Eek, guys a multi fic! I'm usually no good at these because I get confused about what everyone's doing but I decided to give it a go! Enjoy . . .

Clove POV
"We made it!" I cry as I hop out of the car and take my first look at my new school. Capitol College, it's beautiful. It's so historic, red brick housing, paths lined with tall oak trees that must have been growing for 100 years at least.

"Clove, come get your boxes I've got enough as it is!" Glimmer cries opening the trunk of the car.

"You got that right." I smile as I grab my first box out of the trunk.

I can tell the difference between mine and Glimmer's boxes, here are bright pink, clearly labelled and there's twice as many as mine.

"I'll take a few boxes." Says my mother as Glimmer and we set off for our dorm.

"I am ready for a fresh start." Glimmer smiles as she breathes in the fresh air.

"Yeah me too." I laugh as we pass the stands of extra curricular clubs all trying to sell their pitches.

"Definitely checking these out later, oh my god a cheer team! We are so trying out!" She squeals scoping out the teams.

"Let us at least unpack first then I promise you I'll let you squeal and drag me around as much as you want." I sigh.

"You got it!" She grins.

"Wait so which room is it?" I ask as we walk up the steps to our floor of the building.

"I shall consult the map."She smiles as she whips out the map.

"It's right here." She smiles as she spins round and opens the nearest door.

"Great, oh look at the view we can see the whole campus!" I smile as I place the first box on my self appointed bed. After a few more trips back and forth everything is moved.

"Oh I don't want to let you go." Cries Glimmer's mum as she launches in to hug her.

"Oh bye sweetie." Smiles my mum as I hug her goodbye.

As soon as they leave Glimmer turns to me with a smile on her face, "Let's celebrate!" She says as she passes me a Smirnoff Ice.

"Guess who's here bitches!" Hollers Johanna as she bursts through the door wheeling two suitcases behind her and balancing three boxes.

"Well hello to you too." I laugh as she sets down the box on her bed.

The room really is gorgeous, there are two windows with beds just underneath them, there's even a fireplace with armchairs next to it!

"Who is drinking without me?" She asks demandingly.

"Here!" Smiles glimmer as she passes her a drink.

"To a fresh start." I smile as our bottles clink together.

"That's more like it, well I think I have one more round of boxes and then I think I'm done." She says as she leaves to grasp her stuff.

10 minutes later she comes back with the rest of her stuff and collapses on the floor.

"I can't wait any longer, can we please go and sign up for the cheer squad, we can unpack later!" She pleads.

"Let's do it!" Shouts Johanna.

"Okay you guys go, I'll catch up I just need to tell my dad that I got here safely." I say as the walk out the door.

Annie POV
"This is so exciting!" I squeal as I lay out my textbooks on the desk, turning to my best friends Eliza (Foxface) and Katniss.

"I know right! Annie, your a Psychology major and Eliza your majoring in Science!" Cries Katniss as she flops onto her bed.

"Says you, little miss popstar." Grins Eliza.

"So guys, I hear there's a party tonight, you wanna go?" Asks Katniss.

"No way, parties aren't my thing at all, it's full of gross boys and red cups that more than one person has drunk out of!" Shouts Eliza.

"Well I definitely want to scope out the party scene but it's class tomorrow, I want to be fresh for the day!" I smile.

"Good point, I'll just hang here with you guys." Says Katniss. I'm so excited!

Cato POV
"Hey guys, how about those two?" I ask Marvel and Finnick as I point to a blonde and a brunette with their backs turned to us. Peeta, Thresh and Gale left us a while ago, something about an emergency at their dorm?

"You got it." Smiles Gale as we walk over to them.

"Hello ladies, party at Panem House tonight, you in?" I grin turning to face them.

"A party?" Squeals the blonde, with a pretty face to match her hair.

"Yeah, it's going to be dope!" Says Marvel.

"Great, we'll be there." Smiles the brunette.

"So, you two are?" Asks Finnick.

"Oh, I'm Glimmer and this is Johanna." Smiles the blonde.

Just then another, shorter girl with striking features walks over to us, "Eurgh, he's such an ass . . ." She starts and then she sees me, "who are they?" She asks questioningly.

"They just asked us to a party tonight." Smiles the blonde.

"Cool, you got a name flyer boy?" She says staring at me.

"Erm, yeah I'm Cato and this is Marvel and Finnick." I say indicating to them.

"Great, and what roped you into promoting this party?" Asks the short girl.

"Well my brother is two years above me, a junior and so he kind of made me do this." I say, slightly embarrassed about it.

"Aww, poor ickle baby bro." She pouts mockingly.

"I'd watch what you say Freckles." I smirk at her.

"Oh yeah, and what are you majoring in, how to be a douchebag?" She says.

"It's probably a lot more classy than you." I retort.

She just glares and turns to her friends, "Are we going to sign up for the cheer squad or what?" She asks them.

"Yeah, well we'll see you at the party."smiles the blonde.

"You got it." Smirks Marvel as they walk away.

"Hopefully won't be seeing you there flyer boy." Smirks the small girl as she turns to walk away.

"Hey you at least got a name freckles?" I shout to her.

"Yeah, actually, I do!" She shouts as she walks away. She's going to be a challenge.

Delly POV
"I'm totally going all out for this party tonight." I smirk to Cashmere.

"Totally." She replies. Then a flustered blonde in a sundress bursts through the door.

"Excuse me?" I asks as she places a box on the nightstand.

"Oh, hi I'm Madge, your roommate." She smiles sweetly.

"Roommate?" Cashmere gasps.

"Erm, one second sweetie." I smirk as I turn to Cashmere.

"No way is she staying, she's cute, sweet ad honestly it's repulsive." She whispers.

"Well yeah but she has potential, I mean she is really pretty and she is blonde." I whisper back to her.

"Fine, we'll trial her tonight." I say rolling my eyes as we turn to her.

"How do you feel about a party sweetie?" Smirks Cashmere. This should be fun.

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