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"Welcome to another year at Hogwarts" Dumbledore said, his arms raised in welcome, Draco zoned the old headmaster's voice out; he practically always said the same thing every year, what was the point in listening to the old coot?

Draco twisted his pale white fingers, the Dark Lord's words clear in his head, kill Dumbledore or I will kill you. He couldn't kill Dumbledore. He just couldn't. It was preposterous; kill an old man in cold blood? No. His mother raised him better than that. The image of his mother, her blond hair cascading down her slim back, a beauty for her age, but with tortured grey eyes, haunted eyes. The Slytherin shook his head, catching the last words of Dumbledore's speech. "But in the end, their greatest weapon is you". Draco's head shot up, to find that the headmaster's twinkling eyes were focused on him. He knew, Draco realised, he shook his head again, of course Dumbledore knew. He was, well, Dumbledore.

"After the welcome feast, I would like to speak to Mr. Draco Malfoy and Mr. Harry Potter in my office". The Great Hall turned to stare at the two, who glanced at each other, one in open surprise and suspicion, the other in cold calculation, his face betraying no emotion.

Dumbledore was seated behind is antique desk when the two boys entered, they'd maintained a hostile silence their entire trip to his office and intended to pretend that the other wasn't there. "You must be wondering why I brought you here". Harry Potter shrugged nonchalantly, "Honestly, professor, after the years, I've just kind of gone with it". Draco rolled his eyes, honestly, had he no brain of his own? Dumbledore was a genius, no-one could deny it, but to follow him unquestionably, to place all trust in him, like a puppy in its owner. He wouldn't lower himself to that level.

Dumbledore seemed to already know that Draco wasn't going to say anything. Smiling slightly, his eyes twinkling from behind his half-moon glasses. "You are both amazing young men, but you have flaws, you Harry are hot-headed, you'll throw yourself into danger without a thought to save your friends. But you, Draco, you think too much before acting, you calculate then the opportunity is gone." Draco rolled his eyes, "I didn't come here to be told things I already know, Dumbledore," he sneered.

Dumbledore's eyes seemed to twinkle more, "Of course, Mr. Malfoy, of course" Harry glared at the Slytherin; if looks could kill the blond would have been drawn and quartered by then. Dumbledore sighed, "I must apologise, boys, I'd hoped that I could keep this from you. I should have told you sooner, I knew from the moment I met each of you. But I kept telling myself; they're too young to know. It was my excuse for years, but now, I can't deny it. I have no choice but to tell you". Draco sneered "Oh just tell us already". Harry just stared at the professor, the conversation reminding him too much of his conversation about his 'destiny' to kill Voldemort.

Dumbledore look at the two young men before him, "Mr Malfoy, when you were only eleven months old, you were stolen from your nursery. You were given to a couple that despite their efforts, couldn't have the child they wanted. Him as an heir, her simply to love. Your parents searched for you, but you were cloaked from them. One strong illusion n charm and they'd never find you. Your parents didn't live even one month after your kidnapping. They were killed by Lord Voldemort when you were one year old, but your twin survived". Draco glared at the headmaster, "I don't believe a word of it, my parents are alive, I am Narcissa and Lucius Malfoys son". Dumbledore stared at the blond-haired boy. Silently, he waved his wand and a red light surrounded Draco. "This is a parentage spell," Dumbledore said, before two faces appeared before the Slytherin; A ginger haired beauty with startling green eyes and a warm smile and a dark haired man with round glasses. Lily and James Potter.

Draco shook his head. "No" he whispered, his hands gripping his chair so hard his knuckles were white. "No" he repeated. Dumbledore reached out towards the shaking boy, his emotional mask finally shattered. "Draco" he started. Draco glared at the headmaster, his grey eyes blazing. "NO" he yelled, "you're lying, it's not true" he raked a pale hand through his platinum blond hair. Harry was just staring at Draco with his jaw on the floor. Draco began to shake with rage, "I've had enough of people trying to lie to me, professor," he whispered. Dumbledore nodded his head, "I know Draco, that's why I have to tell you the truth". Draco yelled "YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT MY WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE".

