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Summary: Yang asks Blake if she'll move in with her. It should be an easy decision, right?

Blake hummed in content as she inhaled, taking in the sweet, sweet scent of her favorite blend before taking a sip, losing herself in her heaven in a cup. Across the booth, a blonde sat smirking at her exaggerated act.

"Enjoying the coffee I take it?"

"Mhm." Blake grunted in response, too lost in coffee to give a proper one.

"Unless you're making that turned on face 'cause you're thinking of me?"

Blake opened one eyelid, her lazyglare not fazing Yang. The blonde chose instead to seductively wink back. "Mmm."

"I don't hear a no!" Yang laughed.


Yang sighed at her failed attempts of conversation. With Blake acting as difficult as usual, Yang supposed she should return to her work. She fidgeted in her seat as she stared down at the papers on the table before her, the mathematical formulas she should be studying making little sense.

A quick glance up showed that Blake had yet to notice her pensive silence, eyes still closed as she huddled the cup of liquid bliss in her hands to soak in its menial warmth and hold it to her lips for an occasional sip. Yang broke into a smile at the delighted flicks of her unbound cat ears, happy that Blake had agreed to have them stand out proudly and not care what other people thought. She was beautiful the way she was and should not have to keep herself under wraps.

The Faunus was only at Ozpin's with her because she had asked her girlfriend for her delightful company and moral support as she studied - to which she was not doing a very good job. A bribe for treats had even been involved in getting her to come along, and even then Blake did not talk to her because she knew the blonde's game. She refused to serve as a distraction, although that did not stop Yang from trying.

For a while now, Yang had been dancing around a specific topic. She would be lying if she said this outing was not a guise to get Blake to come out with her so they could talk.

Yang took in a slow, deep breath, letting it out through her mouth. Might as well quit stalling and start talking - no time like the present after all.

"Hey, Blake?"

Blake hummed again in acknowledgement around the rim of her coffee cup, eyes still closed as she enjoyed the pleasant taste that engulfed her taste buds.

"I've been meaning to ask you something."

The lack of any of her usual humor was disconcerting to say the least. One eye opened to peek wearily at her date, finally choosing to use real words. "You can ask me anything, Yang."

She fiddled with her thumbs on the tabletop, gaze wandering over anything and everything that wasn't Blake, but getting straight to the point. "How would you feel about moving in with me?"

Blake tightly clutched her styrofoam cup before moving her arm to set it down, her movements sluggish. She was grateful that Yang had not popped that little question when she took another sip of the beverage.

She spoke slowly, enunciating her words. "Moving in… together?"

Truthfully, it was not a surprise, caught off guard as she was. Blake knew that this topic would be brought up one day, but she had hoped that it would not come for a while yet.

"Yeah. I was just thinking, ya know, we've known each other for more than a year, and dated for like, a little over a year or something? Who knows?" Yang chuckled nervously, babbling. "And we see each other almost every day anyway and I thought, maybe... you'd think about it?"

Had it been so long already? "Um… I… I'm not sure if..." Blake began, fumbling for words.

Yang waved her hands through the air in alarm, quickly dispersing any sense of urgency. Scaring Blake away was the last thing she wanted to do. "You don't have to give me an answer right now!" She shot her a forgiving smile, a look that wounded Blake more than she liked to admit. "Just... think about it and get back to me when you can, okay?"

Blake's mind did not want to work with her, her head only managing a nod and her mouth a simple, "Okay."

Yang hurriedly stuffed her papers back in her pack and got up from the booth, her goal accomplished, before leaning down beside Blake to give her a parting kiss on the cheek. She left without another word, leaving Blake alone with her thoughts.

Later that same day, Blake sat atop her couch, stretched out with one arm lazily swinging over the edge of a cushion and the other propping up a book against her thighs, legs strewn over the sofa backing.

Her ears and tail flicked sporadically as she stared at the open pages, not actually reading. Too caught up in her own thoughts to care that the tea she left on the coffee table had long since turned cold or that the ticking clock hung up on her wall announced that the midnight hour had passed some time ago.

Turmoil. That was one word to describe the mess that was on her mind.

Robotically, she set down her book and readjusted herself, back flat and legs now aligned with the rest of her body as she affixed her gaze to the ceiling.

She took a deep breath to gather herself and center her thoughts. Maybe if she asked herself questions and reflected on her responses, it would lead to the answer she sought. A rational approach could do no wrong.

She began with an easy one: [Do you love Yang?]

What kind of question is that? I love her more than anyone.

[Do you see yourself spending more time with her, even more than you do now?]

The corners of her mouth twitched up at the thought. Yang had been right back at the coffee shop. Every passing day seemed to involve her in some way, shape, or form, and she did not see that as a bad thing if it continued. Yang was lively, her energy and laughter contagious, and her smile always brightened Blake's day.

I would have no qualms with that. Try a harder one.

[Is there a problem moving in with her?]

Not that I can see. It is only the next step in our relationship, and it would be an… interesting experience to say the least.

[What are the pros and cons?]

