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The ground is cold, almost as cold as the girl who sits on it, crying her heart out.

She wouldn't do it in front of the others, no. For them she has worn a deceiving mask, not letting anything in, or anything out.

And she thinks that they don't notice, but they do, and Nine most of all. He sees the way her eyes glaze over whenever somebody mentions his name, how her fake smile disappears as soon as she turns away. And how he longs to comfort her.

But he knows that it was his fault, not the whole thing, but the ending. The horrible, painful ending. If only he had kept his mouth shut, if only he wasn't such a dick. If only, if only.

It's all empty words now, because there is nothing he can do to reverse his actions, and nothing he can do to make her feel whole again. She has gone, lost into the dark depths of sadness, who has claimed another victim, as it does all the time.

Her eyes are like icicles, her heart an unfeeling stone. Any love that she once had has vanished, only to be replaced by a cold emptiness that is somehow worse than tears.

She misses him so much, so, so much.

And it's true, that she doesn't cry often. Sometimes at night, when nobody can hear her, and just sometimes when she feels most alone. But when she does, it doesn't make her feel better, as many say it does, and it doesn't make her feel worse.

It makes her feel real, but whether that is good or bad she doesn't know. Because being real means to feel the pain, and that, she is certain, is very bad indeed.

They found the others, sure, but never found the one that she was always secretly looking for.

She searched, god knew she searched, everywhere. She went to every place in the world she could think of that had some kind of connection to the boy she once loved.

And every time, each disappointment chipped away at her heart, colder and more painful than the previous one. Every time, she felt like giving up, but the small, small ray of hope kept her going.

In the end, it was that hope that broke her.

It was only as the ship drew close to her home planet that she accepted his death.

They had to force her to come to Lorien, all she wanted to do was carry on looking. But as the barren landscape comes into view, she is happy she came.

Because now, she can move on, knowing that there is no way he can ever return.

She never stopped loving him, but in the end, she gave up thinking they could ever be together.

Only in death does she find him.

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