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The news of the new Slytherin-Gryffindor twins spread quickly throughout Hogwarts, Slytherins sneered at Draco as he past but the younger ones never tried to tease him - they had seen what the former Slytherin prince had done to others.

Draco and Harry had spent almost every night sitting in the head common room talking and had grown almost inseparable. Draco had tried to be more pleasant towards Hermione, but years of (quite vicious) bullying and arguments were hard to forget.

Harry took his role as the older brother very seriously, something that annoyed Draco to no end. Although inside, he loved how much effort his brother would go to be sure he was safe; he'd never really felt that in his life.

"Oi, Potter" a voice shouted over the grand hall. Harry looked up questioningly, and was surprised to see Theodore Nott stood up at the Slytherin table. Nott completely ignored Harry's gaze, instead staring down his own table to where Draco, Blaise and Pansy were sitting apart from the rest.

Draco glanced at Nott before raising a blonde eyebrow at the Slytherin. "You're a filthy blood traitor and a disgrace to the Slytherin house!" Nott yelled across the now silent hall. Pansy opened her mouth to retort, but Draco shushed her, "go on, Nott" he drawled, completely unaffected by the boy's taunts. Harry was seething, wanting to get out there and punch the good for nothing bastard who was insulting his brother. But Hermione pushed him down, "he's had more experience dealing with them, Harry, if things get out of hand then you can interfere, but he'll get annoyed if you leap up and save him every time someone so much as speaks to him". Harry grumbled, but nodded reluctantly.

Nott sauntered forwards, no doubt he fancied himself the new Slytherin prince. Draco rolled his eyes. "You're a disgrace to the Slytherin house, you've broken the basic rule of Slytherin – being a pureblood, you're nothing but a muggle-loving, half-blooded traitor and you're dragging down Blaise and Pansy too". The Slytherins behind Theo nodded their agreement. Draco only smirked, "Is this a challenge of authority?" he asked innocently, but the Gryffindors could see the fire, anger and annoyance in his eyes. Theo was oblivious to his opponent's emotions and continued making comments that really, only got him into more trouble. "Slytherin is a pure-blooded house, you have contaminated us and we have taken a vote – we want you out".

The Great Hall broke out into whispers, but Draco simply stared at his "friend". "You think you're better than me because I'm apparently a half-blood", he stated. "Your mother was a filthy little mudblood" Nott retorted.

Theo stopped right in front of Draco, smirking slightly; he was a bigger build than the blond, as he was built like a bull whereas Draco was more slender but maybe an inch or two taller. Draco didn't seem phased by the obvious disadvantage in build. Theo smirked at the other Slytherin; sure his opponent would step away and give him the authority of the house. But when Draco simply raised an eyebrow, he snarled and reached for his wand.

Let's just say he was far too slow; before his hand was even in his pocket, Draco had pressed his own wand against Theo's throat. "I can do things to you that your puny little brain couldn't even imagine," he hissed. Harry could almost see the pure power that was oozing out of his twin, the sheer aura of magic that surrounded him. He wasn't joking.

Nott's eyes were panicked, but he still replied, "You wouldn't dare". Draco cocked his head to the side, in a seemingly innocent gesture before leaning in and whispering into Theo's ear. Theo paled and backed away, his eyes wide and his hands raised in surrender.

Draco nodded slightly to himself and sat back down, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred.

Hermione gave Harry an I-told-you-so look before turning back to her lunch. "Ron, let's go practise some quidditch" Harry muttered, pulling his red-haired best friend out of the door. Hermione simply rolled her eyes.

Draco's eyes followed his brother as Harry left, he knew that Harry had wanted to intervene, but Draco had wanted to prove that he was perfectly capable of looking after himself. He raised an eyebrow at Hermione, who simply shrugged at him. He saw a little fight going on inside the Gryffindor princess, but she seemed to reach a conclusion and stood up. The rest of the hall stared at her as she walked towards the Slytherin table. Draco couldn't help but smirk (rather proudly) as the bushy-haired Gryffindor ignored the scathing looks from the rest of the Slytherin house; instead she sat down next to Draco, opposite Pansy and Blaise.

"I think Harry's just a tad annoyed that I stopped him from intervening, he doesn't like the thought of you getting hurt Draco, he's lost so much already that I think he's going to be stuck to you like glue for, probably, the rest of the school year". Draco groaned, "I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself," he growled. Pansy and Blaise shared a look, "Look, I know that you hate being looked after, Draco" Pansy started, "but maybe it's time to let Harry keep an eye out for you now, it'll make him feel better and maybe he'll lay off after a little while". Hermione nodded in agreement, "I'll talk to him if you want" she offered. Draco shook his head, "Nah, I'll do it. Where did he go?"

Harry calmed himself as he flew through the crisp air, his firebolt zipping up and down the quidditch field as he searched for the snitch. He knew that he overreacted earlier, but he just didn't want anyone to get near his little brother, even if his little brother was perfectly able to take care of himself. He shook his head in surprise when he saw Draco fly up next to him. "Harry" he greeted, nodding. Harry grinned at his brother, but the Slytherin didn't respond. "We need to talk" was all Draco said in reply to his brother's greeting. Harry nodded, landing his broom with Draco landing close by, and summoned the golden snitch.