Dumbledore looked at him in sympathy, "That's why there's someone here to talk to you". The door opened again to reveal the slim frame of Narcissa Malfoy.

"Mother?" Draco whispered, Narcissa nodded her head, and rested a hand on his shoulder. "Draco, sweetheart, I've wanted to tell you for years, but I would have been killed as well as you. But Draco, I may not have carried you for nine months, or given birth to you, but you'll always be my son." Draco stepped away from Narcissa, "I…I need a moment" before racing out the door.

Harry turned to Dumbledore, "I have a brother?" he asked stupidly, his mind not ready to take in this information. Dumbledore nodded, "we tried to find him, we really did, but the illusion charms were strong and charms had been placed to hide his location. We only found out when you both came to Hogwarts, the way you two would argue, like brothers. James and Lily always used to say that you were polar opposites, and clashed like nothing they'd ever seen, but you balanced each other out perfectly." Harry was frozen, "all these years, you let me think I was alone, that my entire family was dead, and yet I had classes with my own twin?" he whispered, betrayal shining in his expressive green eyes.

When Draco returned, Dumbledore's office was a mess. Ornaments were scattered across the floor, some in pieces, some unbroken. "YOU LIED. AFTER EVERYTHING YOU'VE LIED TO ME" Harry was yelling, "HOW DARE YOU KEEP A BROTHER FROM ME, EVEN IF IT'S DRACO FREAKING MALFOY". Harry collapsed into a chair, shaking. "By all means continue destroying my possessions, I daresay I have too many" Dumbledore said calmly. Draco cleared his throat. "I can't be Potter's brother, we're too different, we're like a…bomb, we'll end up killing each other." Harry nodded, "We're far too different".

Narcissa Malfoy wiped away her tears, "The illusion charm was very powerful so I doubt it'll disappear completely, just parts of your initial characteristics will begin to surface". Draco nodded in defeat, Narcissa began to sob loudly, "Are you going to keep the M-Malfoy surname?" she asked between her heart wrenching sobs. Potter frowned, "No offence, but it'd be really, really weird if you suddenly have my surname, and honestly, I don't want anyone to know just yet". Draco sneered; "Ashamed to be related, Potter?" but he nodded his head in agreement. Dumbledore nodded, "As you wish, Mr Malfoy".

Hermione and Draco shared the head dormitory. It was a disaster waiting to happen. If the student population saw one or both of them dying in the hospital wing before the year was up, they wouldn't be surprised.

Harry, Ron and Hermione sat around the fireplace, lounging in the sofas late that night. Ron shook his head, "so Malfoy is your long lost brother?" he repeated, Hermione rolled her eyes; he hadn't said anything else in the past 10 minutes. Harry nodded, "Yeah, I just…" he paused, "I don't know if I should want to stay as far away from his as possible, or try to find that brotherly bond". Hermione nodded slowly, "You've always wanted a brother" she agreed. Ron stared at the two of them, "Harry, you have brothers: Me, Fred, George, Bill, Charlie and you've also got Ginny. You're part of the Weasley family now, both you and Hermione". Harry sighed, "I know Ron, but it's not the same as a brother by blood, you know, the Weasley's will always be my family, but I've always wanted my parents, I want brothers, sisters". Hermione looked at Harry with understanding caramel eyes, "whatever you choose, Harry, I'll support you, so will Ron" she turned to look at him, "won't you, Ronald?" Ron's eyes widened and he nodded his head quickly, Hermione nodded, "now, if this discussion is finished, I'll be off to bed, before either of you come up with another idea to keep me up all night", before vanishing up the stairs.

No sooner had Hermione disappeared, the portrait opened and Draco stumbled in. Harry's eyes widened when he saw blood across the other man's torso, his face paler than usual. Draco hadn't noticed the two Gryffindors staring at him, he just gripped a chair tightly before slowly making his way towards his room, but he was loosing too much blood; his usually crisp white shirt was soaked with red, and his legs were shaking, slowly his vision began to blur. Dizzy, he stopped for a moment, but his legs collapsed from underneath him. Bracing himself for impact on the rather hard floor, he was surprised to find someone supporting him.