Pros and cons? Hmm… I might have a little less privacy, but what hasn't she seen of me at this point? Blake chuckled and shook her head at the ceiling. She might also be more of a pain than she already is, but I suppose I can live with that. Concerning the real world, financially, it would be easier on us both. Emotionally, I think it would work wonders. Physically, well… concerning travel, it would be convenient, not to mention save us time and energy to meet up.

She then smiled, imagining a scene in her minds eye. It would even be nice to wake up next to her every morning and know that neither of us have to leave.

[If there's no real problem, why are you hesitating?]

...I'm scared.

Blake paused, frowning at the self-admission. She placed a hand on the back of the sofa to hoist herself to a sitting position, clutching the backing with unease.

[Why are you scared?]

Because… what if one day she decides she made a mistake? What if she does to me what everyone else has? What if she… leaves?

Her friends, family, peers, role models, acquaintances, teachers, everyone: they had all left. It had happened in the past, and there was no reason it could not happen in the present. But it was different in Vale. Here, people were different. Like Yang. Yang would not leave her… right?

[Are you going to let those doubts get in your way? Or will you hold on to what you have now and enjoy it while you can?]

Let it get in the way of what though? Her happiness? Yes, she was happy now, but how long would that last? How long could she live a blissful life where every day was filled with wonderful memories with the one she loved?

I don't know. Is that possible?

[Why wouldn't it be?]

She curled into herself, hugging her knees to her chest so she could bury her face in them in an attempt to shield herself from her thoughts, but it was futile. I don't know.

[That is not an acceptable answer.]

Blake shook her head, clenching her arms as she replied. You don't think I know that?

[Then there shouldn't be a problem! This is not a book where the ending is written out for you, but the real world! If you want to be happy, then be happy!]

"I know!" Blake snapped, lifting her head to meet nothing but air.

Nothing stirred and nothing moved in her apartment. Save for her kitten, Ombre, who had been sleeping away on his little bed and had been rudely awakened by her little outburst.

"Sorry, Ombre." She apologized, his matching yellow irises glowering with annoyance and boring right into her tired ones. "What do you think,," She asked, "would you move in with Yang if you had the chance?"

Ombre yawned in response, his tiny canines showing briefly. He gracefully leaped from his bed and padded over to her, joining her on the couch to headbutt her arm and purr into her side in a demand for attention.

His dark grey fur tickled her palm as she ran her fingers through it, a drained smile on her lips. "What am I doing, asking you? You don't care where you live, only if you get treats." The throaty rumble he emitted was all she needed to know she was right.

Stifling a yawn of her own, she decided it was time to catch some shuteye. If talking to a cat was any indicator, then it was definitely time for some sleep.

Quickly putting away her book and shutting off the lights, she retired to her bed, Ombre in her arms, with a dramatic flop - her sweet, sweet bed that would never ask her horrible, life changing questions. Beds were so much better than people.

She tried to settle in quickly. The sheets tucked up to her chin, pillow fluffed, and her kitten curled up to her side in her attempt to reconcile with the once furious feline for waking him, the little bundle of warmth more than a welcome presence.

But her cat was no replacement, he was not who she wanted with her.

It did not take long for her to start rolling around in her sheets due to restlessness, the soft darkness that so usually offered her solace distracting her little from the dull ache in her chest. Even Ombre got fed up with her and left her bed, but not before giving her a smack to the face with his tail. His own version of affection and to tell her to stop fretting, she supposed.

But she could not combat the urge to worry. Ears laid flat, she fiddled with the linen beneath her, her bedding lacking any pulse, emotion, or comfort. The lifeless material a sour reminder of her lack of human companionship.

'It would even be nice to wake up next to her every morning and know that neither of us have to leave.'

She rested on her side and reached over to light the reading lamp by her headboard, insomnia kicking in. As she straightened her posture, she glanced to the clock atop her nightstand, spotting the time to be almost three in the morning.

Her phone sat innocuously beside the clock, wonder making her reach for it and grasp it gently with subdued fingers, treating it like glass, to bring it close. She only had to press 'Send' once for the number she was looking for come to life upon her screen: Yang's number.

Maybe she was still up.

A quarter past three in the morning. It was getting late, and Yang was still not asleep.

But the glowing dials of the clock at her bedside were of little concern to Yang, so preoccupied was she in her inner turmoil. Yeah, she thought, that was a good word for it. Blake told her to exercise her vocabulary more, and here she was doing it. She'd be so proud.

In the dark, on her bed, she became engrossed in her thoughts. Blake had always been an enigmatic dame, so different from herself, and she supposed it had been one of the things about her that drew Yang to her in the first place.

Blake: mysterious, calm, cool, level-headed, and a strategically hidden cute side that was so easily flustered. A little something that made her smile when she realized only she saw it, and made her laugh when she figured she was the only one who could cause it.

Meanwhile, she was… well… Yang. Seen by others as a hot-head who dove into situations without thinking.

However, she found that was all she was doing as of late. She had been considering her future, what she would do, where she would go, how she would get there… and who she would have at her side to share it with. She wanted it to be Blake, but that hope was not coming to fruition.

