Through Thick & Thin:

"Welcome to Miami"

Year: 2038

Date: January 1st

Time: 5:45 p.m.

Where: Jet (2hrs and 30 mins from Miami)

"Are we there yet?"


"Are we there yet?"


"... Are we ther-"

"Echo! Why don't you go play a video game or something? Tails is trying to concentrate on flying the jet." Sonic, nerves on edge, motions for his son to leave the cockpit of the aircraft. At the moment, only he and the fox were there. Scourge has gone off to check on Rosy, and Manic is looking after Thrasher with Chanel.

Echo pouts and crosses his arms. "But me and Ace have been playing video games for hours! How much longer until we get there? Zale played with us only for a little bit, but he went back to reading his books half a hour ago. We're so booooooooored."

"Yeah, uncle! How much longer?" Ace suddenly pops up from behind the door and rushes right behind his cousin.

Sonic turns around in his seat and gives the two boys an exhausted stare. "Look boys, I'm sure it wont be too much longer."

"But it's been hours!"


The day after the royal birthday party, Sonic and brother start preparations for the move to the states. They buy two separate homes that were next to each other for obvious reasons. They pack and move important furniture that Amy, Rosy, and the kids wanted to be in their new home. They receive legal documents for their children to enter and live in the states. They enroll their children in middle school. Overall, they take the obvious and necessary measures to ensure that every affair was tended to before the family made the move. Due to their high profile, Sonic and Scourge have also take measures to ensure their family's safety, because they are a part of a well known mafia ring and crime family. Also, since the girls were a royal family, the news media caught wind of it and were reporting it like wildfire on television and various news outlets.

Just as preparations are finished, Cream and Chanel wanted to come along. Of course, the thought of being away from Amy frightened Chanel, and Cream has always traveled with her cousins. In addition to this, Amy and Rosy loved the idea of the company and so more preparations were made for Cream and Chanel. Amazingly, they manage to get similar houses in the neighborhood, so they would all live close together. Almost a month later, they were finally ready for the move. On the day of the move, it was really early in the morning, and everyone on the island gathered on beach to see the families off in the jet. Lucrecia, along with her husband, watched as the group waved back to everyone on the island as they boarded the jet. Lucrecia and the other mothers would be visiting their daughters' home at a later time after they are settled in.

Many people are saddened and crying that their precious girls were leaving. However, they were also happy. The young families would get to visit the world and explore new things. The kids are especially excited and are eager to get their new adventure started in a completely new environment.

"The beginning of a new year and a start for new experiences and memories.. have a safe flight my precious children and grandchildren." Lucrecia said her final farewell as they all finished boarding.

That was all several hours ago.

"Echo, Ace, why don't you two go watch a movie. By the time it's over, I'm sure we'll be seeing the city lights." Sonic assures them.

"Fiiiiiiiinnnne." His son and nephew was clearly restless from being on the jet for over five hours. They had inherited their fathers' seemingly endless amount of energy.

Once the kids were gone, Sonic let out a sigh of relief. "Geez... I can only take the same question so many times."

"Hahaha, who are you telling?" Tails chuckles. "I can't count how many Zale has asked me these scientific questions."

"I thought you were the really smart one in the family?" Sonic jokes with him as he turns back around in his seat to stare out of the front window. Outside were beautiful clouds and the sun slowly setting. The entire trip estimates to only take a total of 20 hours more or less. By now, they were several hours in, and it wouldn't be too long until they were there.

"Ha! I am, thank you very much." Tails laughs again but then shakes his head. "But if you would hear some of the questions he asks me, you would swear he was a modern day Einstein or something!"

Sonic shares in his laughter. "Ha, just like his dad, no doubt."

"Yeah... but one some days, I have no clue what he's going on about." Tails lets out a short yawn as a past conversation comes to his mind. "Man, when he gets in school, he'll give his teachers a run for their money."

"When Echo and Ace get in school they'll actually make their teachers run!"

Heavens know that the teachers on the island had a time with the boys when they were growing up!

Hopefully, all will go well in school for them.

Kids these days...

At that point, the two men let out a good enough laugh to fill the entire cockpit and jet with it. Surely the others must have heard them. After quieting down and wiping some tears from their eyes from the hilarious comment, Tails checks on their coordinates. "Anyway, I say we have about two hours left or so."

"Well, it wont be for too much longer now." Sonic says out loud before getting up and stretching his legs. "I'm going to go check on Amy and the baby. You gonna be alright in here by yourself for a bit? You sounded a bit sleepy a few minutes ago."

