Disclaimer: The Hunger Games belongs to Suzanne Collins. The inspiration of this fic is credited to some really clichéd fanfiction stories and writers who write stories based on the original book by Suzanne Collins.

Hi everybody. Sorry for the sort of shorter chapter, but I am busy with other things at the moment and wanted to give you an update. Thank you for all of your reviews, favourites and follows; and for your suggestions. I am trying to do the guide in a logical order where the points sort of lead to one another, but I intend to eventually get all of those and others done.

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Other Tribute's Perspective

Phew, those previous chapters were hard, weren't they? You'd have to (gasp) create your own 'original' arena, filled with 'original' plot twists and 'original' characters (let's keep up the pretence). For this part of the guide you will not even have to pretend to be that creative. Yes, that's right, this is the 74th Hunger Games from other tributes' perspectives.

There are some common tributes you can use. Cato and Clove (but never just one of them) are some of the most common, but that goes into the realms of Clato and so shall be covered in the next chapter. Glimmer, again, is a common one. As is Foxface. With that last one, don't worry, you no longer have to come up with a name for her. Caesar probably called her Finch in the Hunger Games movie; therefore that is what you shall call her. Or name her after her actress. Before anybody knew about that, her name was a variation of 'Fox' in almost all fanfics. All is good. Then there are also the District 11 tributes. Rue, of course, is popular. Thresh isn't as much, but he will show up in your Rue fanfics.

Basically, every named tribute would work. Or go for the unnamed ones. It does not matter. The only thing they must all have in common is that they follow either Katniss or the Careers around (mainly Katniss). This might, of course, be the reason for the relative lack of Thresh-centric fics. Wait, what am I saying 'might'?

This is a typical concept:

Willow is the girl from District 7 (if you remember correctly from the guide to Panemy names, all District 7 tributes must be named after trees - it does not matter than neither Johanna nor Blight seem to be in the original). She gets reaped for the 74th Hunger Games. Follow her as she fights for her survival. Will she win? (well, no, because you claim in the next sentence that you're remaining 'true to the books') True to the books.

That's ridiculous. Don't worry, you can stop being true to the books after twenty seconds once you remember that the girl from District 7 dies in the bloodbath. Then suddenly it is not true to the books anymore. Then you probably decide to remove that final sentence from the introduction.

And throw in a romance. Everybody in the 74th Hunger Games is in a romance at one point or another. Hmm, Willow is obviously 16 like all the tributes whose ages have not been given are (conveniently ignore the fact that the ages were given in the movie). Give her a good romance with her district partner… and suddenly both of the tributes from District 7 have to survive the bloodbath.

Or make it Cato/OC. That's a common one. So here we have Willow, previously this random boring unnamed character, who might be in love with Cato and her unnamed district partner. Love triangle. But do it so badly that despite it explicitly being stated, nobody notices that it is going on. Every story needs its 'not-love triangle'.

Or make her hate Cato. It's even better if you have a mini-Katniss. As soon as she gets into the arena, she must follow Katniss everywhere. The scenes remain pretty much the same as those in the books from this point on.

Here's an example scene. I have chosen the tracker jacker scene as it is a common one.

Oh no, the careers are aproaching (I think you get the spelling mistakes and changes of tense by now; I will stop pointing it out). I scamperd behind the rocks. Luckily they have not spotted me. They find Katniss who is sitting in hee water. She runs. They run after her. I run after them (logical reasons aren't necessary). My body hurt from the fire, as it almost gets me (forgotten full stop)

Katniss is a good climber. Not as good as rue, whos also up there. I saw her jump from branch to branch before.

'How are you doing down there?" Katniss calls (don't bother having the book at hand; just paraphrase the actual lines).

"Not bad, you?" one of the Careers said.

"A bit hot for my liking. It's better up here. Why don't you come on up?" Katniss replied. I smile. Good, she'll get away. They are clearly too big for branches. Oh look, there appeers to be a tracker jacker nest. (also, events are skipped)

Cato climbs, and falls. Glimmer climb, then climbs down. Really, is Katniss not spotting that nest? (obviously things are apparent to your main character who cannot logically see that far to a great accuracy)

They set up camp, because Peeta Lover Boy says so. I wait for them. Rue pointed out the tracker jacker nest, finally. I wait. If I move they will see me or sumthing. I fall asleep. (don't vary the sentence structure too much)

I wake up to screaming. Oh no, she has finally done that thing with the tracker jackers I know about. I run, but they sting me. I scream. But thats alright as I get far enough away notto be sptted by them.

At this point it would be more logical to make the random tribute from whichever tribute you have chosen a ghost after being killed in the bloodbath, who follows around Katniss for some reason. Okay, that is not logical. But I said more logical, not logical. Don't do that one though. It's not cliché enough.

Ah, isn't it great to have this Mary Sue main character who can follow all of your favourite characters of the Hunger Games? The only better thing might be to actually use the original characters. Enter Foxface, Rue, Glimmer, etc.

With the exception of Rue, you might notice that none of the other characters don't really have any lines. How convenient. Write them however you want. Nobody can claim that they are OOC because they don't have lines.

So start them off in their district. Like outlined in the previous chapters, go through the different stages like the Reapings, the train, the opening ceremonies and training. It is not necessary to give many details about the district; just start them off at the square.

Family and friends, again, close enough the same. In Rue's case, refer to her sisters as Suzanne Collins has mentioned them already, which therefore does not involve creativity. The only real thing that is different is that you get to follow Katniss everywhere. You know, pretty much exactly like you do in the actual original book from her perspective. Rue, of course, follows Katniss around. It's not like the fire brought them together (although that probably was actually the reason judging by Rue's burns). Obviously Rue was following Katniss.

And Foxface follows the other tributes for food anyway. For the typical, review-worthy, cliché-filled fanfiction, you really don't have to do much more. I cannot emphasize that enough.

In this case, there are actually many people who would like the story to follow canon. Read the reviews. See if the readers want Foxface/Rue/whoever to survive. You can always stop following the books. Make their death scene no fault of their own, as commonly the characters you write about are near perfection. Maybe make Foxface's death a suicide as she does not want to kill anybody (it's only been done around fifty times... and it can be seen as noble). Or make Rue incredibly noble as she went looking for Katniss, therefore not leaving her at fault for being on the ground. The possibilities are limitless, but of course use the first thing you can come up with as that is usually the most obvious and best reason.

Disclaimer: Due to there being no method included to scam people into reviewing, and in this case no additional romance (I hinted at Cato/OC, but that is such a cliché that it needs a whole chapter of its own), you will not get as many reviews. However, there will be people interested in the 74th Hunger Games, so you will get enough. Perfect.

I think I shall be writing a chapter for Clato next. Time to parody that typical fanfiction romance, don't you think? :)