A/N: Thanks once again to the amazing risefromshadows for beta reading this.

Summary: Blake and Yang need a new couch.

"Blake! Blake, you gotta hurry! There's so much we gotta check out!" Blonde hair waved erratically as the owner bounced in place, excitement written across her features as she stood in front of a set of double doors leading into a massive store construct. Adventures sure to be had within.

"I'm coming Yang, don't rush me." An irritable woman called, slowly trudging her way over to the store. She was ninety-nine point five percent certain, looking upon the entirety of the mall, that her doom lied therein. The other point five? She was positive it was her chances of Yang somehow breaking something. Neither prospect brightened her mood.

"Come on, slowpoke!" Yang marched up to her girlfriend, took her by the arm, and proceeded to pull her unceremoniously through the doors. Blake did not put up a fight, her mouth a straight line as she literally allowed her feet to drag across the ground, making the stronger woman do all the work in getting her into the mall. "Do you really have to be so difficult?"

"Do you really have to be so cheerful?" Blake retorted, playfulness dripping from her words and her very essence. She knew being here was a necessity, her presence a must, but that did not mean she had to enjoy this, or make it any easier on Yang.

"Only when you're with me!" Yang sang, finally getting Blake through the doors. She hoisted the dark-haired woman to her feet, hooking Blake's arms in hers before she continued to make her way into the mall, a set destination in mind. They had some serious shopping to do.

The mall: a regular teen paradise. Older kids similar to Yang and Blake - otherwise known as adults - came to this commercial nest regularly to pass the time, shop for in home decorations, gift shop, browse, drool over stuff they did not and could not have, meet with friends, get out of the house to stave off cabin fever, and so much more. Today, the couple was on a crucial mission, a mission which could very well be the very defining point in their relationship since they decided to take the gamble that was moving in together.

They were shopping for a couch.

Their previous one, which Yang would vehemently deny any part of, had been burned to a crisp. It was now naught but ashes and a memory, much like Yang's dignity when Blake caught whiff of the incident. The Faunus, wanting retribution for this indecency, had nearly strangled her girlfriend, rage spreading through every fiber of her being and manifesting itself violently as she tried to throttle Yang. In the end, she settled for video recording Yang sitting in the corner for an hour, repeating various, pre-written, apology phrases with a sign reading 'I Don't Think Before I Do Things' around her neck. It served as a reminder for Yang: one, do not play with matches in the house and, two, no one destroys Blake's furniture and gets away with it.

"We're just looking for a couch Yang, please calm down."

"Nah." Yang looked over to her companion, smirk in place. "How else am I gonna annoy you?"

"So that is your nefarious plot." Blake grumbled, matching Yang's strides as they walked, still arm in arm. "First you destroy the couch, now my sanity."

"Yup!" The blonde laughed. Seeing their destination ahead, Yang pointed forward, childish excitement lifting her words. "Look, there it is!"

"I see it Yang, it's not that hard to miss the department store." Blake fought the grin that threatened to bloom, refusing to be happy. At least, for the moment, lest she let Yang win in her attempt to make her smile.

"Oh whatever snarky mcgrump." Yang stuck her tongue out at her. Looking smug, Yang said, "At least I'll be having fun. You'll just be all grumpy and not have any."

"You're such a child." Blake giggled, leaning into the taller woman as they approached the store.

"And yet you're still with me. Wonder what that says about you?" Yang slyly retorted, giving a quick, but no less loving, peck to Blake's head as they crossed over the line between the mall and the department store.

After entering, the duo took a look around the store. Blake for the section that would hold her desired sofas and Yang just took to glancing around wildly with a grin, thinking of all the possibilities and fun to be had.

"It looks as though the couches are this way." Blake observed, making a move to head to the left side of the store, a sign overhead marking the way.

"Blake." Yang held out a hand to stop the named girl from taking another step.

Blake took a sharp intake of breath at getting stopped by what felt to be the equivalent to her stomach hitting a brick wall. "Guh, Yang!"

