She kissed his teeth, and he did what he could to kiss back. He put his tongue into her mouth; she tasted ashes, he tasted salt. His hood had fallen over his head, leaving his face in shadow, but there was a slight fire burning green in his eye sockets. The harsh stare of the woman, no longer a girl, with her dark eyes almost black sent shivers down the spine of the reaper. Her gaze did that to everybody, and for him it only made the desire for her ache. She felt this aching within him and found that she once again wanted him to cut out her heart. His power was incredible, and no matter how many times humiliated he kept it.

He had one bony hand on her back and the other on her shoulder, lightly tracing up and down her arm. Her hand rested on his chest, feeling his rib cage, and her other hand caressed his cheek bone. She pulled him towards her and slid her hands around to his back so she could rest her head upon his rib cage. He was still tall, even though Mandy was all grown up. His bones clacked as he put one hand on her lower back and the other in between her shoulder blades, making small circles with his finger. She closed her eyes and reached up to pull his hood down. He touched his cold fingers to the back of her neck, causing her eyes to snap open. She touched along the upper part of his spine, and he took her chin in his hand to lift her head up for another kiss. Ash filled her mouth as cold touched on her lower back, and then her hips. She reached her hands up around the collar of his robe, and stretched and pulled it down over his shoulders. He lowered his arms so the sleeves could let loose, and the entire robe fell to the ground around his feet. He stepped out of it towards her as she slipped out of the straps on her dress and let it fall to the ground as well. She moved towards him and skin met bone, softly clashing between pink warmth and white cold. This time she shivered, and he held her hips in his hands and pressed her up against him. She guided him towards her breasts and he softly held them, squeezing as they exchanged salt and ash. Her hands rested on his hips and one moved down towards his hardness. Warmth touched icy cold and his back arched. He slid his hands back down to her hips then around to her bosom and picked her up, walking to the couch. Setting her down, she pulled him down next to her and got on top of him, trapping him in between her legs. They kissed again as she lowered down on him, and they both gasped. They began pivoting their hips, rocking back and forth in a rhythm to their own song.

In the end she lay on top of him, and he felt the fast beating of her heart echo inside his empty rib cage.