Authoress: Michelle C.

Date: October 20, 2002

Series: Inu-Yasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale

Disclaimers: I don't own any of the characters (I haven't created one for this fic and I really don't think I'm going to.) but *points to the gagged and tied Miroku behind her* I shall borrow a few of the kind and wonderful folks in Inu-Yasha if Ms. Takahashi does not object ^ ^ Now, on with my li'l ficcy!

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From the Last Chapter:

            Sango shivered violently and the frail restraints that she had created earlier collapsed. She sobbed into the monk's strong torso, causing him to hug her even closer. "Cry, Sango. Just cry." 'Cry to your heart's content. I'm here for you and I'll be here for as long as I can…'

Haunted Dream: Toritsukarete_iru_Yume

Chapter 3

            Sango blinked her eyes slowly open as she saw the last of the soft blues and pinks of early dawn tint the sky. She shifted position slightly and noticed that she was wrapped in… warm cloth and… flesh? She looked up to see Miroku's soft violet eyes looking down into her own coffee-colored eyes. Miroku smiled. "Good morning, Sango," he said softly to the taiji-ya half in his arms and half in his lap. "Sleep well?"

            Sango, noticing that she was still in the same awkward position as the night before, quickly scrambled off the monk (much to his disappointment) and blushed a shade darker than Inu-Yasha's fire-rat cloak. "H-hai," Sango said. "Arigatou for listening to me, houshi-sama," she said quickly before standing up.

            "Iie mondai, Sango," Miroku said while stretching. "Help me up?" he asked innocently.

            Sango extended her hand to him and tugged him to his feet, her head still a little fogged up by sleep, and suddenly felt the monk's hand on a part of her other than her hand.


            *Twitch.* (A/N: One of my strange stabs at humor here. Give me some credit, huh? I'm trying my best.)

            "HENTAI!!!!!" Kagome heard Sango shriek angrily.

            Inu-Yasha, being only a couple of trees away, dropped to the ground face first as the birds previously residing in his tree took flight.

            Sango huffed back to the house where Kagome was, leaving a huge red handprint on the monk's face. "Hi, Sango," said Kagome, trying to hold back a giggle but that being about as effective as the first arrows that she shot.

            "What's so funny, Kagome-chan?" asked Sango, slightly irritated.

            Kagome stifled a giggle and pointed to the tree where Inu-Yasha was sitting (note the was). Inu-Yasha was dangling weakly by his foot, having nearly fallen a second time when Sango slapped Miroku, the loud noise alarming the rest of the remaining birds from the tree. Sango nearly laughed too as she saw the poor hanyou with twigs, leaves, and some dirt in his hair from his last fall. She thought she even saw a couple of feathers (^-^). Inu-Yasha crossed his arms and growled. "SANGO! KAGOME! SHUT THE HELL UP AND GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!" he yelled, his voice at full volume.

            Sango, not being able to hold back her amusement any further, burst out laughing, not caring that much if Inu-Yasha decided to use her later as a scratching post. Kagome soon joined in. Shortly afterward Shippô, who was still asleep until the girls started totally laughing at Inu-Yasha, and ended up laughing as well, to the poor half-demon-in-a-tree's dismay. "I'M GOING TO RIP YOU APART YOU LITTLE BRAT! GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!!! NOW!! I SWEAR," Inu-Yasha's hollering continued, "ONCE I GET DOWN, YOU ARE SO DEAD!!!" A few minutes after the disgruntled half-dog demon was 'helped' out of the tree by Miroku's staff, Inu-Yasha tore after the poor monk, only to be brought to a halt by a super loud, "Sit" and a face full of dirt; following that was just another wave of laughter by everybody.

            Up in the peaks of the snow topped mountains that Inu-Yasha and the gang were by, a herder heard the words 'rip apart' echo and got the chills; a small village at the foot of that same mountain heard the word 'dead' and prayed to their gods that they weren't going to die; a small colony of water nymphs heard something like a 'sit', and they all heard a loud *thump* as if something was slammed to the ground.

Authoress' Notes: *Sighs* Finally, I finished. Sorry if the ending was totally stupid and idiotic, but that's me and also, I really wanted to finish this fic. Don't get my wrong or anything, I totally love this fic (and the reviewies, thankie-thankie) but I do have other fics going and I want to work on them too. (I would do all of them, but see, this thing called 'school' *shudders* takes about 7 hours of my day and then I have piano for nearly an hour, and… Sorry, I'm babbling again o.o''')