AN: So I decided to start a drabble collection, hopefully I will post more than one. This one I am using specifically to get my muses working again. They've been sluggish and lackadaisical over the holidays and I'm cracking the whip.

I was watching the Last Dragonlord and made a correlation between something Balinor said and Merlin's decision to have mercy on Kilgarrah so here's a short drabble on my thoughts.

"You have her kindness."

Merlin stared at the dragon, the lance held tightly in his hand, so tight that his knuckles turned white. Kilgarrah would not look him in the eye. He was afraid, but Merlin took no pleasure in that. Kilgarrah deserved to die after all the innocent lives he had taken, but when the time came for Merlin to exact justice, those words from his father pierced his thoughts.

"You have her kindness."

Merlin was not merely a dragon lord. No he was not merely his father's son. He had been raised by a kind and merciful woman. A woman who defied Uther to take in a stranger, who had fallen in love with that man and then lost him. A woman who was brave and kind. Merlin wanted to be like his father, but he also wanted to remember the qualities his mother taught him as well. She taught him how to be the man that he was.

Merlin thrust the spear at the dragon threateningly, Kilgarrah flinched away, but the spear did not touch him. "Leave! Go! If you ever attack Camelot again I will kill you!" Merlin shouted at the beast, it felt strange to have such power over a creature so massive.

Kilgarrah left, Camelot was saved and the dragons live on for a time in Kilgarrah.

He was not merely his father's son. He was his mother's as well.

AN: Like I said just a short thought but one I wanted to share with the world. Hope you all are having a great new year!