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Bella ran away from home when she learnt Victoria was looking for her. She disappears for 6 years and then she is crossing Montana she meets Peter Whitlock and they find out they're mates. Their bond is Unbreakable. Will the Cullen's do anything to get her back? Only time will tell…


March 16th 2006

La Push

"Why are you so busy?" Bella asks her werewolf friend Jacob Black

Jacob had picked up the pieces of her broken heart from Edward who left her.

"We are chasing a red-haired leech. She keeps escaping from us", Jacob replies

Bella tries not to look alarmed. Victoria was after her.

"I need to go home", Bella says walking to her truck

"Where are you going?" Jacob asks following her, "I thought we were spending the day together"

"I just remembered I need to do something. Goodbye Jacob", Bella says getting into her truck and driving away

She knew what she had to do. She had to leave Victoria will hopefully follow her. Bella drives to the bank and withdrew all her savings and her collage fund the money came up to 9,000 dollars. That will get her a start till she finds a job far away from Forks. She goes home and packs everything she held special. Her books, not the clothes Alice gave her she didn't like them. She packed everything else and pack it in the back of her truck. She hides it with a cover over it.

Her father comes home at 5 and Bella makes him a final dinner before she leaves.

"Dad you know I love you right?" Bella asks

"I know Bells. I love you too", Charlie says hugging his daughter

"See you", Bella says as Charlie goes to bed

Bella goes to her truck and gets in. She looks at her house for a second before leaving. She hoped that Victoria would follow her and not go after the people she loved. That was why she was doing this. When everyone woke up they will know she was missing. She would need to get a fake ID as soon as possible. She reached the Forks sign and sighed hopefully they will come to terms with her leaving. So she starts to car again and drives away hoping Victoria will follow her…

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