Harry threw Draco's arm around his shoulders, taking his weight and placing him carefully on the sofa. To their surprise, the portrait door was thrown open and Blaise Zabini ran into the common room, "Draco, I heard you had a meeting with…" his voice died when he saw Harry and Ron, his dark face paling. Ignoring their curious stares, he made his way towards Draco. "They've made a mess of you this time," he muttered to himself, taking out a small green bottle. Uncorking it, he dabbed a bit onto some cotton wool he had, before placing it onto the rather large cut on his friend's chest. Still muttering to himself, he fished out a bandage, before carefully levitating Draco a few inches off the sofa, so he could wrap it around Draco's wound.

Harry stared at this scene, "Blaise," he began, the dark-skinned Slytherin turned, "No, Potter, I'm not going to tell you what happened and who did this, Draco told me you're his brother, he'll tell you when he's ready", he looked back at his best friend, "I trust you can get him to his room?" before turned and walking out the head dormitories. Ron began throwing insults at the dark skinned Slytherin, "leave us to do the job, eh?" he yelled. Harry shushed him, "look, Ron" he said, pointing out the multiple scars across Draco's chest. Ron whistled, "Bloody hell".

The commotion downstairs made Hermione walk down the stone stairs again. "Will you two sh-" her voice died when she saw Draco lying limply on the sofa, the blood stained bandage around him chest. "What happened?" she asked, her eyes wide. Harry shrugged, re-counting the events of the past few minutes. When he'd finished, a voice drawled, "Pass my shirt, would you?" The trio turned and stared at the Slytherin, Hermione said shrilly, "you've just been injured, you could have died and the first thing you say is 'pass my shirt'?" Draco rolled his eyes, "As much as I would love to sit here showing off my bandaged chest, I'm cold", Hermione sighed, muttering insults under her breath. Ron saw that neither of his friends was going to get Draco a shirt, Harry because he wanted to talk to him, Hermione because she was in shock. Ron sighed, getting up; he walked towards Draco's room, showing an unusual amount of maturity.

Harry stared at his brother, "Malfoy, what happened?" Draco looked at Harry with cold eyes, "I'm not a Malfoy," Harry glared at Draco, "I've just found out that you're my brother, now you come back to your dormitory covered in blood, and Blaise comes in looking like he was prepared for these injuries, Mal-..Draco, you're my brother, I'm not just going to let you be injured like this". Draco stared at Harry, indecision in his eyes, Harry sat beside him on the sofa, "tell me," he urged. Draco's lips pressed close together. Ron quietly re-entered the common room, throwing a new white shirt towards the Slytherin. Draco caught it due to his quidditch reflexes. He winced slightly as he put it on due to his new wound.

Suddenly, Draco frowned as he began feeling strange. He began to shake slightly, Harry touched his shoulder, but Draco threw him off, "get away" he muttered. Hermione grabbed Harry, pulling him back. "It's the disillusionment charm, it's weakening, I've read about this". Draco glared at her, "yes, and did you also read how painful it is?" he groaned and pressed his palms to his eyes, rubbing them to try and alleviate some of the pain. Right before theGryffindors' eyes, Draco's hair darkened to a dirty blond, his grey eyes tinged with green and his skin tanning slightly to the same shade as Harry. Draco relaxed slightly, "please tell me that's all, my eyes feel like they're on fire," he groaned. Hermione, ever the intellectual, replied, "Well, Malfoy, it's unlikely due to the strength of the spell, you'll end up with characteristics of the Potters and of the Malfoys".