"Whoops, sorry kitten." Yang had the decency to look sheepish. She lifted a finger, pointing toward the right side of the store. "But look! They have a huge section just for beds!"


"So, let's go try them!"

Blake let loose a breath, following Yang's excited gaze over to the section she indicated: beds, bed frames, mattresses, sheets, pillows, and anything else sleep related could be seen past the pillar blocking their view, stretching on farther than they could see.

Releasing the other woman's arm and stepping away, Blake made her way to the left, her voice leaving no room for argument as she said, "After we take a look at the couches."

"Wha-… How can you say that?! We have all day to look at couches, why not inspect the beds first?" Yang comically let her mouth hang open, arms flailing toward the right side of the store in what she hoped was a convincing manner.

It was not, as proven by Blake when she aimed narrowed amber slits at the argumentative blonde. She desired to find a new couch as soon as possible, not wishing to sit in the lawn chairs situated in their living room any longer than she had to. "Later."

Yang slumped in defeat, shuffling after her clearly angered girlfriend. "Yes dear." She had only wanted to have fun while she was out with her love, but it would seem her fight to have a good time had been snuffed out as quickly as she had announced it. Figures.

Turning back around, Blake cupped the other woman's face when she drew near, Yang's small frown and hunched back a hint to her dampened spirits. "I promise." Blake said softly, looking around quickly before giving her a light kiss on the cheek. "Later."

Spirit reignited, Yang jumped up from her slouched stance, grabbing Blake's hand with a smile. "Then what are we doing standing around just chatting about it? Let's go!"

"Ugh." Yang groaned, flopping down on yet another couch. The nth one they had looked at today. "Have you picked one yet?"

Blake hummed, inspecting the furniture piece Yang had laid herself down on. It was a nice set, the dark maroon couch, made of smooth, yielding leather was three cushions long, able to seat four people easily. In reality, the extra long cushions could probably seat five people, side by side, albeit not that comfortably. For a couple, it was more than long enough for two people to lay down upon. Blake even assumed, whether sitting up by or settling one's head down on the armrest, that even Yang would barely be able touch the other side of the couch with her legs and feet stretched as far as they would go. The evidence spoke for itself as Yang spread herself on it, her legs only spanning a little over half of the couch's length as she sat up on one end. It was even on sale to boot, much to Blake's liking. A very nice set indeed.

"Blake." Yang said louder, breaking the named woman out of her thoughts.

"Sorry, what was that?"

"I asked if you picked one yet." Yang repeated, elbow propped up on the sofa arm, lazily holding her head up with a palm.

"Not yet. It is tough making a decision." Blake responded, scanning over the rest of the department they were in, tiredly gazing out at all the couches, chairs, sofas, and any other seat commodity that they had already looked at.

"The only way to really make a decision," Yang called out alluringly as she held out a hand and flexed her fingers, motioning for Blake to come closer. "is to try them out! Bring your cute butt over here and test out this couch with me!"

"I don't feel like it." Blake turned away, teasing the young woman on the furniture.

"Get over her and give me your loves!" Yang opened her arms invitingly, demanding Blake come over and join her.

"We're not here to play around, Yang." Blake reprimanded her lightly, but, at the same time, was unable to stop a smile from growing.

"That's weird." Violet orbs became hidden as Yang closed her eyes, leaning back into the furniture as she exhaled. "Isn't the whole reason we're getting another couch so that we have something else to 'play' on that isn't the bed? It's not like we can really do much on lawn chairs when it comes to spicing things up."

"You do remember that it's your fault we have to use lawn chairs in the first place, right?"

"Yeah, well- Oof!" Yang made her surprise known in a verbal outburst, eyelids snapping open as an unexpected weight dropped onto her middle. "What're you doing?"

"You said to bring my butt over." Blake said innocently, tone sickeningly sweet from her seat on Yang's stomach. "So I did, just as you asked." She bounced to emphasize her point, making Yang gasp for breath as Blake tried to crush her lungs.

"Uncle, uncle!" Yang cried out, grasping Blake's right shoulder in surrender. "I give, I give!"

