AN: So I haven't written anything in a few days, or been online to talk to my friends online. My cat died a little over a week ago. She was only 9 years old but had some kind of heart disease that showed up suddenly. I found her in the middle of the night not doing well and had to take her in to be put down. So I was really depressed for a bit. This drabble is dedicated to her, this is stuff I really did with her and tried to write Aithusa how she would have acted. Hope you enjoy it as well.

"Ready… set… go!" Merlin ran at full speed towards the finish line, a tree with a small burned patch in its trunk. Behind him little Aithusa hesitated, watching him a moment before beating her tiny wings to chase after her dragonlord. It didn't take her long to reach the tree, she turned with a happy chirp and landed in front of it, not touching it.

Merlin smirked and jumped over her touching the scorch mark on the tree.

"I win!" he shouted.

Aithusa made a disappointed noise in the back of her throat making Merlin laugh as he plopped down on the grass next to her. She sprawled out in the grass and began soaking up the sun. Merlin followed suit laying there for a long moment.

After several minutes he peeked an eye open and glanced at her. Smirking he clicked his tongue, her head shot up to look at him. He held his hand out beckoning her.

"C'mere," Merlin called.

Giving an annoyed chirp she rolled onto her back and opened her eyes big and wide as if to say "No, you come here." Merlin laughed.

"Okay, you win," he stated rolling over onto his stomach so that he was right next to her. He reached a hand out to scratch her chin and she purred contentedly.

Merlin groaned as he glanced at the sky.

"I have to go," he lamented.

The little dragon whined unhappily.

"I'll be back," Merlin assured.

Aithusa hung her head, but made no more noises. He gave her one more scratch behind her ear, cheering her up a bit before he got to his feet and began to head back to Camelot. As he entered the thick of the wood he turned one last time to look at her. She lay on her back flicking her tail back and forth. He smiled at her, he knew as she grew bigger that things would not always be like this but he was going to enjoy every moment he could.

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