It was cold at night.

Everybody (Chiho) had gone homes, but Akai. They had put the table away, and laid out their sleeping mats. All except Lucifer, who had his udon-box shelter. However, while Akai had been in the bathroom getting ready for bed and brushing her teeth ecx. There had been noises from the other room that she could not identify.

'What the hell is he doing out there? Making all that noise. Hope it has nothing to do with me…'

She was wrong. It did have to do with her.

Lucifer had remade his little lean-to, and made it bigger, and gotten an extra blanket to line it with. He stood there, just looking at her, with a hand scratching the back of his purple colored head.

"It's um… kinda cold out tonight, and the weather stripping sucks, and I thought you might wanna… you know… share? It's warmer than the floor!" He exclaimed.

She smiled. It was a cute gesture- 'wait, did I just say CUTE?!'- And his stuttering made it even more adorable and comical.

I walked over to him and smiled, crawling inside. Indeed, it was warmer, and much comfier than the overpass, plus much less Noisy!

He crawled in behind me, and just laid there. I could tell he was tense, and I just knew what he wanted.



I smiled.

"Just go ahead and do it."

I could feel his smirk, as he laid his head against my shoulder, and wrapped his arms around my middle. I placed one arm under my head, and laid the other on top on his hand. His hands and skin were soft, just like I remembered. He had killed people. I had personally witnessed his rip out peoples LUNGS with those hands, shoot off endless spells, hell, he even arm-wrestled Saber!

Saber was one of our troops, a spiny and thorny thing. Yelgh.

I let myself feel warm in his embrace, just like floating on clouds, before we had fallen. We would lie there, watching the white wisps of clouds and the air go by in the turquoise and robin's-egg blue sky, laughing and dreaming.

I soon let the world of sleep take over me.

Akai's dream-

"Cold. I hate the cold!" I growled as we were seizing a fortress. We were living in the snow and ice. Lucifer had been stationed here with our armies. This was one of the last standing strongholds for the humans. But it was so friggin' COLD! I hate COLD!

I stood diligently next to my general, as he watched the armies continue their work. It had been going on for this for 3 days now, and didn't show signs of stopping very soon.

"You hate the cold." He said nonchalantly, not even sideways looking at me.

"Yes." I said.

"Here." He took off his outer jacket and caringly wrapped it around my shaking shoulders.

It was in that moment that I realized it.

I loved him.