking one of them out if they were so dumb," Yang said, "So anyway, just pretend you don't know them and they'll stop running from you."

"What about my weapon?" Jaune asked her.

"… oh right, both of you had a weapon problem," Yang realized, "Eh… we'll figure it out on the way to Vale."

"Thanks for the help," Jaune sarcastically said.

"Wait! I can't go around if his weapon is coming with us, she'll kill me," Weiss said.

"Oh yeah, she was lying," Yang said.


"Yeah she was faking the whole thing about turning you into a vegetable. She can't do all those threats she made to you so she wasn't really going to hurt you or start brain poking you into niceness," Yang told her.

"So… she won't hurt me?" Weiss asked.

"I wouldn't go that far, but at least she can't alter your brain," Yang told her, "She can still make you poop."

"Thanks for your help," Weiss said as sarcastic as Jaune.

After both team ate their breakfast, got dressed, and laid down a couple of ground rules for their weapons they all headed for the docks to ride the airships. Some of the more childish weapons started racing out, cheering for freedom and running off in every which way. A few of the students nearby started questioning who the extra students and kids were.

"Whooooa!" both of the Stormflower Twins said in awe of the large ship. A couple other Students were already boarding on.

"It's impressive that you people can fly after so much time," Crocea Mors said, "I wish we had this back in the day. It would have made things so much easier."

"Before we get in do you all know how to ride the Airship?" Weiss asked them.

"It's a ship Weiss, it's not that complicated," Blake told her.

"Floooshan!" Magnhild had somehow made his way on top of the Airship and sat on it like he was going to ride it like a horse.

"You were saying?" Weiss asked Blake.

"Well to be fair Nora doesn't hate the idea," Yang said pointing.

"WOOO HOOO!" Nora took a seat right in front of her weapon ready to ride it with him.

"Nora! Get down from there!" Ren yelled.

After a half hour ride the whole gang arrived to the city. The place was bustling with different people and businesses. Each one of the weapons started showing a different kind of interest in the place; from contain curiosity, to outright excitement.

"Alright, now remember," Weiss started, "You're all supposed to be humans, not weapons. Apart from that you're also… well some of you I guess could pass for students at Beacon."

"I call student!" Miló said.

"Fool! Don't draw attention to yourself, she's watching," Akoúo told his brother, Pyrrha just sighed in slight depression.

"For the rest of you… you're relatives," Weiss told them.

"Got it, little Embers my sister," Yang said.

"You told a lot of people that Ruby's your only sister though," Jaune commented.

"Ember's my illegitimate sister," Yang corrected.

"Everyone try and act rationalized, act civilized, and try not to draw attention to yourselves," Weiss said, "We need to make sure-."

"While you were talking Ruby, Nora, and Ren chasing Nora along with the weapons all left," Crocea Mors told her.

"What!?" Weiss looked around for Ruby and the others and noticed that they were gone as well, "Grgh, why does no one listen to me?"

"Well now that I won't feel guilty about it anymore I'm gonna leave while Weiss is speaking mid-sentence," Yang said.

"What's that supposed to me-… Y-Yang!" Weiss yelled at her when she started walking away.

"Where we going?" Ember asked her.

"Anywhere that's not here," Yang said.

"Ah," Pyrrha suddenly spoke up, "Well maybe-."

"Your weapons left the second Yang did," Crocea told her.

"Sigh, of course," Pyrrha said.

"I'll keep an eye on them, they shouldn't be hard to look after," Crocea Mors offered.

"Really? Are you sure? I don't want to keep you from your time with Jaune," Pyrrha told her.

"I'm not ready to speak to him yet," Crocea Mors said, "Besides I owe you for keeping him alive."

"Ah… you… you were alive during that?" Pyrrha questioned.

"That depends on what you call alive," Crocea Mors said, "I wouldn't have called myself sentient at the time."

"What else do you remember?" Pyrrha questioned.

"You unlocking his aura," Crocea Mors said.

"Ah… you remember that," Pyrrha said.

"You don't seem as foolish as the rest, you've seen the power that Jaune's capable of correct?" Crocea Mors asked her.

"Oh yes, he has far more reserves of it than most others have," Pyrrha said.

"And that's just the tip of the iceberg, even far beyond what other Arcs in the family had they were nothing compared to what Jaune has. Don't you think we should be a bit worried?" Crocea asked her.

"Of Jaune? Ah… you're worried that he'll go mad with power," Pyrrha said, "Jaune's a nice person, too nice sometimes I'll admit. I doubt very much he'll turn into a force of evil," Pyrrha said.

"Despite your skills you're still inexperienced. I met people who were as nice as nuns giving out candy, but once they got a taste of power they soon turned into monsters that… well let's just say half the children became orphans and the other half became gone."

"Dust," Pyrrha said horrified, "Though… do you really think Jaune will become anything like that?"

"You never know," Crocea Mors said.

The two looked at Jaune who was speaking to Weiss, the smug smirk he had on his face meant he was trying to make a move on her.

*SMACK* Once he finished speaking Weiss slapped him across the face. Myrtenaster got in between Jaune and Weiss and apologized profusely to Jaune. Weiss then told Myrtenaster something.

*SMACK* Then Myrtenaster slapped Jaune across the face before the other two left in a huff.

"Okay… maybe I am overestimating him," Crocea Mors suddenly felt shame, "I'm going to go watch your weapons," she said taking off.

"Alright," Pyrrha said, "Perhaps I shoulAHH!" she was suddenly picked up. Magnhild had snuck up on her and placed her on his shoulder. Then one of the Stormflower Twins climbed up on her and got on her shoulders as well.

"More fun lessons!" Nora cheered sitting on the opposite Shoulder with the other twin on her, "Ruby and Crescent Rose are alone together in the streets of Vale… therefore we need to…?" she trailed off.

"U-Uh… um?" Pyrrha stuttered still surprised at what just happened.

"Spy on them!" Nora finished for her, "It's okay we're here to learn."

"What are they doing?" a Stormflower twin asked her.

"If we're lucky, something embarrassing!" she declared.

"N-Nora, I can walk," Pyrrha said.

"That's boring talk! We ride!" Nora said.

"NORA!" Ren yelled at her.

"No hablo Vacuo stranger!" Nora called, "Go! Go!"

"Flab si boda!" Magnhild cried running off.

"meh," Jaune grunted watching his team run off, "… you doing anything?"

"… sure," Blake answered.

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