"Yeah, I'm good, man. Have at it." Tails only smiled and waved him off.

"Don't worry, Sonic. I can keep him awake."

Cream's silhouette appears in the cockpits doorway. She's wearing a thin laced pajama bottoms, a button top, and white slippers. She's hugging the door frame and smiling directly at Tails who is looking right back at her with the same loving expression. Sonic gets the hint and quickly exits the cockpit and makes his way to another area of the family jet. To Amy and his bedroom. On the way, he spots the kids all in the playroom. He can hear a movie playing and a conversation going on. It seems like they are talking about what would be expected at their new home. Sonic takes a moment to listen in.

"Hey, Coral. Do you know what swag is?" Iris is reading an online teen magazine that she found while looking up American culture.

"Swag? I don't know." Coral shrugs as she puts down her novel to walk over to see what her cousin is reading. "Why?"

"According to this teen article swag is being confident, cool, and having the best of everything. Apparently, most teens our age and older have it." Iris explains as she reads further into it.

"Whoa.." Coral takes a seat right next to her. "What else have you found?"

"Being on fleek? Apparently, that has to deal with looking good or something like that?" Iris scrolls down. "Look here, this says teens frequently shorten phrases to save time. FYI means 'for your information', LOL means 'laugh out loud', and YOLO means 'you only live once'. They have an entire list of them!"

"YOLO?" Coral repeats as she folds her arms. "Sounds kinda lazy if you ask me."

Iris giggles. "Lazy or not. We may want to learn a few of these if we want to know what our classmates are talking about, you know?"

"That is true..." Coral agrees. As her cousin continues through the website, they find even more strange words that they have never heard of before. "At least we know the basics like WTF and OMG. But what the hell is 'Bruh', 'Chillax', 'Bae', and 'Being salty'?"



"We can't hear the movie over here! What are you girls looking up anyway?" Echo asks suddenly as he overhears the girls conversation drowning out his and Ace's action movie.

Iris rolls her eyes and turns to look at him. "Just a couple minutes ago, you guys came in here groaning ever so loudly about how much longer until we reach the states. Now, you're saying we're being loud?"

"Just tell us already, sis." Ace asks the same question.

"If you must know, me and Coral are looking up teen slang, fashion, music, and other things, so we'll have some idea of what it's like." Iris explains. "They mention some popular dances on here too."

"Dabbing, whip and the nae nae, harlem shake..." Iris continues to read down the list as they four of them hover over her laptop. "Oh, they have videos too!"

"Play it! Play it!" Echo has paused the movie and gotten up to look over his twin's shoulder. Ace has done the same.

"Ay, girl. Yo make-up on fleek tonight. Who you trying to impress?"

"My hair is on point today, girl!"

"Hold on, I gotta call the bae!"

"Man, bruh, you gotta chillax."

"Wtf is her problem? She's needs to stop being so salty!"

"Omg, we need to take a selfie right now! The lighting is on point!"

The video that they are watching is giving examples on how the words are used among teenagers. The teens have never encountered such speech in their lives. They didn't watch much television while on the island. Mostly, they were outside being active.

"Hey, Zale. Come watch it with us." Coral notices Zale still sitting alone as he has done for the past hour, so he decides to call him over. "Even you could learn a thing or two from it."

Zale is sitting in the corner, and he's rereading one of his scientific books that his father brought him from America a few weeks ago. He slowly lowers his book to see them all huddled together and waiting for him. "What are you going on about?"

"We're looking up stuff about teenagers in America, so when we start school, we wont be totally lost." Iris explains as she pauses the video.

"Yeah, so people wont think you're a total nerd." Echo and Ace begin to laugh, but stop as soon as they are smacked by their twin sisters. "Ouch!"

"Not funny, Ace." Iris scolds him.

"Echo..." Coral gives him an angry look before looking back at Zale who's not at all fazed by his comment. "Don't mind him, or Ace for that matter. Echo always speaks before thinking."

"No offense taken. And no thanks." Zale politely declined and goes right back to reading his book. "I got all the information I need right now."

"Suit yourself."

Outside, Sonic struggled to control laughter and makes a mental note to have a chat with them about teen culture before they began middle school. After regaining his composure, he continues his way toward his cabin. Getting closer, he hears nothing from within, so he expects to find them asleep. As he thought, he finds his wife and infant son asleep on the bed under a blanket given to them as a gift before they left the island. From what he could see, she was wearing a white, thin tank top and possibly some shorts. As he closes the door behind him, the noise causes Amy to stir in her slumber.

