Warnings: AU Yaoi.

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Falling Free...

Hidan felt odd about this but he knew he had to do this. And he wanted to do this, no lie but he was shaky. He walked inside the little comfortable café his eyes sliding over the visitors. Hidan knew he has to look in some dark corner and true enough there was his childhood friend... Itachi. He hadn't seen him for six months, it seemed like a short while but to Hidan... it was hell, he missed Itachi dearly.

Taking a deep breath he walked over awkwardly thinking that maybe he should buy hot chocolate for his sweet loving friend but he was sure it would end up emptied over his head. He sort of coughed to get the attention, his insides trembling when dark eyes looked up to him.


"Hey Itachi."

Itachi then looked at him long and hard.

"That's it? Hey Itachi?"

Hidan sat down, not sure how to explain, suddenly he couldn't find what to say... god damn it all he had trained for this conversation... it took him two weeks to find courage to face Itachi.

Itachi lost patience. "You just left without a single word. For a whole day I was looking for you and then my mother said you and your mother left the town. Hidan you could at least message but no, your number suddenly became inactive."

"Itachi... it's my father. I was with him. He-" Hidan's words were sticking in his throat it was so hard to see that Itachi might just leave him now. "He has cancer, I have been spending the last two weeks in hospital here... he said he wants to die where is his home."

Itachi felt the anger fade away. "I'm sorry... but why didn't you let me know at least?"

"I didn't want you to see me like I was... it was very hard for me to accept it. It still is hard, I was planning to come and see you sooner but I couldn't I just had to make sure my father would see me when he would wake up."

"Did he wake up?"

"They say he won't ever wake up again."

Itachi was crying on the inside because his old pal Hidan was not with him anymore. He would do any damn thing to have Hidan back the way he was before, with all the crude jokes and loud behaviour, the teasing...everything. Hidan's laugh, god how he missed that sound, now looking at Hidan's pale features it seemed Hidan didn't do laughing anymore.

"I just wanted to see you, let you know that...well I missed you Itachi. I am sorry if I hurt you, I never wanted to." Itachi shook his head, it didn't matter anymore.

"I will go back now."

"To where? Sit for a while... let's talk a bit."

"No I have to go... I have been away for too long... maybe he will wake up... maybe."

With his heart heavy Itachi watched his old friend walk away from him, it was terrifying to see Hidan like this, absolutely terrifying.


Itachi didn't like hospitals, well he guessed no one did just the smell took his cheerfulness away. And he was kind of lost too, the hallways seemed to be endless and the personnel in white gowns seemed too busy to enlighten him of his surroundings.

In the end he found what he was looking for, he opened the door silently and saw Hidan sitting by the bed. The man in the bed was asleep and very fragile looking, the skin seemed grey and...dead. Itachi sensed some odd smell. Sweet and sour, he presumed it was the scent of death. He walked over to Hidan discovering that he was asleep in the chair. Itachi used that to take a good look at his friend, it seemed the grey tone was on Hidan's face as well it was as if he had been in presence of death for too long.

Itachi's fingertips touched a cheek almost scared to find it cold. Hidan jumped and so did Itachi.

"Itachi? What are you doing here?"

"I thought you might be hungry and maybe you could use my company?" Itachi offered a smile, it was not returned Hidan just turned away to look at his father.

"I am watching him die and I think how comes no one comes to visit him, would it be any different if I was the one rotting here?"

"Of course it would be different."

"Really? But I am here Itachi, every day."

"I come visiting you..."

"Yeah and I love you...but my mom? Forget it, my father deserved better."

"Don't think about it I am sure your father wouldn't care for those others, seeing you here would be more than enough."

"Hidan lets go outside and eat...please." he had to get Hidan away from this death filled room if only for a short while. When Hidan didn't move he took him by his hand and pulled, unwillingly Hidan gave in and followed him.

Itachi sighed relieved when they were outside, he found a patch of grass and they sat down eating the chicken Itachi had bought or more like Itachi was eating Hidan was just nibbling on it.

"Did you find new friends there?"

"No Itachi... you know me, it is not easy to like me even more now."

"What about your mother?"

"Nothing...as soon as father dies she is going back, probably to search for a new man to fill her pockets with money."

"And you?"

"Can we talk about something else?"

Itachi stayed silent, how does one talk to a person who is beaten down with sorrow? He watched Hidan's eyes sliding over the clouds.

"Searching animals in clouds?" Hidan just smirked and for Itachi that already was improvement...at least some sign of life.

"Yeah... I see two fucking."


"See?" Hidan was showing with his hand but Itachi saw no such thing, it took him quite a while to see it.

"Ooh you mean doggy style, yeah I see it."

"Itachi face to face that is love making I said I saw fucking."

Itachi grinned had to love Hidan's odd logic. "And what you like best?"

"Oh I like everything Itachi...except love making, don't know how that feels."

"Glad to see you are still open about such things."

Hidan bit down on the chicken munching it hungrily, it seemed the appetite was still present. "I gladly talk about anything that lets me feel somewhat alright."



"Does that mean you haven't loved anyone?"

A small ghost of a smile appeared on Hidan thin lips even though he wasn't looking at Itachi, Itachi was still charmed. "I didn't say that."

"Oh suddenly all so mysterious...no fair."

"Ah Itachi, Itachi...we can't always get what he want or we can but are too afraid to fuck things up. Better tell me about yourself, into breaking ladies hearts?"

Itachi looked away from the purple eyes."I don't think... I don't think all the loving thing is for me, I have met nice people but I don't feel anything sexual ever. You think I'm insane right?"

"But you have experienced it?"


"Oh, you just don't know the taste, I forgot you were younger...

"No it's not that... forget it."

"But you do play with yourself."


"Whaaat? You do don't you?" Hidan grinned and despite the delicacy of the conversation Itachi felt warm on the inside it started to look like his old pal Hidan was not dead just yet.

"I will go back now... thanks for the lunch and..."

"No worries...see you."