Hi! This came from a Twitter talk with some girls, and I love how it turned out. Thanks to attacklikealeo for inspiring the idea!

Thanks also to Sullie and Geeky for reading and fixing my mistakes.

Get ready to watch.

Let me see you, stripped down to the bone. Let me hear you speaking, just for me.

The bassline travels through her headphones and sends sparks into her veins, her toes tapping against the sole of her white slip-on shoes as she makes her way down the hall. The cart full of cleaning supplies and toiletries sinks into the thick carpet, and she huffs as she stops outside the room at the end of the corridor. This is her last assigned room of the day. She thinks of the warm bubble bath she'll run when she gets home and smiles wide, turning up the volume on her phone louder. She doesn't see a Do Not Disturb sign, nor does she see anyone in the room when she opens the door and peeks inside.

Bella sighs and grabs what she needs from the cart, setting the items down on the desk before she steps forward to make the bed. Her movements are almost mechanical - straightening the sheet, fluffing the pillows, turning down the comforter. There are two suits hanging in the cabinet opposite the bed, and she licks her lips as she imagines a lean, tall man filling them out. She's always had a thing for a man in a suit. The dusting and polishing passes quickly, nothing more than a background activity while she fantasizes about the man who slept in the bed dominating the room.

Probably some overweight, overworked office-dweller, she muses, snorting. She grabs the towels for the bathroom and steps inside, promptly dropping them as soon as she looks up.

The room is full of steam, but that's not what makes heat blossom across her chest and face.

It's caused by the naked man behind the glass shower door, one hand fisted around his thick cock.

She swallows as she watches a hand pass over a plum-pink head, so fast the motion is almost a blur. His other hand is cupping and tugging on his balls, rolling them around in his palm as he works his fist down to the base of his erection. He draws it back up slowly, and her lips part as she watches him swipe a thumb over the slit at the top. The glint of the heavy chrome watch encircling his wrist reflects around the room. She shudders as his thighs shake, her hard nipples rubbing against her bra. The rhythm of his hands is hypnotic, jerking his dick roughly. It's long and perfectly straight, stretching almost to his belly button. Bella clenches as she imagines him inside her, fucking her and reaching places no one has before.

He squeezes hard whenever his hand reaches the tip of his cock, and she wonders if he'd be as rough touching her. The song she's listening to ends just in time for her to hear a grunt echoing around the room. Her eyes fly upwards...

And land right on his forest green ones, narrowed and focused on her.

She rips out her headphones and opens her mouth, but the words are caught in her dry throat. He runs his eyes over her body, his lips tipping up into a smirk. She doesn't move, but he does, resuming slow motions of his hand up and down his cock.

She bites her lip.

"Fuck," he groans. His movements are faster now, rougher again, matching the deep gravel of his voice.

It carries the slightest hint of a southern accent, trickling over her like sticky syrup.

She can't hold back her moan.

"Fuck," he spits through gritted teeth.

She's captivated by how he touches himself, how he circles his hand so tight around his dick that the skin is stark white against the deep pink of his erection. His abs ripple with each snap of his hips.

He fucks his fist and she watches, shivering as his grunts fill the space around her.

"Take off the dress," he orders.

She meets his eyes, half-closed in pleasure, watches as his tongue peeks out to touch his bottom lip, and suddenly she's undoing her buttons. She slips the polyester from her shoulders, the material abrasive against the goosebumps lining her skin.

Her underwear is nothing fancy, but he curses like she's covered in satin. Bella lets the dress pool at her feet and then steps out of it, moving closer to the glass that separates them.

The dark-haired man before her inhales deeply as he looks at her, his gaze burning her skin. The flames of his stare lick between her thighs, her stomach, her breasts. She watches his face go slack as she undoes her bra, sliding it off and dropping it to the tiled floor.

"You have great fucking tits."

His words are dirty, obscene even.

She loves it.

"Touch them," he says, and she does. She circles her nipple, watching while he runs his fingers around the head of his dick. His movements are softer than before, and when she looks up, his smirk is so wide it stretches across his cheeks.

He's teasing her.

She loves that, too.

She flicks her nipple gently, and he responds by gliding a single finger across his tip. She caresses her stomach with her free hand; he grinds the heel of his hand against his balls. He swivels his hips like he's fucking her, rotating them so the base of his dick scrapes against the palm of his hand. She pinches her nipple between two fingers, pressing harder when he groans.

The still-running shower makes the air between them humid and hazy, the moisture clinging to their skin. She watches as a single bead rolls between his pecs and down his abs, charting the route her tongue would take before she took his cock in her mouth. Sweat makes her skin glow, and he imagines kissing every inch.

She runs a finger underneath the waistband of her underwear before slipping her hand inside and touching her wetness. Her breath catches at the back of her throat.

"Show me."

Her fingers glisten in the flourescent light of the bathroom. He inhales deep, trying to breathe her in.

"That's all from watching me stroke my cock?"

She whimpers, nods.

His bicep tenses as he squeezes himself.

"Fuck yourself with your fingers. Pretend they're mine."

She does.

He can't see her fingers as they move behind cotton, but he can see her face as she sinks them inside herself. She pulls her brows together, opens her mouth. Her moans are high in pitch and frequent in number, and they make his dick swell even further inside his hand.

"Rub your thumb across that little clit," he says, the strained tone conveying his need.

He can tell the exact moment she obeys - he hears it in her gasp, sees it in the way her eyes flutter closed. They open again seconds after, though, fixed directly on where he's holding himself.

She's close sooner than she thinks possible, panting as she reaches the edge. He rubs the flat of his palm roughly across the head of his erection, cursing as tingles spread through his balls.

"Are you close, darlin'?"

She nods frantically, beyond words. Her fingers move so fast that it's audible, but she's too far gone to be embarrassed.

Her orgasm hits just as his face twists. She comes in pulses that match the tempo of the hand running over his cock, listening as he groans low and deep. Her legs tremble with aftershocks, her fingers still being squeezed tight by clenching flesh as he begins to come. Thick ribbons of white decorate his flexing stomach and paint the back of his hand.

"Oh, sweetness," he says, raspy grit contrasting with his soft accent, and she thinks she could almost come again just from that.

He reaches to splash water over himself, washing away the cum she desperately wanted to taste. He turns the shower dial to 'off' and leans against the tile wall, those dark-green eyes pinning her in place.

She feels awkward momentarily, pulling her hand from her underwear and hiding it behind her back. He steps from the shower, thick thighs bringing him in front of her in just one stride.

She rears her head back to look at him, overwhelmed by his height and the width of his shoulders. He's big and broad and all man, and she opens her mouth to say something.

His mouth is on hers before she can, though, his tongue slipping inside to slide against her own. Her hands fly up to rest on those muscled shoulders, and she moans when she feels the strength beneath his skin.

He pulls back and smiles softly, a dimple appearing in his right cheek.

"So, beautiful," he says, running one finger down her neck. "Do I at least get to know your name before we go for round two on the bed?"

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