Blake fell over onto her right side, laughing as her head landed on the squishy leather armrest with a whuff and settled her body beside Yang's. Now on her back, she looked up, golden irises meeting lavender as she smiled. "Oh, hello there."

Playing along, Yang put her elbow back on the armrest, right beside Blake's head. "Hello! Fancy meetin' you here, beautiful."

"Beautiful? Well aren't you just a sweet, old charmer." Blake played bashful, turning her head away and making a shooing motion with her hand, as though waving off the flattery. "But truly, you're the gorgeous one." She insisted.

"I only speak the truth, ma'am." Yang boasted, bringing her other hand up to caress Blake's cheek, bringing her face back to look at her. "But please, do go on. I heard something about me being gorgeous?"

"Don't get me started, we'll be here all day if I start to list things."

"Phew!" Yang wiped off imaginary sweat from her brow with her other hand as she puffed her cheeks. "It's a good thing you didn't ask me to start then. If that were the case, we'd be here all week!"

"I highly doubt that." Blake chuckled, her body beginning to relax and mold into the springy leather surface of the sofa.

"I'd take up that challenge if I didn't know for sure that you don't wanna be here until next week." Yang winked, her amused companion shaking her head at the display. "So tell me, what's up pretty lady?"

"Hmm…" Blake focused her gaze upward. "I see a ceiling. It's got some lights." She pointed overhead, behind Yang's head. "There's some signs over there."

"Haha." Her laugh devoid of humour. "Aren't you funny."

"Aren't I just?" Blake fluttered her eyelids, inciting a giggle from her blonde girlfriend.

She settled into a grin, basking in the sight of Blake seeming to enjoy herself as she traced her thumb over a smooth cheek. "Having fun yet?" Yang inquired, breaking their little play. Her question awarded her a serene smile, a prize Yang took great pride in.

"Now I am." Blake answered sincerely, eyes crinkled in amusement. All previous traces of tiredness that had lingered in them having been chased away, replaced with dancing laughter as she gazed upon the face of the one she loved.

Before Yang could even think about stealing a kiss, her Faunus love rolled off the sofa, landing on her feet in a crouch. Standing up, Blake held out a hand, her smile still intact. "I think I made a decision." As Yang took the proffered hand, taking what little assistance the dark-haired girl offered, Blake looked fondly at the couch they had laid upon. "What do you think about getting this one?"

Yang swiveled her head toward the maroon colored furniture as well, thinking about the blissful atmosphere from only moments ago. "I like that idea." She confirmed as she squeezed Blake's hand in her's, having yet to let go. "I can see us doing so much with this, together."


Turning back, Yang gave a mischievous smile, face leaning down to be level with the shorter woman. "Sooo…" She began, voice lowering to a whisper as she looked Blake dead in the eye. "Does this mean we can…?"

Amber eyes rolled in their sockets, Blake already predicting what she was about to be asked. "Yes, we can go take a look at the beds now."

"Whoo!" Yang threw both her hands, and, incidentally, Blake's left hand, toward the ceiling as she cheered. She began to run down the white, laminated paths of the department store, having spotted the sign marking the mattress section. She dragged Blake behind her in her haste, not caring what few people they passed by thought as she rocketed down the tiled trails with her girlfriend in tow. "Let's go then!"

"Don't forget though!" Blake warned. "We need to go talk to a sales representative before we leave so we can make the purchase!"

"Don't worry about it!" Yang called back, not slowing down. "We'll get to it in a bit!"

Before long, they arrived. Blake crashed into Yang as they suddenly stopped, the blonde woman looking upon the section with reverence in her gaze.

"Do you see it, Blake?"

"Do I see what?" Blake asked irritably, rubbing the side of her face that had slammed into the sturdy woman.

Yang, ever oblivious, continued, "The possiBILITIES." She upped her voice at the last half of the final word, childish energy causing her to bounce in place.

"Why are you so excited?" Her eyebrows furrowed, Blake shot Yang a skeptical glare. "They're just beds."