"Mmm... S-s-sonic?" Her eyes slowly open to see his blue figure climbing over her small frame. However, he's careful not to disturb their son. Their lips connect making his wife blush widely, but she returns his affection tens times more. She slowly reaches down to massage against his groin area. In her grasps, she can tell that he's enjoying by the way he's hardening. From beneath the sheets, she can feel her womanhood dripping with lust. The tension between them grows even hotter as she grabs onto his neck and pulls him in further. His tongue pushes inside of her mouth making her moan and whimper as she's close to letting herself go completely.

It's been months since she and Sonic had actually had sex. Even on that day Sonic had returned home, and they had showered together, it was only a tease. They were pressed for time since it was the twins' birthday that day. Also, during the weeks leading up to their departure, they were busy with the preparations of the move which left little time alone. As much as he wants to right now, Sonic interrupts their passion once again as he has done before not too long ago.

"We'll have time for that later when Tristan's actually in his crib." Sonic says before kissing her forehead and sliding beside her in bed. Thankfully, their so was not disturbed by his parent's activity.

Amy pouts but then smiles as she looks over at her sleeping son. "Hehehe.. we must be getting there soon then?"

"A little over two hours now." Sonic lets out a yawn.

She giggles to the sound of his voice. "Sounds like you're a little sleepy.. no wonder you didn't want to-"

"Hey, hey, I'm always up for that." He stops her right there with a smirk that makes her blush and smile again. "I would just prefer an environment in which we are alone and Tristan is asleep in his crib, remember? Echo and Coral being at school or at their step sister's house would also be welcome."

Maybe even over a friend's house when they make some.

Hopefully, real friends though.

"Aha, I see.." She laughs again and looks over at her son once more. "How are Echo and the others doing?"

"Oh, yeah, that reminds me! I overheard them on my way over. You should have heard them."

"Well, what were they talking about?" She asks curiously. "Don't leave me in suspense!"

"American teen culture. They wanna know how to fit in with the kids at school when they start." He explains in some detail so she could get the jist of what he meant.

"W-what? Why would they wanna do that? They are normal teens like any other."

"Amy, our kids are not ordinary, you know that right?"

She sits up in bed and crosses her arm. "What do you mean by that?"

Sonic sits up along with her and puts an arm around her shoulder. "Well, Echo is full of energy all the time and can't sit still for the life of me. Although he smart, he doesn't think sometimes before his actions. Coral is a smart and mature for her age. God, I hope that rubs off on him sooner or later. Anyway, they've lived their whole lives on an island in island culture. The culture on the island and in Miami are drastically different."

"When me and the girls came to Miami years ago, it wasn't hard for us!"

"No offense, Ames. But you girls didn't stay that long. It was over 10 years ago, and a lot of things can and has changed during that time. Plus, you girls were with us the majority of the time, so it wasn't that bad on you. Echo and the kids will be going to school alone, so they wont have anyone to explain some things to them."

"Well, when you put it like that... I suppose.. you're right. Poor Echo.. Coral, they may be so lost on their first day. M-maybe, they should be home schooled instead?"

"Amy, no. Remember what I said? Especially about Echo. It's time for them to grow up. Right?"

"R-right!" Amy mentally scolds herself for thinking such a thing. They had this conversation many times before. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be.." Sonic uses one hand to turn her worried face toward his. "I know that you want to protect them. I want to too, but at school, they'll have to stick up for themselves. If it gets too much for them to handle, I promise I'll take care of it, alright?"

"Alright." Amy smiles as he kisses her on the lips again. "You know y-you can't always do that to make me feel better!"

"Doesn't it always work though?" He asks her with a cocky smile only to be meet with a playful punch to his side. "Hey, watch it now."

"Oh, my husband can't take a little punch from his wife?"

"I would rather take something else from you.." Sonic's voice lowers in a sensual tone that causes her blush to reappear.

"Oh... and what is that?" Their bodies move closer to one another until they get an unexpected interruption.

"M-mama!" Tristan's calling for his mother startled him. It's the first time they have heard him speak a word clearly.

"He said mama!" Amy smiles happily as she picks up her son into her arms and holds him up.

Sonic chuckles. "Fitting for the New Year."

Tristan smiles happily at his mother and then looks towards his fathers. He giggles and reaches out for him. "D-DADA!"

"Awe, and he said dada!" Amy's heart is touched as she hands over her son to his father. She watches as the two of them hug and play together.

Reminds me of how he and Echo were when he was a baby...

