A/N: Hey all! I'm back with a quick story for you, short chapters and what not. I figured I'd try my hand at something a little different this time and go my own way a bit. This is more of an experimental fic because I'm testing the waters on a few things. I was originally going to write this entire story together and post it all together, but it's about 3 A.M. and school starts in about four days so I should probably start controlling my nocturnal tendencies. I hope you at least enjoy this guys, I've got two of probably three chapters done right now so I'll see you in about ten minutes.

"Hey Cat, whatcha doin?" I asked as I walked through door to find my pint-sized love ball hunched over the kitchen island.

"Nothin I'm just-OH, SAM, YOU'RE HOME!" She screamed while she quickly rid her hands of a small piece of paper she appeared to be working hard on.

"Uh.. yeah I'm home, who else would just walk in here and ask what you're doing?" I laughed and raised an eyebrow. "You know we've been locking the door now ever since I walked in and found you-"

"Dont speak of it!" Cat shrieked, her cheeks beginning to redden.

"Alright, alright.. I'm just saying its perfectly normal to explore your own body and it was actually really, really ho-"


Cat began walking to our bedroom until I stopped her.

"Cat don't leave! I'm just messing with ya, I'm sorry.. red."

I giggled at my half hearted apology and my slight reference to her face, which now started to match her hair.

"Why ya gotta be so mean for?" She pouted.

"Ahh you know I love you." I said as I smiled and walked towards her for a hug and a kiss.

She linked her hands behind my head and returned the affection.

"Yeah, some love." She joked as she pulled away and walked back to the kitchen, nonchalantly transferring the paper I'd caught her scribbling on from a drawer to her back pocket.

Curious, I decided to question her.

"So uh.. what's that?" I asked pointing to her pocket.

"What's what?" She asked honestly.

"What's stickin' out of your pocket there Miss Caterina?"

Her eyes began to widen and her hands reached the paper like lightening, proceeding to shove it down the garbage disposal and grind it to pulp.

I sat at the counter with my mouth open, confused and mildly surprised at how fast she can move.

"..I'm assuming you didn't want me to know what that paper said." I responded.

Cat shook her head violently and searched for an excuse to her behavior.

"What? What paper? I think you need a nap Sam, a long nap. Maybe a two to three hour nap should do the trick. You run along and nap the day away. In fact I'll just-"


"-go to the store to get some shopping done, I mean someone's gotta do it hehe.."

She furrowed her eyebrows and looked around the room as if searching for a way to escape.

"Cat, beautiful, are you okay?" I asked slightly concerned, beginning to approach her.

"I'm fine Sam! I just have to run to the store for a few hours." She said as she sped walked to the door.

"Um okay, I'm not doing anything so I'll go with yo-"

"NO no no no no that's okay Sammy, you stay right here and be you, I'll be back in a few hours hehe byeee!"

Her words left her mouth as if she tried to fit them into one syllable and she rushed out the door as she finished her exiting announcement.

I was left confused and concerned. What could she possibly be doing that'll take a few hours? And at the store? I know she loves shopping, but she's never acted like this about it before.

In my state of confusion, I naturally began to wander around the kitchen until something on Cat's kitten calendar caught my eye. I squinted at the calendar until my eyes began to widen at what I noticed. There it was, right in front of me for who knows how long now, and I forgot about it. Smack dab in the middle of the month was a huge red heart surrounding the date of our one year anniversary, which was the next day might I add.

"Ho-ly fuck." I cursed to myself.

How could I be such an idiot? I never, ever, forget anything. I began to realize that this is probably what she had been stressing about, but I don't think she'd wait until the last minute to do or buy anything, but then again she hasn't even brought it up.

After my mild panic attack I started thinking of ways I could pull off the perfect gift In less than twenty-four hours, like a dramatic bouquet of roses, or piles of stuffed animals with bibble rather than chocolate, or some other extravagant gift I'd barely be able to carry. None of these ideas hit home for me though. I was never quite the giving type, obviously, but I figured I'd make an effort for Cat because she's an exception. I honestly do love her, she makes me happy in every way possible, but there's nothing any amount of money can buy that can show her how much she really means to me, so I figured actions were the way to go. Perhaps a nice Italian dinner prepared by moi? Ah Sam, you're smart.

I quickly grabbed my jacket and keys and ran out the door trying to remember the ingredients to one of my favorite Italian meals from when I was a kid. Not spaghetti, but a nice, saucy, ricotta gnocchi followed by a rich, cherry-chocolate mousse. Hey, I know how to cook if I just refresh my memory.

I hopped on my bike and started my journey to the grocery store, possibly making a short run to the jewelry store on the way. I know I said no object can show her what she means to me, but ya know, girls like diamonds..