"To you, maybe." The taller woman stepped forward, crossing over from the tiled walkways of the store and on to the fluffy carpet of the mattress section. She turned around with a smile, eyes alight with glee. "To me, I see all kinds of things. Me and Ruby used to play games on our beds all the time when we shared a room, back when we were kids. We'd be pirates, robots, ninjas, we'd even play the lava game!" She began to take off her shoes. "We'd play for hours indoors on rainy days and the like. Sometimes, we'd have even more fun playing pretend in department stores like this one while our parents did their shopping. More beds to jump on!"

"Wait." The dark-haired girl squeezed her eyes shut, fingers alighted on her forehead as she staved off the oncoming headache. She held her other hand out, palm facing up in the universal sign of 'halt'. "Let me get this straight. You brought me over here so you could play pretend?" They were both twenty-one; by definition, they were not children.

"No no no!" Yang waved her hands back and forth in denial. She approached the other woman, feet clad only in socks, standing on the lamented aisle. Stopping at the border set between the carpet and square flooring. A light grin tugged the corner of her lips up as she eyed her girlfriend. "I brought us over here so we could play pretend!"

"That hardly makes a difference."

"Oh, don't be like that." Yang smirked, getting down on one knee. She began to talk loudly, the few other shoppers within earshot looking to see what the commotion was. "My lady! My princess! Doth thou forsaketh thy knight?"

"Oh god." Her sentence accompanied by an eye roll.

"Come with me, maiden of beauty! Together, we shall ride upon my mighty steed into the sunset." With one hand held out for Blake to take, she used the other to flourish toward the closest bed, the coincidentally white comforter looking very plush and comfortable.

"A white steed." Blake commented on the color. "How cute." She then gazed down to the kneeling woman in front of her. "You're not exactly what I pictured my prince to look like."

"I'm much prettier, amiright?" Yang winked.

"Or act like." Blake deadpanned.

"Are you gonna take my hand or not?" The offered hand Yang held out waved around as her expression fell, trying to get Blake to take it.

A sigh and a smile, then her hand encompassed in the warmth of another. "Fine, lead the way o' brave prince of the Dream kingdom."

"Your wish is my command!" Yang grasped her hand tighter, pulling Blake over from the white tiles to join her on the fuzzy carpet. "To the Dream kingdom, away!"

With that, she pulled Blake to her, holding the dark woman tightly to her chest as she jumped onto the bed. Both of them landing with a flump as Yang brought them down, the couple staying together by the blonde's tight embrace.

"Now what?" Blake asked, her voice slightly muffled as it was squashed against her girlfriend's voluminous breasts.

"Now? We wed! A knight and her princess living happily ever after!"

Blake chuckled. "Life is not a fairy tale."

Yang leaned back, releasing Blake from her booby prison. She extended a single finger, poking Blake in the forehead as she said, "Life is whatever you make of it, my dear." She sat up, looking down at the prone woman still laying on her side. Ebony hair spilled out in waves behind the beauty as she gazed back, her hands cutely held to her chest as she stared. "But judging from your response, that's a no to the wedding?"

"Marriage, huh?" Blake rolled onto her back. "Maybe."

"Maybe no? You wound me Blake. I didn't think I was that bad." She pouted, cheeks puffed out in indignation at the idea of not being desirable.

"No, just maybe." Blake swatted the laughing woman. "Don't twist my words."

"You're gonna have to make me!" Yang sprang to her feet, sprinting away before Blake could even sit up. "You'll never take me alive, copper!"

"So I'm a cop now?" Without responding, Blake got off the bed, squatting down and slowly waddling toward the nearest mattress that could provide her cover, the tall bed frame she chose hiding her form easily.

After a few minutes, her desired scenario was beginning to take place. "Blake?" Amber eyes flicked toward the top of the sheets, a sly smile adorning a smug face. "Did you leave me? Where'd you go Blake?"

She waited until she heard the call draw near, confusion threading the owner's shout. Seconds ticked by, but still Blake stayed lowered, hiding until the right moment.

