"NO! nononononononono NO!"

"Urushihara! Stop yelling this instant!"

"But Ashiya! I've been hacked!"

"Hacked?" Maou crawled over to the computer where Lucifer was yelling at it.

"What do you mean, 'hacked'?"

"I mean, somebody is better than me-" "wouldn't be a first." "Shut up Ashiya! And they have been messing with me!"

"Hmm…what do you mean?" Maou asked, staring in confusion at the screen.

"Somebody has been bidding on things at the last second, so I don't get them, deleting my files, and leaving me stupid messages! He EVEN changed my screensaver!"

"Well," Ashiya came over to inspect it too, "how do you know it is a man? Perhaps it is a female?"

Lucifer scoffed "psshhh, yea right Ashiya, a woman couldn't pull something like this off-"

"I heard that."


Twenty minutes later found the three demons huddled in a corner, an old shirt thrown over the monitor, and the microphone in an udon box hidden under the sink.

"Well, that was terrifying."

"Yea Lucifer, who did you piss-off?"

"ME?!" he screamed, despite Ashiya's warning, "SHE just appeared out of nowhere and started messing with me! She even called me a demon!"

That made Maou stop. "A demon?" he rubbed his chin. "Maybe she knows about us then? Or just insulting you."

"Which isn't hard to do~"


"Hmmm…" Lucifer hummed to himself, getting an idea. "Maybe I can track her… won't be easy tho." He crawled back over to the computer and took the shirt off.

"It would take less time though if I had some actual sustenance-"

"Of course!" said Maou.

"My lord!" exclaimed Ashiya.

"I'll be right back with your extra large- pork bowl!"

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