"Look Harry, I know that you want to protect me, but you've got to lay off just a bit" Draco began, "I'm just as powerful a wizard as you, and I have way more experience dealing with Slytherins, besides, if this continues people will think I'm weak, and then Slytherin would just collapse". Harry pursed his lips, "I just don't want to see you get hurt, I saw you appear with a cut on your chest the day I found out you were my brother, your father torturing you, and all those little tricks your Slytherin 'friends' keep playing on you where you end up with a twisted ankle or something, I just want that to stop". Draco sighed, "Nothing is going to stop that, Harry, I've dealt with it for years, I don't need you to protect me" he said.

Harry turned green eyes to him, "you don't need me?" he asked, his rather explosive anger getting the better of him, "You don't need me to put protective charms on you every morning so Nott doesn't do something like break your arm, you don't need me to keep an eye on you wherever you go to make sure some deatheater doesn't kill you, you don't need me to just be a older brother to you?"

Draco opened his mouth in shock, "You know I don't mean-", but Harry was on a roll. "If that's how you feel, then have a nice time without me, Malfoy".

Draco stared in shock as Harry spun around and made his way back to the castle. He tried to run after his brother, but his brain wasn't working; did his brother practically disown him?

Draco collapsed onto the muddy quidditch field, in shock. What had he done?

The twins didn't realise that another person had witnessed their exchange. "Perfect" a voice cackled. Seeing Draco kneeling in the mud, staring at his hands, the person knew it was the perfect time to act.

"Petrificus Totalus" the person hissed. The witch stood over Draco's now frozen form, "Night, night, little Drakie" she cackled again, before grabbing the defenceless teenager and apparating away.

Draco's friends didn't notice his disappearance until the next morning, as they all assumed he was with another friend. The Great Hall was shocked into silence (which was happening quite a lot recently) when Harry roared, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE'S GONE?"

Draco wasn't in his comfortable bed in the head's dormitory, that much he knew. He glanced around; taking in the high stonewalls of the room and the iron bars ahead of him. His arms were chained to the wall and he couldn't help but think how medieval that was, I mean, seriously, iron bars and tied to a wall? "Aw, poor little Drakie's awake" a voice he knew all too well, said from behind the bars. He looked up and stared defiantly at his Aunt Bellatrix.

Bellatrix smirked at him, "You're lucky the Dark Lord has said not to lay a finger on you, you're all reserved for him". Draco's eyes widened, he would much, much rather every other deatheater tortured him one by one than Voldemort himself – he was known to break you within minutes, leaving nothing but a shell of your old self.

Draco didn't let any of his fear show on his face; he knew it would only give Bellatrix more pleasure. Draco closed him eyes, 'Harry, please, please find me' he thought, wishing the conversation the night before hadn't happened.

Harry, Hermione, Ron, Blaise and Pansy were all in the head dormitory, along with Ginny and Neville. "You're sure he's not in he's not in the castle?" Ginny asked again, looking over the Marauder's Map. Hermione nodded, "We also checked the Room of Requirement just to make sure, he's not in Hogwarts". Harry collapsed onto the coach, his head in his hands. Ginny was at his side in a second, gathering him into her arms. "We'll find him, Harry, we will" she assured him. Harry's head hung, "I practically disowned him last night," he whispered, his fingers tangling in his already unruly hair.

Draco fought off the deatheater's hands as they tried to drag him to the Dark Lord – he wouldn't let himself be humiliated like that.

Voldemort was in an armchair facing towards the fire, away from the door, when Draco was thrown in. "Draco" the man, if you could call him that, greeted him. Voldemort gestured to an armchair next to him lazily. Draco wearily made his way forwards, waiting for the burst of pain to come. But it didn't come.

Voldemort turned to the blond, "Draco, you're an intelligent young man," he started, his voice surprisingly soft for someone of his level of evil, which somehow made him seem more threatening, "I know you'll make the right choice when I ask you a question later, but first, how is your school going?" Draco stared at Voldemort in shock and suspicion, what was the man's game?

The strange question and answer session went on for another hour, Draco was going mental with the wait until the torture started, and he was unnerved by Voldemort's snake-like features and his pale white skin. He flinched slightly when Voldemort turned to him, "When are you going to kill Dumbledore?" He asked, seemingly in indifference, but Draco saw the small tightening of his fingers on the armrests of the chair, "Uh," he smattered, "Dumbledore?" he cursed himself for even thinking that Voldemort would just let him forget about killing the headmaster, for thinking that he could get away from it. "You remember what happens if you don't" Voldemort replied, smiling slightly when Draco's eyes widened.

"I…I won't do it" Draco smattered; he knew that Harry would be devastated if his beloved headmaster were to die. 'He doesn't even care about you' Draco thought to himself, 'he won't miss me'. Voldemort didn't seem surprised at his rejection, "are you certain?" he said instead, fingering his 13½ inch yew wand, Draco recalled it having a phoenix feather core. Draco took a deep breath, "I am certain". Voldemort seemed to look slightly disappointed, "So be it" he said before raising his wand at the other Slytherin, Draco closed his eyes, waiting for the pain.