"Come on, Blake, this isn't funny! Where'd you go?!" Concern started to enter her tone. Blake began to feel a little bad, but a feeling of satisfaction soon shoved that terrible feeling to the side. Honestly, Yang deserved to feel worried for once. She pulled these kinds of stunts on her on a near daily basis; now, it was payback time.

"Hellooo? Calling all Blake's in the area!"

There. She saw a socked foot enter her vision for but a split second before she pounced.

Yang screamed as she was knocked over by the human projectile that slammed into her side, bringing the two of them back down to another bed. "Blake! You frigging sca - I mean, you surprised me!"

"Mhm." Blake hummed against Yang's neck as she nestled into her, this time being the one on top. "You mean I scared you."

"Surprised." Yang retorted. The blonde stubbornly refusing to accept it so readily.

"I heard you say scared." Blake sang, mimicking Yang's tactics of retaliation.

"I said surprised."

"You said scared first."

"Grr, whatever!" A growl escaped Yang's throat as she turned away.

Blake giggled. "I caught the robber."

"What?" Yang furrowed her brows as she faced Blake, not understanding.

"You said earlier, 'You'll never take me alive, copper!', which made me the cop, you the robber. I caught the robber, so now you have to accept your punishment as defined by the law."

"What law?" Yang huffed, her face once again turned away.

"My law." Reaching up, Blake gave her a swift kiss on the cheek. "Your debt to society has been paid in full, you are now a free woman."

A goofy smile stretched across a pretty face, Yang looking back to her love with a jubilant gleam in her eye. "I think I'm still in some major debt. Mind helping me?"

A palm greeted her face in rejection. "No."

"Fudge." She snapped her fingers. "So close."

Taking back her hand, Blake laughed. "You can pay the rest of your debt by becoming a functioning member of society. Get a job, and all will be well."

"A job, eh?" Yang stroked her chin in thought. The Faunus thought she could hear a light bulb ding with her enhanced hearing when she saw her girlfriend's face light up. "I got it! I'll be a doctor!"

"A doctor? Not a bad choice." The dark-haired girl conceded, surprised to hear Yang pick a sensible profession for once, even if it was only pretend.

"Yes! I shall save the lives of the many through the means of medical magic!"

"You do that." Blake snuggled in closer to her enthusiastic girlfriend, the young woman beginning to feel a little sleepy on the plush surface. Yang's warmth drawing her in like a moth to a flame. Or in this case, a cat to a flame.

"Hold the phone!" Yang suddenly shouted as she shot up, bouncing the supine Faunus in place. Blake barely mustered the energy to express her amusement in a chuckle as Yang began her newest scene, the blonde putting an ear to her chest. "The patient isn't breathing!"

"What are you going on about this time?" Blake grinned.

Yang hovered a hand over amber eyes, completely serious as she said, "Ma'am, I'm going to have to ask you to stay calm and still. No need to worry for I know what I am doing! I'm a professional."

"Oh god." To Blake, concerning Yang's last sentence, more fear-inducing words had never before been spoken. "What are you doing?"

"No need to fear, I know how to fix this!" Yang lifted her head off the one beneath her, mischief in her eyes. "My diagnosis shows that you are on the verge of death, and only the power of love can save you! The only way to do that is through… CPR! It will be torture to have to do this to you, but so be it!"

"Wait, you cannot seriously be thinking of doing this - mmph!" Blake was cut off, her mouth unable to move due to the lips pressed against her own.

"Mmph!" Blake struggled against Yang, pushing against her girlfriend's shoulders to get her to lean back. She pushed hard enough to force Yang off the bed, the blonde crying out in surprise as she hit the ground. Free of her advancements for the time being, Blake sat up and glared down at Yang, hissing lowly, "What are you doing?! We are in public! Other people could be nearby watching, and you and I both know that, that is not a good thing! I thought we agreed on minor displays of affection when we went out?"

"Relax, Blake!" Yang chuckled from the carpet, sitting up on her knees and placing her chin on the puffy comforter of the model bed. "There's no one around!"