Just a few moments later, Tristan begins to cry and reach out for his mom. "Look like he's hungry, Ames..."

"Of course he is. "Amy laughs as she takes her son back to breastfeed him.

"Hey, when he's done feeding, wanna go see if the kids are still looking up that stuff online? It's funnier to hear from them since they have those accents." Sonic asks as he watches Tristan take a hold of Amy's breasts and feeds hungrily.

"Hehe, sure. Hey, I have the same accent!"

Time: 7:38 p.m.

Where: Overhead Miami

"Look guys! I can see the city lights!" Echo has his face pressed against the glass window as the beautiful city lights come into view.

"Whoa..." All of the children, even Zale, has their faces against the window looking down below toward their new home. It is more than they imagined. They are greeted by fantastic lights that glistened against the watery ocean, breathtaking scenery, and much more as the jet seems to be getting closer and closer to landing.

"Mom, it's beautiful!" Coral says with excitement. "Just like you said."

"Yeah! So this is where you met our dad and uncle?" Iris recalls the almost unbelievable tale they had heard from their parents and grandparents. "Sweeet. Maybe we'll have a fairy tale like our moms and meet some nice guys, Coral."

"F-fairy tale?" Coral blushed at the thought. She's never thought of boys as nothing more as an annoyance, but now that she's older, her thoughts have changed quite a bit. "A-as if!"

"Ew, they're talking about boys, Ace." Echo overhears them. "As if boys would like you icky girls. Hahaha."

"Hahaha!" Ace laughs along with him.

Zale only shakes his head.

"Oh, shut up, Echo." Coral yells at him angrily.

"Or what?" Echo asks back.

"No fighting kids." Rosy, standing next to her twin, scolds them all.

Cream nods. "That's right kids, be nice to each other. You're all family. Try to keep the fighting to a minimum."

"Sorry..." The teens apologize and go back to city gazing.

"Echo.. Coral, when will you two get along for a whole day?" Amy asks herself as she shake her head. Tristan is in her arms and shaking a toy rattle handcrafted from the island's finest artist.


"H-huh?" The pink hedgehog is nearly knocked over as a familiar purple and white cat grabs a hold of her arm opposite of Tristan. "C-Chanel?"

"Meowwww~ Amy dear, I haven't seen you for hours! Were you hiding from me?" Chanel, with Thrasher in her arms, finds a way to cling to Amy's side. "You know I missed my Amy booooo."

Rosy and Cream laugh. "A new year but a same Chanel!"

Up in the cockpit, Tails is flying toward his usual landing spot. The family's privately owned building where they store various vehicles and jets. He's only 5 minutes away. "Finally back in Miami."

Scourge lets out a yawn and stretches his arms as he gets up from his seat. "Man, damn that was a good nap."

"Yeah, you left me and Tails up here for a long time, bro." Sonic comments as he turns around in his seat to see Manic at the door. "And there's Manic."

Manic nods and lets out a yawn too. Looks like everyone is tired. "What's up? We there yet?"

"I'm just about to land." Tails tells him as their building comes into view. "The cars are ready, right?"

"I'll call Neo and check." Sonic takes out his cellphone and speed dials his brother's number.

"What up?"

"Ay, Neo. We're just about to land at the spot. Are the cars ready?" Sonic asks him. He can hear music pumping in the background. Sounds like his brother is at a party or something.

"Yeah, yeah. Three cars all gassed up for my bros and cousin." Neo tells him. "Welcome home, my brother."

"Thanks, man. Catch you later."

"Aight, man."

Sonic ends the call just as Tails prepares the jet for its landing. It's 15 minutes later and the kids rush off the jet and onto the pavement of the landing area. They seem to be taking in the fresh air after spending so long on the aircraft. The girls, with the two little ones, are lead by their husband off of the jet. Surprisingly for the girls and the kids, they are greeted by a group of people, dressed professionally, who look like they've been waiting for their arrival. The kids were a bit confused, but Amy and the girls know that they were waiting for their husbands.

"Welcome back, Fathers." Father or boss is used interchangeably to address the head of the mafia family.

"Welcome home."

"Good to see you all again."

"What a nice looking family."

"Is that their wives?"

"Wow, they look even more beautiful in person!"

"Our bosses sure know how to pick em!"

"The kids are splitting images!"

"They look so good looking. It runs in the family."

"Of course they do. Our leaders have a good genes in the family."

