A Complete Idiot's Guide To Writing A Hunger Games Fanfiction

Disclaimer: The original concept of the Hunger Games belong to Suzanne Collins. The inspiration for this fic belongs to many fanfiction writers who have repeated the same clichés over and over, so I cannot take credit for that either.

However, putting it into the following sentences and paragraphs is all me. XD

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Hello, strange person. I see you have come across this fanfiction site and want to read some top quality storytelling. Good luck. This is not the article to help you find stories, but one to tell you how to write run-of-the-mill stories which get a lot of reviews.

Clearly, because so many people have done it this way, it is obviously the best way. There are several different ways of doing so. The way which gets the most reviews starts with a quality character (Finnick, Katniss, etc.), made OOC out of all proportion, then pushed together in some sort of romance which does not work. Literally, the higher your cliché counter goes the better off you are. Also, dream up some completely ridiculous scenarios which cannot possibly work inside the parameters of the original story it is based on, or sometimes not even in the laws of physics or medicine. Bye bye gravity, you can come back into existence once the main character is safe.

For those of you who do not know, OOC means 'out of character'. If you are doing this, it is realistically an OC (own/other character), but in order to keep the reviews you must keep the names. Don't worry, if that does not work there are plenty of characters, such as Brutus or Bristel (guess who that is without looking at Hunger Games wiki or the book, I dare you) who do not have many lines so nobody will know whether they are OOC. All they are working off is preconceptions of the characters, so if they say it is OOC you can ignore them. Teleport those random characters into District X/the Capitol for some reason, and then you can add them to your list of characters and make the story more popular.

There are many different types of stories out there. Remember, doing something totally original does not work. People want to read stories they have read about a thousand times before from a slightly different perspective. In the following chapters I will take you through a guide of writing completely different clichés, with examples of the general guidelines of such a story. I will not be naming writers, but if you have done some of the following stories the chances are you are guilty of some of the points.

There is only one thing more thing I really have to get out of the way in this introduction. The disclaimer. Usually, you can just say the Hunger Games belong to Suzanne Collins and leave it at that, but many people aren't that boring. Add in something like how you wished you did, or even pretend you do and add another note afterwards saying you don't. It all works. Don't worry, tons of people do it. They know you are just some fanfiction writer. But write a disclaimer, seriously, just to be safe. I've seen some people forget them completely.

Now that's not a very funny sentence to end on. So let's get your writing mind-set going. Listen to some music and only reveal which track the reader was meant to be listening to at the end of each chapter. Giggle like a crazy idiot as you think of cheesy crap. And most of all, forget that all the things you have written aren't original, as you have to be better than those almost identical cliché stories everybody has thought of. Damn. You thought you were the only one, didn't you...?

Secondary disclaimer: I take no responsibility for people who do end up getting sued, for whatever reason, because my parody condoned ridiculous disclaimers.