Looking around, Blake was surprised to find that Yang was right, the only hint of anyone possibly being in their corner of the store with them was the security camera aimed over the entirety of the beds, silently watching out for any criminal activity. Had it always been like this?

Either way, Blake sighed, beginning to relax and becoming less anxious with the knowledge that no one was around to interrupt or voice complaints. "You need to give me more warning than that next time."

"Oh ho?" Yang smirked. "Is that permission to have a next time?"


"Whaaat? You know you loved it!"

"It will be torture to have to do this to you," Blake announced, dramatically holding the back of her hand to her forehead. "but so be it!"

"You minx." Yang stood up and reached out, gripping Blake's sides and lightly digging her fingers into her ribs. "Stealing my lines, are we? I won't stand for this!"

Beneath her, Blake squirmed and kicked, sluggishly laughing as she was tickled in her semi-tired state. "H-hey! Stop that! Yang, I mean it!"

"I'm sorry, I can't hear anything you're saying! Someone's laughing a little too loudly!" Yang shouted over Blake's cries, the Faunus losing her aloof demeanor as she was submitted to Yang's relentless administrations over her midsection. Knowing fingers finding all her weakest points.

"Yuh… Yang!" Blake laughed out, unable to control her hands long enough to grab at her tormentor. "P-please!"

The way in which she cried out made Yang pause mid-strike, hands still lightly resting on Blake's belly as she ceased her attack.

Confused, her laughs dying out, Blake looked up toward the suddenly motionless blonde. Slowly getting up, she observed as unreadable lilac eyes followed her, the owner of said eyes seemingly unable to look away, but, at the same time, not truly registering that she was there. She easily took Yang's hands in her's, pulling them away from her stomach without a fight. She watched as the standing woman's stoic face tilted to the side, her expression turning thoughtful. On rare occasions, Blake had seen Yang like this before - it meant that she was thinking deeply about something.

"What is it?" Blake asked, waving a hand over her lover's face. Usually, when she entered this state of mind, Yang's thoughts tended to border on the pessimistic side, sometimes on the insightful. Blake hoped it was the latter. "What are you thinking about?"

"Hmm?" Yang blinked. "Oh, sorry. I think I spaced out for a second there."

"No kidding. What were you thinking about?" Blake asked again. The mattress dipping low as Yang sat back down.

Yang met her gaze, her usually lively lilac eyes becoming a tender stare. "I was thinking about you. About how lucky I am to have you. To have you here with me." She turned away. "That's all."

Yang felt as the weight on the bed shifted, the mattress dipping down right behind her as Blake embraced her, arms encircling her neck and holding her to the usually shorter girl's chest. "What brought this on?"

"Watching you laugh just made me think for a second. About how I love your laugh, your smile, even your terrible sense of humour and the way you shoot me down when you're being your buzzkill you." Yang chuckled, burying her face into the arms around her collar. "It makes me happy that I'm the one who's with you."

"I could say the exact same for you, except I love your sense of humor even when you take it too far." Golden yellow locks hid an evil smile, the woman it belonged to pausing the slightest bit. "Sometimes."

"Eeh?" Yang gasped. "Only sometimes?"

"Just kidding." Blake's voice grew softer. "I love you and your terrible jokes all the time."

Loosening her grip, Blake leaned her head forward in an attempt to meet Yang's face. Yang turning half-way to meet her in a kiss. They held it for a few moments before simultaneously pulling back.

"I love you too." Yang smiled, her own expression of happiness tinged with a lingering fatigue. This did not go unnoticed.

"How about we go purchase that couch and then head home? I think I hear our own bed calling." Blake joked.

"I'm game." Her statement punctuated with a brief yawn. "Let's get going."

The two women got up, both of them moving slowly and leaning on the other for support as they began to make their way back to the sofa section, hand in hand. The day drawing to a close.

Not ten minutes later, Yang ran back to the bed area by her lonesome, a panicked expression on her face. "Crap! I almost forgot my shoes!"