Sonic holds up his hand to stop the chatter at once. No doubt it does. "Thank you, everyone, for waiting for our arrival. Also, for aiding us in preparing us in moving our families here. Now, that our families are here, me and my brothers will be around more to ensure that all is going well in the family business."

"As new recruits, you are expected to follow orders as told with little error." Manic says after him. "Just by showing up here and waiting for us proves your loyalty and obedience. However, you all have a long way to go until you are deemed a true member of our Family."

"That means there will be no slacking around of any sort." Scourge adds on as well. "Got it?"

"Yes, Father!"

"Good. You all are dismissed. We'll be seeing you all in a few days. For now, tend to your regular duties as assigned." Sonic dismisses them. "We will discuss more when we meet again."

"Yes, Father!" With that, the group breaks off into smaller groups. However, a particular group of girls, dressed in provocative black attire slowly walk up to them with something to give.

"F-father?" A young female fox, who looked around 20 years-olds, faces him while her two friends stood in the back waiting. It's the keys to the cars. "Father Neo wanted me to give you these."

"Ah, thank you, Ana." Sonic takes them and thanks her.

Ana blushes madly and nods her head quickly. "You're so welcome, Father! W-well, I'll be off!"

The young girl runs off leaving Sonic there to shake his head. "Neo..."

Why the hell did you give a new recruit our car keys?

Granted, it's a simple task, but still...

I just hope Amy didn't-

Turning around, he sees that Amy is giving him a hard stare. "Dammit."

10 minutes later, Sonic and the guys are driving toward their newly purchased homes. In the back seat, Tristan is in his car seat and each twin is on each side of him. The kids took the opportunity to rolls down their windows to take in the sites as they pass by. In the passenger seat, Amy is looking out her window as well.

Looks like she's a little upset about that girl.

Don't know why, but I'll make up for it somehow.

In no time at all, they pull into a rather expensive looking neighborhood, Upper east side. The neighborhood has a view of the beautiful strip of beach and ocean. It's one of the reasons this area was chosen to be their new home. Down the long street, they drive until they reach four homes that are within proximity of each other. The home for Sonic's, Scourge's, and Tails' stand next to each other. Manic's home has a house in between Sonic's. Unfortunately, they couldn't get houses that are all in a row, but this is better than nothing. They guys park right in front of the respective homes and the kids rush from the seats to rush to the front door. The houses stood three stories high with a large front yard and backyard to match. It is late at night, so much can not be seen in the dark. Luckily, there are street lights that give them somewhat of a view of how their homes look.


"Is this our house?"

"It looks amazing!"


"Kids, hold on a minute!" Rosy rushes after Ace and Iris as they burst through the door that is obviously locked. "Your dad has to unlock it first."

"Hurry, daddy. I wanna see my room!" Iris jumps up and down with joy.

Scourge, walking next to his wife, holds the key out to unlock the front door. He pushes the door open and the kids run inside. He takes Rosy by the hand and slowly walks her inside as well. "Welcome home."

"Oh, my gosh... this looks.. so gorgeous!"

With Cream, Tails, and their son, Zale, they are already inside exploring their new home. With Sonic, Amy, and the kids, Echo and Coral have already left their seats and are waiting by the front door for their little brother and parents. Amy is unhooking Tristan from his car seat.

"Here we go, Tristan." She smiles at him. "We're home, baby boy."

From behind, she bumps right into Sonic, who's standing behind her. "S-Sonic?"

"Got him?"

"Y-yeah. I guess he fell asleep during the ride." Amy coddles her son closely as he lays his head down against her neck. "Way past bedtime for him."

"Yeah, I see. Amy, that girl back there, she was only-"

"AMY!" Chanel's loud voice seems to echo throughout the neighborhood. It's a wonder that she doesn't wake the next door neighbors. "OVER HEREEEEEEEEEE~"

"Chanel... you'll wake the whole neighbors if you keep yelling like that." Amy warns her. The house in between them remained silent despite the yelling from the bubbly feline.

"Hahaha, I'll be over to visit you in a bit, Amy boo!" Chanel, carrying her sleeping toddler, calls over to Amy as Manic unlocks their house to allow his family inside. "We may be a house apart, but that just means I can sneak over to your house at night!"

Amy laughs nervously as she sees Chanel's figure disappear into her house. "Oh, Nel... you never change. Anyway, what were you gonna say Sonic? About that girl?"

"Let's talk about that once we get Tristan to bed." Sonic puts his arm around his wife as they both make their way toward their new home.

Home... our new home, Miami.

We're on our own now for the most part.

Let's just hope that all goes well in whatever may happen.


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