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Sam finds Bella in the forest after Edward breaks her heart. He imprints on her but it is more than an imprint it is an Unbreakable Soul Bond. Two Souls connected together forever. Neither can be apart from the other for long. What happens when the Cullen's return?

Chapter .1.

Sam, Jared and Paul were looking through the forest for the vampire girl Isabella Swan. They had spilt up to look for her and still had come up with nothing. Until Sam catches her scent Strawberry, Peach, Honey and lilies. He finds it drawing and calming. He quickly follows the scent to find a girl with Brown hair curled up under a tree. This had to be Bella.

"I found her. Come to me", Sam thinks before changing to his human form

"Bella are you hurt?" Sam asks the girl

Bella looks up and Sam feels the most intense pull to her like it was not gravity connecting him to the earth but her. Bella was feeling the same her heart had healed just by looking at him. They stared at each over for 5 minutes before Sam had to be near her. He slowly approaches and she watches him. He takes her hand and sparks fly. Bella and Sam were feeling the most intense feelings they had ever had.

"I am Sam Joshua Uley", Sam says gently

"Isabella Marie Swan", Bella says feeling a lot better

"It is a pleasure to meet you Bella", Sam says still holding her hand

"How did you find me?" Bella asks

"Promise me you won't freak out", Sam says

"I have been known not to freak out", Bella says with a small smile

She was feeling a whole lot better with Sam.

"I am a werewolf. I change into one when I am angry or at will. We protect La Push", Sam says nervously waiting for her reaction

"So those legends are true too. Anything else I should know?" Bella asks

"When a werewolf finds their mate they call it imprinting. I have imprinted on you", Sam says

Bella gasps, "What does that mean?"

"It means you're me mate. When I mark you, you will stop aging like me. I will never do anything to hurt you. I will love you unconditionally forever. No other woman will interest me but you", Sam explains

"I will need time to think. But I do like you Sam", Bella says with a smile

"Our Imprint is different and I will talk to the elders about it. Ours is stronger then what one of my pack mates has", Sam replies

"How many in your pack?" Bella asks

"3 altogether. I am alpha of the pack. But others will join us soon. The signs are showing", Sam explains

"I would lick to meet them. But my father must be worried. Can you take me home?" Bella asks

Sam scoops her up in his arms and begins to walk.

"You're warm", Bella comments

"It is part of being a wolf", Sam explains

They were soon at the edge of the forest and Sam puts her down.

"Let me escort you too your father so he knows you're safe", Sam says

"Ok. Thank you Sam for finding me", Bella says standing up on her toes and kissing his cheek

Sam feels warmth got through him from the kiss and he liked it. Sam grabs her hand and kisses it.

"I look forward to getting to know you sweetheart", Sam says

Bella blushes, "I am looking forward to getting to know you too"

"Ok let's get you to your father", Sam says leading her out of the woods

He sees his pack brothers giving him a raised eyebrow. But Sam gave them a look telling them he will tell them later.

"Bells!" Charlie shouts rushing to her

"Sorry to worry you dad. I got lost", Bella says

"Thank you Sam for finding her", Charlie says shaking Sam's hand

"It was no trouble Chief Swan. Would you mind if I come and visit Bella some time?" Sam asks hopefully he didn't want to be without her or apart for long.

"Of course. As long as it is alright with Bella", Charlie says looking at his daughter

"It is fine with me", Bella says smiling at Sam

"Let's get you inside and warmed up", Charlie says leading her to the house

"See you Sam", Bella says

"I will be back tomorrow", Sam promises

"I will be waiting", Bella says as she goes inside

"Why did you take so long boss?" Paul asks

"I imprinted", Sam replies

Both boys jaws drop.

"On the vampire girl", Paul says earning him a smack from Sam around his head

"She is not a vampire girl anymore. She is a wolf girl and I order you to treat her with respect", Sam orders

"Ok Sam. Let's get home", Jared says

"Can you stop by Billy's and tell him I need a council meeting tomorrow morning about my Imprint", Sam replies

"Sure see you later", Jared says

They both go into the woods and phase and begin to run to La push

Sam didn't feel like going home he didn't want to leave his imprint so he went into the forest to keep watch till morning came and he had to go to the council meeting…

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