Nick was smart enough to stay away from the annual evaluations. It's just too bad he wasn't smart enough not to take a bet with Wu without knowing the stakes.

"I lost?!"

"I guess you didn't know that Wu was a champion paperclip football player," Hank said.

It was true. He'd hit through the goalposts every time. Nick had mostly broken his paperclips. Damn that Grimm strength sometimes.

Nick sighed. "So what's the forfeit?"

"You have to participate in this year's intramural sports tournament," Wu cackled.

"What? No! I'm busy that week."

"Do you even know what dates it is?"

"I'm busy whenever it is."

"Nope. You lost the bet, you pay the price. Bwa ha ha."

"Which sport?"

"All of them."

"All of them?"

"Weelll… definitely the martial arts one. And track. Shooting. Swimming."

"How are you choosing all of these?"

"Well, the fighting is obvious. I've seen you run. I've seen your shooting scores at the range. And I heard you were underwater for a very long time rescuing the Mahario girl, so you should be good at swimming. Plus Laurie down in booking bribed me to see you in a swimsuit."

Nick groaned. Wu chortled. Hank made bad puns: "If all the women see you as a puppy, would the swimming competition make you a wet dog?"


I have no plans, at present, to continue with the sports competitions. If anyone wants to write it themselves, feel free, but please be sure to let me know. I'd love to read it.