Ron stared at Draco, "how are you going to hide the fact that you're not a Malfoy now?" he asked, Draco groaned again, "let people think what they want, I'm not revealing it until I know for certain that Lucius doesn't have spies here". Harry frowned, "Spies?" Draco nodded, "He sometimes get people to spy on me, I guess I know why now - he never wanted me to know about my real parents". Ron look confused "wait why?" Hermione sighed in exasperation, "Because if Malfoy knew his heritage, then what's to say his loyalties won't change in the war? What's to say that he won't reveal all their plans?" Draco nodded, "he always was a paranoid bastard".

Harry looked at Draco, "what was it like, living with a family?" Draco raised his eyebrows; "you'll get the happy version if you ask Weasley,"

"I asked you"

"well, Narcissa took care of me, but Lucius, he was often drunk and hit her, the first time he used a cruciatus curse on me I was six, because I accidentally broke a vase due to accidental magic. Lucius is a…violent man, I've probably got about a dozen scars from him". Harry's 'big brother' instinct kicked in, his protective streak, "I'm going to kill him". Draco rolled his eyes, "shut up and listen, you git, or did you not want to know?"

Harry turned his green eyes to his brother's grey, seeing the green specks. "When the Dark Lord came back during fourth year, he stayed in Malfoy Manor, when Lucius was asked to do something, no matter what it was, he'd do it. He allowed the Dark Lord to torture me, my mother, allowed death eaters to rape her, and I could do nothing to stop him, there were so many nights where I was locked in my room, without my wand, trying to get out because of my mother's screams" Draco looked up, "Do you know what that does to a kid? I was freaking 7 when my so-called father began torturing me, I was 14 when my mother was first raped, and Lucius just let it happen, I couldn't ask questions, I couldn't even question what he taught me, if I did, it was torture for me. Sometimes I took my mother's tortures, to her protest of course, but I couldn't just let him hurt her like that".

The trio stared at the Slytherin in shock; they couldn't believe that Draco Malfoy, of all people, would be so selfless. Draco's eyes were now strangely expressive. Harry clenched his fists, "What happened tonight?"

Draco glared at Harry, "It's none of your business, Potter" trying to stand up to get to his room. His legs shook from the strain of supporting himself and Draco nearly collapsed, only Harry's firm grip on his arm held him up. Harry gently put him back on the sofa, "I'm your brother, your older brother, and I will not allow anything to happen to you, so if you come back here soaked in blood I want names". Draco sneered at the boy who lived, "I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, and according to Dumbledore you're only three minutes older".

"I'm still older".

Hermione placed a calming hand on Harry's shoulder, "Harry, he's exhausted, you should let him be for tonight". Harry shook her hand off him, "Draco you tell me now or I swear I will call Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall and demand that you be put into protection". Draco glared at his brother in anger, pressing his lips together. "Tell me" Harry said softly, his green eyes pleading. Draco shook his head, his lips turning white from pressing them together so hard. Harry took his brother's shoulders, "How many times do I have to tell you? You're my brother and I'm not just going to sit here idly while you're being tortured, I've just found out I've got a brother and I'll be damned if I loose him less than 24 hours after finding him". Draco sneered at the other man, "I'm not going to tell you, Potter".

Ron glared at the Slytherin, "he's a deatheater" he said his eyes boring into Draco's, "he's not going to betray his precious Lord Voldemort", Draco lunged at the red head, wanting to punch the ginger into a bloody pulp, "you don't understand what I've been through" he growled. Hermione pulled him back to the sofa and sat on his other side, sandwiching him between the two Gryffindor's he'd hated throughout his younger years. She wouldn't be doing it if she hadn't promised Harry she'd support him. "Help us understand," she urged. But the Slytherin leapt to his feet again, storming up the stone staircase, slamming his dormitory door behind him.

Harry put his head in his hands, "We only found out two hours ago and I'm already messing up the big brother role" he groaned, Hermione put a hand on his shoulder, "he'll open up more, Harry, you heard how much he said today, I swear that was the most he said about something other than how perfect he is, he just needs time to get used to having a brother". Harry nodded and gave Hermione a hug, "I'll talk with him tomorrow" he said in defeat, before following Ron out the head dormitory.