Blake seemed intent on obstructing her own happiness, and there was not much Yang could do about that. She believed they could be happy together, because she knew Blake did that for her, but did Blake think the same?

Beside her pillow, a vibration yanked her out of her thoughts and made her jump in surprise. She rubbed at an eye, quickly recovering, as she irritably moved a hand up to grab the buzzing contraption, wincing in the bright light of the screen as she tried to read her new text. Who in their right mind texted at three in the morning…?

Hey, it's Blake. Are you awake?

The sheets covering her slid off as Yang bolted up, surprised. She took a moment to take a calming breath, her heart racing, before answering back.

Yeah, I'm awake. What's up?

I was wondering if I could come over.

Right now?

Yes. Unless now is a bad time?

No, of course not! How long will you be?

I'm here now.

Reading her latest text, Yang dashed from her bed, out her room, and downstairs to the front door. Barely pausing to turn the lights on, she unlocked and swung the door open with enough force that if she had not keep her hand on it to act as a counterbalance, it would have fitted a nice knob shaped hole in the wall.

Sure enough, standing there in her pajamas with an overcoat thrown on, arms crossed and breath puffing white steam in the air, was her girlfriend. The lapels of her coat and the tips of her ears twitching in the early morning breeze. A startled expression on her face upon seeing the rushed blonde at the door.

They stared at the other, frozen for a moment. Until Blake spoke first. "Um… surprise?"

Yang blinked, then laughed a relieved laugh. "Yeah, I'll say." She beckoned with an inviting wave. "Come on in. It must be freezing out there."

"A… a little." Blake relented, hurrying through the threshold of the entrance. Yang mercifully shut the door behind her, cutting off the outside chill from pervading the warmth of the house, to which Blake emitted a grateful purr. "Ooh, much better."

Yang leaned against the door, arms crossed and tone playful. "So kitten, what brings ya round these parts at…" She stole a glance at the phone still in her hand. "something past three in the morning?"

"Couldn't sleep." Came the reply, Blake turning back to face her. "Thought maybe you were still up."

"Yup, still up. Shocking, right?"

"Considering your love of sleep?" Blake hummed and took a step closer. "Yeah, it is."

Yang cut the jokes, detecting the resistance to humor. "So, jokes aside, why are you here?" A hand flew to her mouth once her words left. "Not that I'm not happy to see you! I am happy to see you! I'm always happy to see you! Well, not always, always, but… no, I mean always! Just… besides insomnia, what… what brings you here… because I am happy that… I'm happy..." She ended with a slap to her face, covering her eyes as she groaned. "I'm sorry, that came out wrong."

Blake chuckled. "It's fine, I know what you meant." Wearily, she sighed and took one more step forward to close the distance between them, letting her eyes fall shut whilst leaning against Yang, a low rumble starting in Blake's chest while she let rest head on the taller woman's shoulder. "It was lonely by myself, so I decided to stop by."

Yang looked down at her fondly "Lonely, huh? You came to the right place. Here, no one is lonely and everyone gets a warm hug!" Shifting their position, she threw her arms around Blake, hugging her from the side and bringing her with her to lean against the door. "But what if I wasn't up? What would you have done then?"

Blake dug in her coat pocket, presenting a flash of metal. "You gave me a key, remember?"

"Well, yeah, but…" She reached a hand up, scratching at Blake's ears and watching in fascination as they leaned toward her while she spoke. "You would have just broke in?"

"Mmm… yeah."

"That's not creepy." Yang said with a chuckle.

Blake's harsh glare only fueled her laughter. "Shut up. You would have done the same."

"Yeah, but we're talking about you." Yang laughed harder when Blake bumped her with a shoulder and stepped away, ears flat. Yang continued to use the door as a support to hold her up while she laughed at Blake's actions, clutching her stomach in mirth.

But Blake was lightly laughing too. It felt good. As though the tension they had unknowingly built had broken and dissipated, leaving just the two of them.

Yang's laughs slowly calmed into giggles when her previously empty right hand became occupied with slender fingers.

"Um… Yang?"

At the sound of her name, her laughs died completely. She straightened up, curiously eyeing the woman at her side and gripping her hand a little tighter. "Hmm?"


Confused, Yang asked, "Yes, what?"

"Me, moving in… with you." Blake said slowly. "Yes."

Yang's grip around her fingers went limp for a second in her surprise. "Moving in… you… really?"

Blake, happy to see the usual gleeful gleam in those lilac eyes, smiled at her. "Really."

Yang whooped with victory, shooting her hands, including the one still holding Blake's, high in the air. "This is going to be so awesome!" She lowered her arms and grasped Blake's other hand, expression serious as she held their hands to her chest and brought her face in close. "I promise, you won't regret it and we can figure everything out later. But right now, we need to celebrate."

Blake blinked. "Wha… how?"

She was startled when Yang leaned forward to give her a soft, sweet kiss. When Yang pulled away, she tapped their foreheads together, half-open violet peering at mildly confused gold. Her murmurs were low and quiet, laced with underlying fatigue. "With sleep. Bunk here tonight?"

Blake's renewed smile and the squeeze of her hands told Yang she didn't even have to ask. "I'd love to."