Harry potter was left to his non-magical aunt and her son and husband. It took years for them to bond as a family but when they did- the magic world forgot about Harry Potter- even the creator of the wards. Harry Potter was adopted into the Dursley family, and when the care checks stopped coming when Harry was 17 he had already moved out. Harry Dursley lived a normal life until twenty when three men burst into his short life. One was handsome, in a non-classical way and behind him were two men with gold masks. He disarmed the two men with masks but was struck in the back and died. It was time for another reset

Harry Potter woke up to his foster parents shouting at each other. He lived a good life- until his father began to drank and his mother did drugs. He remembered the former foster parents who had to give him up so that they could above their means. He wracked his brain trying to remember the name. His fist struck his flat hand as he thought Dursley. He wondered if he would have been better off with them. His father took him to go grocery shopping but was too drunk to drive. He ran 100 mph straight into a building. The explosion that happened was seen for blocks. He died instantly but in that instant- he knew the Dursleys were probably better. He died on the cusp on adult hood at sixteen.

In the end the Dursley's decided to keep Harry and raise him with Dudley. There wasn't always enough food, but they were thrifty and resourceful. They got by but then the wizards came. They were a rather rude duo. The family escaped and it was a few hours later the house was trashed. There was no food to be had so they had to beg a neighbor to give shelter and food while they salvaged what they could. It was then that Vernon found a hate for wizards when in trying to make more money found himself injured on the job. He was paralyzed from the waist down by a loose bolt unhinged a machinery and crushed his legs. To his dying breath he spoke venomously about wizards. Harry and Dudley learned not to say anything but found that the poison that the two wizards spread from them to Vernon to Harry and Dudlely. The wizards didn't bother looking for a suicidal eighteen year old as they had a real hero- Neville Longbottom. Superheroes with superhuman strength and ability are rather a rarity. So when Harry along with Dudley and his friends were held captive by the dark lord- the first and only lasting impression was of a kneeling crawling teen, too broken, and begging for their lives. Neville and Harry along with all his other University friends all died in a out of control fire on campus.

Harry Potter was used to playing second string and was rather good at it. A gifted violin and pianist he shied away from the limelight preferring the deep comfort of anonymity. He hadn't learned that he could do magic- in fact from birth he saw that his Uncle hated it for no particular reason. He did his best to be normal- up until being second string got him and his family killed. A foolish but large portion believed in a prophesy and made it self fulfilling. He died at nineteen, given a quick death, after it was proven that he had no idea- what or who he was. Harry Potter was growing tired of dying so young.

Fearing death at a young age Harry Potter was an exceptional individual. He did everything in his power to stay healthy, germ-free, sick free and live to 110. It wasn't a life well lived. Evading capture in a war torn Britain, he joined a survivalist group to survive. At he age of thirty- the terrorist took over. He became the slave to one Regulus Black. Used for labour and other things he survived to see freedom. Working in the system to destroy it he destroyed himself in the process. At the age of 110, it finally came to an end. He was kept alive by the magic- and in killing Regulus and the Dark Lord he killed himself. Freeing the millions trapped in an eternal pit of misery but at the cost to himself. He was to be a hero but it wasn't meant to be. The claim that a non-magical who worked for the terrorists wouldn't sell so they made a new hero up. Harry Potter wanted to be known.

The past happenings gave Harry a headache. He needed to keep it simple. There were only a few wrinkles to smooth out. Would he be magical, how would Vernon feel about wizards, and at what point would he find out the truth. He closed his eyes and the time wound backwards to when he was two. He wasn't going to be magical, Vernon would hate wizards and at 11 he would be found out as a non-magical. Or at least that's what would have happened with an ordinary life afterwards but instead something extra-ordinary happened. Hogwarts took in a non-magical wizard-born child. He learned potions, of herbology, of runes and arithmacy. He learned how to poison, how to act, and most importantly:how to stop magic. The potions he made to reduce power stripped them, and he made the nullified all outside of the body manifestations in thirty years. He helped make the former magical britain and non-magical Britain- and uniting them to form one body. It worked up until some foreign wizards under the orders of some leader enslaved Britain and made it a puppet state. Harry Potter needed magic.

Harry potter was born as a magic user but not without a cost. Vernon hated it and spread the poison to his son and wife. When tired of him asking about his parents- she said the magic words- she said that they were drunks and died in a car accident killing a few people and injuring more. The words terrified him. He would have been better of with her saying they never loved each other and that his father was selling his mother. He new it was a lie due to a letter he found. She became a gossip monger, infamous for knowing nothing about everyone. Harry potter, felt tears come and didn't even see that he had stepped off of a deep forest gap with a rocky hill to the bottom. Harry potter was dead before his body hit the bottom as a sharp rock cut into his neck as his body pressed down on him compressing him and forcing his neck deeper in the rock. It cut into the neck, tearing his skin to shreds where it struck. He bled out in minutes as it an essential vein. rumptured and he had internal and external woulds that with each heart beat lost more blood. Adrenaline made it beat harder and panic however brief, made him aware then nothing. Even his last thoughts were in defiance as he thought his parents were never drunks but were heroes and the Dursleys could never be trusted.

And there it is... the second chapter... huh... not as hard as I had thought it'd be. Regardless, I would appreciate any thoughts on this , if i have any spelling and/or grammar errors, etc be pointed out.